Posted on May 27, 2010

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Great Press Conference With Ron Paul on Cutting Military Waste 5/27/10 22:54:56
Open Your Eyes 18:38:50
Debra Medina Announces New Grassroots Organization: WE TEXANS 18:05:09
How high is sales tax in your area? Why not put every budget expenditure online? 17:39:26
Wars Will Be No More! {poem} 16:45:14
Moderator Speaks: Censorship & Daily Paul 15:14:29
Ron Paul: Inside Sources Told Me Fed Is Panicking At Mass Awakening Parts 1 & 2 22:55:21
New Lew Rockwell / Naomi Wolfe Podcast. Excellent! 09:18:40
Rand and Ron - TIME 10:18:20
New Film Poised to Sweep the Nation: 39 Cities Draw the Line. Don't Tread on Me! 03:49:38
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An American Concept: Crushing Sovereign Debt 23:47:01
It's an Epidemic-Mass. Senate passes crackdown on illegal immigrants 23:35:46
After Taking Down Bennett In Utah Flip Floppin' Mitt Romney Is Headed To Mesa, Arizona June 4 To Try To Save McCain From Himself 23:06:21
Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry 22:48:24
Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence 22:43:56
The Southern Avenger- Paleos, Libertarians and Rand Paul 22:42:56
The GOP Establishment Machine is at it again... in VA2 21:47:43
anybody know where i can buy the book... 21:47:12
King Cuomo Crashes the Democrat Coronation 21:45:45
Great Article from the Washington Post 21:26:42
Anyone Here Have an Inside Line to the Alex Jones Team? 21:20:25
Keiser Report № 46: Social Fury builds up! A must watch! 21:04:09
80% favor auditing the federal reserve -- Rasmussen 19:17:19
Panicky Greeks Paying Over $1,700 Per Ounce For Physical Gold 19:03:33
MSNBC:Rand Paul Faces Possible Libertarian Challenger? 18:53:40
New BP add campaign 18:17:17
For the Tea Party Convention, Restore the Constitution, and a Call for the Impeachment of Obama 18:17:07
WSJ: Bank Of America, Citigroup Incorrectly Hid Billions In Repo Debt 18:16:03
Chuck Baldwin : Breakup Of U.S. Is Inevitable 17:50:36
Looking for a good article on Silver vs. FRN's 17:49:02
Were Jerry and Joseph Kane Assassinated? 17:39:36
Ron Paul iPhone app makes top 25s!!!!! 17:37:57
Atlas Shrugged Filming to Begin June 11 17:35:05
We need more Ron Paul App reviews 17:32:13
Helen Thomas Demands Obama Answers, "Why We Are Still In Afghanistan?" 05/27/10 17:31:52
BBC News - Rand Paul and the Tea Party 17:27:18
China, Russia wants proof N. Korea sunk ship 17:24:17
Drunk History - Volume 3 17:12:54
Wisconsin GOP not in step with TEA Party 17:06:50
Prosecutor fired for Tea Party talks-Sounds as if we have a new Liberty candidate in the making? 17:03:21
Reason hack: libertarians' principles should "degrade elegantly" 17:00:39
McCain Is The Pot Calling The Kettle Black When It Comes To Emphasizing Border Security 16:57:11
Peter Schiff FINALLY opens campaign store! 16:50:44
Is It Time for Law Abiding American Citizens to Stop Paying Their Taxes and Start a New Government? 16:40:30
great article about Rand Paul 16:27:23
Jack Conway for Senate 2010! 16:26:01
Tv feed cut while Peter Schiff talks about gold and government printing 16:18:34
James Monroe 1st inaugural address,Qs and A 16:09:57
Kagan Has Saudi, Bin Laden Money Ties 16:09:20
TIME: Ron Paul run 2012? 16:03:05
Most liberal poll on Earth has Rand Paul in the lead 44-40 15:58:50
"Human Freedom Rests On Gold Redeemable Money" 15:57:34
Helen Thomas: When are we getting out of Afghanistan? And don't give me any Bushism! Obama gives Bushism! 15:55:23
WoW 15:54:48
Fox and Friends: The Hidden Costs of Government 15:28:29
NYS and NYC continue to suffocate under public employee benefits 15:24:44
Wall Street's War by Matt Taibbi 15:16:44
Daily Kos Poll: Rand Paul Leads Jack Conway By Four Points 15:14:12
Gary Johnson on The Colbert Report This Week 15:02:33
Email from Ron Paul: Let's Shake Up The Senate 14:47:13
LOOKOUT!...The "Oil-i-cane" is coming... 14:43:44
Gold vending machines go global 14:39:29
We are winning! Britain to scrap unpopular ID card program!! 14:35:03
Killing Children From Iraq to Detroit 14:26:12
DP Poll: Friendship trumps your beliefs - Yea or Nay? 14:07:07
immigration reform?? is it really necessary? 14:03:02
Gulf Oil Disaster 14:00:02
Skewed Employment Numbers? 13:48:55
FDA claims citizens have no right of access to certain foods 13:04:39
Democrats Stop Bid to Send 6,000 Troops to Border 12:59:34
Max Keiser: Let them eat cake! 12:45:59
Richard Russell: "This market has nowhere to go but down" 12:18:17
(EDIT: Hoax confirmed)Obama Serves 14 State Governors With NSLs To Halt State Defense Forces Or Face Treason. 12:16:27
Faber: Nations Will Print Money, Go Bust, Go to War…We Are Doomed 12:15:47
Obama says information is bad for you and putting pressure on the country 11:34:18
"The country doesn't deserve Ron Paul" Wall Street Pit 11:16:56
Stop Rand Paul! 11:05:55
Schiff in double digits now 11:02:48
BREAKING - BP has stopped the flow of oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico! 10:32:16
Larry Elder Shows the Hypocrisy of Rand Paul Critics 10:21:33
Does Ron Paul Know this? 10:09:51
Subprime Crisis Explained LOL 10:04:25
Does Ron Paul Know this? 09:57:53
* New Orleans Radio Host Unloads on BP and Feds! 09:29:40
Are we about to Nuke the Oil Spill? 09:16:05
Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve’s Biggest Nightmare Is Coming True! 08:04:04
US troops won’t be used to stop illegal immigration: State Dept. 07:34:12
Is the Consumer Protection Bill Just One Huge Govt'l Subversion of Privacy Ploy 07:02:47
Faber: Nations Will Print Money, Go Bust, Go to War…We Are Doomed 06:55:57
$165 billion in taxpayer money may bailout union pensions 06:46:36
CBC: Protesters Will Own The G20 Summit! 05:29:11
CNN: Warning This Video Is Sickening!!! Ohio Dairy Brutalizes Cow & Calves 04:37:46
FOX: White House Calls On Reporters To Stop Asking Questions About Spill 04:12:21
Ron Paul: I Wanted To Be A Singer! 04:11:25
Gerald Celente - Clash of the Economists on May 21, 2010 04:10:40
BREAKING: Debt Clock turns over $13,000,000,000,000... WOW! (13 Trillion) Must see! 03:11:20
"Our republic and its press will rise and fall together. 03:06:52
Rep. Weiner Defends His Attacks on Goldline 02:34:49
Will or Can Rand Paul follow in his Father's repealing footsteps? 02:07:17
Federal Reserve is Fraudulent! -Ron Paul In "Why Gold & Silver?" 02:06:16
Wow Nice Censorship on the DP 16:39:45
stefan molyneux's fantastic rant on the oil spill! 01:15:58
Put Peter Schiff On The Ballot!(DIGG & REDDIT!) 01:08:18
trouble in Korea 01:06:48
Simmons: "Schiff attractive, smart.. McMahon can't win" (DIGG & REDDIT NOW!) 00:47:54
The Bottom Line on Natural Born Citizen 00:45:27
Rand Paul vs MSNBC Lies And Smears 00:02:41