Posted on May 29, 2010

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Rolling Stone Article on the Fed Empowerment Act Sellout 23:48:34
Obama Promised Yet Still They Die 13:32:47
Farm Food Freedom Wars Escalate in US 10:31:26
Felix Zulauf on King World News: Deflaton; Hyperinflation; Currency Reform 12:03:18
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Rand Paul up 6 points over Conway in new Courier-Journal/WHAS11 poll. 23:14:56
Great Schiff Coverage - News 8 22:58:37
Don't Tread On Us! (Awesome Video) 22:23:18
VIDEO - Bloomberg - Energy expert: Nuking oil leak ‘only thing we can do’ 22:01:06
We should buy Newsweek 21:19:31
R.I.P. Dennis Hopper 20:46:15
Would a global currency destroy goldbugs? 20:25:43
My friends are driving home from NM after helping Adam Kokesh canvas. 19:09:06
Jack Conway 19:03:53
BP’s assault on the Great Lakes 18:31:18
It Is Time For US States To Begin Seizing The British Queen's Assets, Starting With All BP Refineries And Oil And Gas Leases. 18:20:29
A typical dumb-ass patriot email I received today 17:40:38
It Can't Happen Here.. 16:02:11
Peter Schiff needs our help by June 8th! 15:47:11
BP Pays Off Tourism Industry 15:14:33
EXTEND & PRETEND: Its either RICO Act or Control Fraud 14:57:54
Jack CONway, you lied! 14:28:58
"Easy Rider" Dennis Hopper dead at 74 13:41:47
Jim Bishop builds huge castle with his hands over period of 30 years, hates the NWO. 13:41:10
Kingworld news: Ted Butler on Silver. Investment demand for Silver/gold eagles to set Record. 13:40:23
Rethink Afghanistan Rethink Afghanistan Feature Film|1:01:07 13:27:24
Max Kiaser and Jim Rickards Declare Goldman Sachs as a Domestic Financial TERRORIST Organization! 13:16:24
Marijuana, a cancer cure? The Feds seem to think so. 13:10:08
23 innocent people killed, punishment...6 letters 13:08:28
Michigan considers law to license journalists 13:00:41
►BP: Black vs Brown Riddle 12:18:00
A Third Giant Underwater Plume Has Been Discovered 11:58:26
Pew Research: "Socialism" Not So Negative, "Capitalism" Not So Positive 11:47:26
Options studied for a possible Pakistan strike 11:34:46
Cutting domestic programs, sending MORE money to Haiti and war. 11:23:29
"At the very least the pool should be fluoridated because the kids take in mouthfuls there," 11:16:32
Options Studied for a Possible Pakistan Strike 10:56:58
Drone crew blamed in 23 Afghan civilian deaths 09:47:28
Robert Ringer: Beck's departure from Fox News 09:40:17
The Ron Paul Story: The Daily Bell Lists Many of Our Accomplishments 09:07:07
Governor Tim Pawlenty on Meet the Press, live clip from the University of Minnesota. [Audio] 09:06:50
Rand: Come Clean 08:26:38
The Enemy Is Not That Strong.... 07:44:33
Day 39 ,Report by Press TV 07:22:59
Monsanto: Haiti's "New Earthquake" 06:51:15
Will the 'Flotilla' make it to Gaza? 06:50:02
A reminder - Big government, not capitalism, is the root cause of the oil spill 05:05:38
The Absolutely Best Ron Paul Videos! 03:56:49
Video: Peter Schiff hits the road ! (DIGG & REDDIT!) 03:13:13
Video: Drinking With Bob - "BP Oil Spill" 02:58:06
DIGG THIS>>>How To fix the oil spill -Not the leak - RIGHT NOW!!! 02:46:31
The Gulf Coast of America was just killed! Where is Al Gore today? 02:20:05
5 More Banks close today! 01:48:47
US weighs military options in Pakistan 01:02:28
March on Washington by Phil Berg has been postponed 00:21:20
Great Article About Schiff! ( DIGG & REDDIT NOW!) 00:12:09