Posted on May 26, 2010

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Update: Operation Top Kill Appears to be Working! 21:05:42
Ron Paul Video Update: The Need to Return to a Noninterventionalist Foreign Policy 15:52:11
The New York Times on the Credibility of The Fed 10:51:30
Rand Paul on RT: Tea Party Power Fed Threat & Obamacare 09:55:32
Video: BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare 09:36:46
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Violence in Phoenix Streets Results in Officer's Death 23:11:38
Jim Anderson- endorsed by former Kansas Fair Tax director 23:06:26
Libertarian and Republican candidate negotiating Ron Paul "Republicanism" in vying for the Texas State House 23:02:17
Liberty candidate Justin Amash (MI-3) mentioned in The Atlantic :) 22:36:01
Like Rand, Schiff endorses in-state candidate 22:33:53
Rep. Moran in Massachusetts experiences Karma 22:31:19
GREAT letter defending Rand Paul on AOL News Reader Feedback 22:21:04
Rand News 21:53:04
Impeachable Offense- High Crime and Misdemeanor? 21:45:50
Dylan Ratigan has Peter Schiff on 21:39:52
US money supply 'M3' plunges at 1930s pace 21:28:32
Libertarian Party National Registration Up 11% Since 2008; All Other Nationally-Organized Parties Decline 21:27:52
Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border 21:05:00
US Troops Won't be Used to Stop Illegal Immigration-Mexico Objected, Washington/Obama Capitulated 20:39:17
Still No Word on Troops to Texas-Mexico Border 20:31:33
OIL-SPILL WEB-BOT project hit and the latest REPORT UPDATED!!! 20:23:32
What was the logic behind the 17th amendment? 20:13:35
Tea Party Win in Idaho Embarrasses GOP Establishment 20:06:43
Jim Sinclair’s Commentary 20:00:23
CIA Admits To Making Fake Bin Laden Videos!! 19:59:51
A libertarian in Conflict: The Arizona Immigration Bil 19:55:14
Georgia High Schools Are Required to Teach That Capitalism Does Not Work. 19:41:50
State AG candidate wants to sue federal government over illegal immigration 19:39:56
RFID chip implanted into man gets computer virus 19:35:13
Tea Party candidates picking 'em off 19:26:47
Libertarianism, Wave of the Future 19:20:18
Schiff relishes role of would-be spoiler to McMahon 19:13:49
Oil spill - interesting caller on local radio station in N.O. Metro area 19:03:03
Oil Spill - Is It the End of The World? 19:02:30
The Libertarian Party of Kentucky on Rand Paul 18:56:32
I wonder why Dr. Paul didn't sign? 18:50:00
Debt Crisis Map - Europe 18:44:54
Have you seen this guy? 18:36:53
"Fire John Stossel!" 18:16:24
15 Volunteers needed! - Kokesh for Congress Campaign 17:57:31
Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent: "Here's what may have REALLY happened on 9/11"! 17:48:55
Test: going door-to-door for a liberty candidate 17:40:23
Finally, lawmakers to hear 'Bilderberg conspiracy' 17:26:51
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Show, May 26th. 16:53:45
5/26/10 Dow close 9,974.45 -69.30 -0.69% 16:29:37
Top Construction Firm: WTC Destroyed By Controlled Demolition 16:21:31
Secret Clause Reveals Europe Bailout Designed To Destroy Global Economy 15:52:25
I Prefer Racist Restaurants to have a "No Blacks" sign over having them Spit in my Food 15:47:02
The Bush & Obama Two-Step & Rand Paul: Or how to take aim for Liberty 15:06:33
CNN: Mitch McConnell on Rand Paul - Your 15 minutes are over. 15:00:08
Ron Paul polls 10% in California (against multiple others in GOP.) 14:57:38
The Free Enterprise Nation 14:54:27
US lawmakers target pre-paid cellphone anonymity 14:50:05
Just for fun guys 14:47:01
Hidden Government Spending 14:44:12
Sea of Blood Revelation 14:35:02
Did Ron Paul Just Introduce An Extension To The Homebuyer Tax Credit? 14:10:38
Katie Sepich Enhanced DNA Collection Act of 2010 14:07:04
ShoreBank bailout - Chicago 14:00:59
Dark forces have been ruling our planet for a long time now. 13:56:21
The Children Of The Law Of One And The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis - Jon Peniel - For Those Meant To Know About It 13:51:55
Libertarians may run Senate candidate in Kentucky to Take Votes From Rand Paul 13:45:58
Rahm Emanuel invites Bibi Netanyahu to the White House? 13:45:44
Rand Paul names new campaign manager: Jesse Benton 13:44:28
The CFL should start their own daily internet and radio show & Become The Media for the Tea Party! 13:36:21
VIDEO: US Census worker came to my house today, 11:20AM 26 MAY10, asking too much! 13:17:58
Barney Frank wants to see Rep. Djou's birth certificate 13:13:30
Neo-con Speaks: Why Ron Paul Cannot Be President 13:13:23
Randian Puns and New Words Coined Here: 13:03:28
My latest Silver coin 13:03:08
Our Vitriol, and Theirs: A follow-up on Rand Paul, by Justin Raimondo 12:57:43
Institutionalized Terrorism 12:40:16
Madsen Is Vindicating Larry Sinclair 12:35:21
Please help with advice regarding autisim and vaccination 12:27:51
Poll: "Is Rand Paul T oxic?" 'yes' is winning. 12:18:44
Rebroadcast Ron Paul on Alex Jones 5/26/10 at 4:30 pm EDT 12:10:53
Rand Paul Gets Same Treatment as His DAD! 11:35:08
Gaza Aid Ships Set to Leave: A Confrontation Looms 11:31:14
I'm wearing my RON PAUL 2008 Hope for America shirt today 11:24:30
U.S. Is a Top Villain in Pakistan’s Conspiracy Talk 11:15:27
Predictions For The Rest Of 2010 10:58:49
In Defense of Bigots 10:57:24
Dr. Andrew Wakefield Interview on Alex Jones 5/25/10: Vaccines & Autism 10:43:23
NRSC should not fund Rand? 10:42:18
WOW! James Carville To Obama On Oil Spill: 'Get Down Here And Take Control... We're About To Die' 10:32:26
"Vaccines probably help your brain development," (These demons have no shame) 10:27:32
Happy Birthday JW 10:15:36
Rothschilds want UK transport infrastructure in exchange for public debt. 10:10:47
Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane) on immigration 09:42:16
Schiff discusses the new 2 way race 09:29:30
Obama gets an earful in clash with GOP senators 08:52:32
Why MUST DESTROY Rand Paul. 08:36:05
RT- US Patriot missiles installed in Poland 08:34:57
Turn OFF your TV NOW ! ! 2012 - It is Time for a Change 08:33:12
Reason: Jacob Sullum Defends Rand Paul 08:28:40
Schumer's racket: Lobbyists and hedge funds 08:25:27
FBI details surge in death threats against lawmakers 07:59:26
Rand Paul Won't Rule Out Preemptive Strike on Iran. 07:34:07
Micahel Scheuer: Maddow and the Obamas: Killers of hope, spurs of rebellion 07:33:29
The Markets vs. Bernanke 07:26:55
U.S. Mint to Produce 5-ounce Silver Bullion Coins 07:25:17
Faber: Nations Will Print Money, Go Bust, Go to War…We Are Doomed 07:01:57
Go, Iceland! 06:55:49
Rand Paul's Civil Rights Act Comments Revisited 06:52:39
The Financial Reform Bill="the Accountants' and Lawyers' Welfare Act of 2010" 06:25:19
Extremism in the Defense of Rand Paul Is No Vice 06:13:07
Iran: The Next Neocon Target - Honorable Ron Paul 03:26:24
DOLLAR primed for collapse end of June. Somebody has it right IMO. 03:12:14
New Awesome Schiff Video! (Digg & Reddit) 02:33:30
Motivation to Fight even Harder Now that We are Winning 02:19:19
Rothschilds: UK should privatize motorway 00:52:54
The Casino is Rigged and Nobody Cares! 00:46:05
Sharon Angle 00:18:31