Posted on May 23, 2010

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Washington Times: Bogus charge Against Rand Paul is a sign of the Left's desperation 13:36:40
Jake Towne Ad in Sunday Newspaper 12:49:50
John Stossel Defends Rand Paul! 02:28:07
Schiff for Senate - Republican Convention Results 15:44:30
Peter Schiff Interview on King World News 15:44:23
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good joke 23:55:42
$23 Billion Government Bailout for Government School System - MSNBC 23:49:21
Yuba City, CA- Census worker threatened with gun 23:19:18
Mr. End of the world Bill Clinton 22:44:34
Video: The Media's New Villain - Rand Paul 22:31:47
"Politically Awakened Masses Makes a Much More Difficult Context for Any Major Power" - Zibgniew Brzezinski on Reality Report 22:07:51
Recent MSM PROPAGANDA over Rand's statements PROVE why Ron Paul is more important than ever. 21:38:58
Chicago Politics: Gangsters In Charge 21:31:50
HELP! Where to go to research candidates? 21:17:22
Fed Loans States 38 Billion for Unemployment Payments 21:01:48
Daddy WarBucks: How I See It Going Forward 20:49:18
Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons 20:34:06
Barbarians at the EU Gates...“no bailout” clause in the euro’s founding document 20:10:29
Ron Paul Mobile Investor Banner Ads? 20:05:55
Californians for Population Stabilization 19:42:14
Way "OFF TOPIC" PIG-MAN (Transhumanism) 19:38:00
Are These Groups Racist? 19:13:29
Liberty Central 19:07:49
New financial rules might not prevent next crisis 18:59:13
Rand Paul's "Road to Victory" Money BLAST - JUNE 28, 2010 *** *** 18:49:14
Date of Ron Paul's prediction about housing crisis 18:44:23
Spotted a DHS armored vehicle on the highway the other day, and it made SWAT vehicles look like a joke. 18:22:04 - check this garbage out!!!! 18:16:09
Dale Peterson on Fox News 17:54:41
Rand Paul and the Zombies by Tom Woods 17:46:55
They're claiming everything is Racism....LOL 17:40:48
Rand Paul - The Republitarian 17:24:19
PA. Citizens Keep Your Eyes Open And Cameras Ready - UN Convoy Spotted In PA. 17:13:53
What if there was an income tax moratorium for people willing to help clean up the oil spill? 17:03:06
The euro crisis is a judgment on the great lie of 'Europe' 16:32:25
WSJ: Paul's Remarks Dominate TV Talk 16:15:53
Good Interview - Rand Paul talks with Joe Arnold of WHAS11 about his recent "controversial" statements 16:15:14
My Way News: Iran Seeks to Cow Opposition...Guess How!? 15:40:34
Pseudo-Libertarian Intolerance = Recipe For Disaster 15:28:41
RandPaulGraphs: Donations Steadily Increasing Despite Leftist Attacks From NBC And The Corporatist Media Cabal 15:18:02
The 750 Billion Euro Bluff 15:15:34
Maryland Citizens Face Felony Charges for Recording Cops 15:05:35
Steppenwolf - Monster - Remember this song? - Appropriate Song Of Our Times 15:04:05
Arizona law is a backdoor for Real ID 14:54:00
This doesn't sit well with the Neocons 14:41:11
Maybe Mexico could lead us to Freedom. 14:30:54
Frightened yet? The Origins Of Evil by Michael Tsarion 14:20:22
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 05/24/2010: No More Blank Checks for the Military-Industrial Complex 14:14:15
Strike back on Rand Paul attacks. 13:53:15
Mystery Goo Rain 13:50:54
Turkish aid ships set sail for Gaza 13:42:28
When the Solution to the Financial Crisis Becomes the Cause 13:09:33
PIIGS “R” Us too? 13:07:59
Rand Paul is Learning What It's Like to Be Me, Says Sarah Palin 13:07:15
Knowledge, Truth and Human Action: America Hits the Wall 13:01:56
Phonies need not run 12:55:43
where's the proof...? 12:55:13
CAFR: U.S. Agencies have billions, trillions in investments while crying budget deficits 12:53:59
A Billionaire Goes All-In on Gold 12:29:20
Weekend Watching - Vietnam: American Holocaust 12:21:45
Arizona Sing-A-Long: Read Immigration Law! 11:50:13
Vote To Save the Flag in Schools!!!! 11:31:21
Obama's Waterloo 11:14:13
The Liberal Media Had their Day, Now its Blowback 11:12:16
Government Math 11:03:45
Sarah Palin Defends Rand Paul on FOX 5/23/2010 10:58:57
Obama wins the right to detain people with no habeas review - Glenn Greenwald 10:49:43
Rand Changes Course 10:40:05
Results of Kandahar offensive may affect future U.S. moves. i.e. the U.S. will lose 10:26:47
Dr. Ron Paul on ideas, self - government and activism (with Pete Eyre) 10:24:17
When did it become Un-American to discuss anything in this country including racism, 911 and birth certificates? 10:18:06
The Media is Defensive & Afraid! 10:12:58
Republican wins in Obama's alleged birthplace 10:12:54
Rand Paul's deal with the Devil 09:57:06
Ayn Rand Grabs the Issue of Racism at it's Throat 09:54:14
Taliban win £1,600 bounty for each Nato soldier killed 09:33:48
Sarah Palin defends Dr. Paul 09:10:18
Dr. Rand Paul Sets the Record Straight 09:06:25
Schiff was cheated in CT GOP Convention 08:24:55
Miracle on 49th Street/The Story of Joe Campagna 06:07:10
Geithner tries to reassure China over US deficit 04:19:58
Is Sound Money Environmentally Friendly? 04:18:35
WATCH: Bill Maher Calls Rand Paul S|-|1t 04:17:25
Campaign for Liberty Member Dale Peterson is a YouTube hit 03:09:46
Shocking Photos from flight over Gulf of Mexico 02:14:55
Schiff Talks About Convention! This Makes you want to fight back! 01:50:46
PLEDGE: Let Freedom Ring! -- Peter Schiff Phone-Bomb -- June 12-13 01:44:19
In absolutely the most bizarre news I've heard ever, Kevin Costner is helping to clean up the BP oil spill 01:20:58
The next Senator from the Commonwealth of Kentucky 01:18:19
U.S. Government Website Declares There Are No Conspiracies!! 00:30:27
GOP's Djou wins Hawaii special election for Congress 00:25:06
What does Freedom of the Press mean? What is the 4th Estate? Comments welcome. 00:11:39