Posted on May 28, 2010

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Government Shuts 7 Year Old's Lemonade Stand; No Permit 23:45:48
Glenn Greenwald DEFENDS Drs.Ron Paul and Rand Paul 17:49:38
Patriot Ron Paul changes stance on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, votes for Repeal 18:08:13
Dr. Ron Paul: Imagine America Occupied - Red Dawn 09:25:55
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**OIL SPILL** Everything else is irrelevant 23:35:09
Legality of employment questions. 23:33:33
Everybody better read this!!! 23:23:22
Texas Governor Asks Obama To Halt Expected EPA Actions 23:18:53
Why do threads that require our time, energy, or money fall off the page faster than ones that contain just information? 23:07:03
Parish official: BP shipped in workers for president's visit 22:58:05
Long-lost poem reveals soldier's torment 22:51:43
Mark Levin defends Rand again, says he's liking Rand more and more 22:47:17
With "Friends" like these...LP to run against Rand in KY 22:26:21
Rasmussen: 80% favor auditing the Fed! 21:56:55
New MSNBC "Documentary" featuring... Chris Matthews 21:54:16
A GOP reversal on disclosure? 21:39:41
Feel like hurting yourself a little? Come, join us on! 21:39:12
New Poll shows Rand only three points ahead of Conway 20:45:51
Rands words get twisted again at msnbc 20:43:20
DeMint calls MSNBC a 'gotcha' station 20:22:19
Banned at Daily Kos for Raising Possibility That Kanes Were Victims of Extrajudicial Execution Policy 20:16:43
The Global Power Elite is NOT That Strong!! 20:02:23
Rachel Maddow's Apology to Rand Paul 19:16:47
Maine GOP Posted Their New Platform on Website 19:15:38
Who should represent us in 2012 on the Democrat Side? 19:07:27
Kagan Has Saudi, Bin Laden Money Ties 18:31:06
Workers at oil spill bussed in for Obama flyover, then bussed out after he left 18:19:31
Meet the Press- Gregory's thoughts on fiat currency: Insane... (VIDEO) 17:45:31
Ron Paul "has some reservations" about Arizona Immigration Law 17:42:25
Past presidents on neutrality,defense,peace and nonintervention 17:03:26
Catherine sets Austin CC straight on Federally Funded Fusion Centers 17:01:57
Great intro to liberty for neo-cons and socialists 16:54:27
With Just Six Words, Ron Paul Can Box in the Republican Establishment in November 16:50:31
Please join discussion 16:46:17
My Liberty Website Is Under Attack - Help! 16:38:51
Friday Funnies Thread 16:38:45
Republicans' new Web site not exactly what they hoped it would be 16:18:42
He Was Supposed to Be Competent 15:58:00
For your weekend viewing: The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See 15:48:01
*URGENT* Join this facebook group! - Stop Jack Conway - Kentucky's Obama! 15:47:45
O.J. Simpson: Guilty, But Not of Murder? 15:41:07
If Illegals Are Able to Break Into Our Country Via Our Wide Open Border, Why Wouldn't it be Possible For a Foreign Army? 15:34:17
Actor Gary Coleman Dead At 42 15:31:14
Outside The Business Model...Co Opting Business 15:13:43
Per Cato, Ron Paul "looks to be a conferee" on the Fed Empowerment Act to work on audit provision..... 15:07:57
Glen Greenwald: "Ron Paul's a crazed, sicko, belongs in a mental hospital...' (good article) 14:56:27
Rand Paul political cartoon section on 14:50:20
Ron Paul Introducing the Private Option Health Care Act 5-27-10 14:44:46
On Police Hot Dogs, Half-wits, Laser Lobotomies and Happy-face War Patriots 14:11:59
Former Senior BBC Correspondent: "Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews" 14:00:56
Spain Loses AAA Rating at Fitch on Debt Concerns 13:58:52
Hit Job: ABC News Attempts to Align Climate Change Skeptics with White Supremacists 13:43:43
Are You Anti-American? Here's the Latest Test to Confirm..... 13:06:27
The Path to Hyperinflation - TheDailyGold 12:59:06
Judicial Watch Statement on Sestak Scandal 12:58:29
Libertarianism = Anti-racism 12:25:52
Glen Bradley for NC State House - Important Online Poll 12:18:20
Fed Gov now terminating drilling wells already in progress 11:55:27
Liberty candidate Justin Amash (MI-3) FEATURED in Reason Magazine's Hit & Run 11:28:52
Pensacola Fluoride - Change not allowed 11:00:37
MoxNews- BP CENSORING MEDIA! 10:42:49
Break Rand's Bank Money Bomb! 09:45:49
Ron Paul was The Only White Male Republican to Vote For Repeal of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' 09:01:23
The Southern Avenger - Paleos, Libertarians and Rand Paul 08:12:43
Concluding Remarks by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, at the High-Level Conference 08:07:34
IMF Global Currency (SDR) Likely In Next Two Years 07:48:04
Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence 07:42:44
SDRs predictions coming true. 07:35:15
New currency coming soon. The SDR. 07:32:04
Wall Street Lobbyists Vs. The Rest Of The World 07:10:08
US Probes Goldman's Timberwolf Deal, Alleged Victim Says 'Whole Thing Was Fraudulent Concoction' 07:06:42
Dylan Ratigan Show ~ Gulf Oil Spill 06:48:25
Is Sestak Obama's Watergate? by Pat Buchanan 06:43:20
With Just Six Words, Ron Paul Can Box in the Republican Establishment in November 06:40:12
Big Oil has lied to us AGAIN! 06:32:39
Ariz. legislators appeal immigration law to United Nations as human rights violation! 06:21:25
IRS Loophole Lets Investors Tap 401(k) Money Tax-Free for Company Startups 06:19:33 Officially Launches! - >> The Truth About Jack Conway << 05:24:53
A question for Mr. Michael Nystrom. 04:27:08
Breaking News: Ron Paul Introduces Health Care Bill 03:30:20
Schiff-Bomb On Youtube This Weekend! Please Help, It Takes 1 Minute! 01:43:55
Gary North: With Just 6 Words, Ron Paul Can Box in the Republican Establishment in November 01:37:36
World Collapse "explained" in 3 minutes!: Amazing video! Spread this! 01:23:36
How does the free-market regulate space junk? 01:18:16
Homeland Security Enlisted For Local Medical Marijuana Probe 00:35:16
With Just Six Words, Ron Paul Can Box In The Republican Establishment In November 00:31:56