Posted on May 3, 2010

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Facebook is selling you 22:26:22
Quiltingsando - I got my flag! 18:39:22
Video Update: Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan Show - May 3 16:05:35
Happy Birthday Michael! 14:44:05
NOW IS THE TIME to Push Ron Paul's Industrial Hemp Bill, HR 1866!! 11:12:23
Terminal Decline: 1/3 of US honeybees did not survive winter - for fourth straight year 09:56:49
Americans rush to fill vacant jobs held by illegals 09:25:35
A Government of Fallible Men to Rule Fallible Men 10:03:45
Ron Paul/John Hostettler Video - Indiana Republican Primary Tuesday, May 4th! 03:35:26
Another Blockbuster from King World News: Possible DOJ Investigation into JP Morgan Chase Over Silver Manipulation 09:50:19
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Wiz is on the job! 23:59:58
What I learned in Afghanistan—About the United States 23:56:20
Historical con-con attacks on state constitutions 22:58:46
NOW PLAYING - The bloody history of Communism 22:49:42
Off Topic, but unbelievably inspiring... 22:18:58
HuffPo: Goldman shorted Gulf of Mexico 22:05:16
Urgent Request From The Snitker For Senate Campaign 22:00:09
The Bauman blog, The Creature from Jekyll Island 21:51:31
AJ and infowars does it again : Obvious photoshopped photo, 21:48:49
Audit Ammo: Greenspan Wanted Housing-Bubble Dissent Kept Secret 21:27:25
Dramatic Photos Of SSV Deepwater Horizon 20:58:46
The Wiesenthal Center’s Bait and Switch 20:55:22
Arizona Immigration Law Forces Everyone to have a National ID 20:48:55
Hiibel vs Sixth Judicial Court of Nevada 20:24:58
Redstate: Trey Grayson’s Own Polling Shows Him Losing Ground 20:14:18
Rahm Working With Fed To Beat Back Audit 20:13:02
George Carlin Speaks The Truth 20:10:54
"Tater militia" to be FREED ! - HA HA HA HA !! :-) 20:03:06
What the MSM won’t tell you about about the rancher killed in Arizona by a cartel assassin 19:51:25
Colleges outsource grading papers to India 19:41:05
Obama jokes about killing with drones 19:37:52
Dobson: GOP misled me on Paul 19:34:54
PPP previews its release of KY Senate Race poll - says Trey's internal poll is full of it 19:29:34
Could Gulf oil spill become an E.L.E 19:25:24
Off Topic: Student Film...HELP 19:08:29
NYC Car Bomb not getting the attention intended 18:49:52
New Video from Trey Grayson's campaign manager still making lies about Rand Paul 18:34:50
I will be wearing RON PAUL 2012 into the ring 18:02:38
CA Gov. Candidate Whitman: "I'm a huge fan of Van Jones" 18:01:46
National Review on Grayson's latest endorsement 17:35:16
Could outsourcing cut US wages in HALF? 17:13:33
Nashville braces for more flooding as river swells 17:07:03
Fake photo DELETED from Infowars! NO apology or explanation given! Where are the ETHICS??? 17:01:31
NeoCons start to make more lies about Rand. Alleging Rand Paul & Ron are Muslems who want to institute Caliphate LOL 16:54:17
James Traficant Files to Run for Congress as Independent 16:48:35
Those folks with Gold Mansachs shorted Gulf Oil the day before the "accident." UPDATE: They really did. 16:47:41
New Rasmussen Poll. Rand Paul is the strongest Republican Candidate against Dermocrats. Trey Grayson weakest Republican 16:20:17
Bill Still on Derry Brownfield Today: Discuss the Movie "The Secrets of OZ." 16:18:07
New Documentary Coming: Blood Money 16:17:49
Unemployed with silver reserves... 16:16:51
Hostettler's primary 16:14:57
RP on Dylan Ratigan Show 4:30 today about Audit the Fed 16:12:33
On UN stage, Iran leader rejects nuclear charges 15:48:05
Win a Dinner with Obama & Pelosi! ;-) 15:41:55
Here We Go Again! Two Powerful Groups calling for CON CON 15:02:31
Transparency you cannot see through: White House Opposes Audit the Fed Amendment 14:59:26
I am pretty sure many of you suffer from this: 14:55:12
Traficant files petitions to be candidate for Akron, OH congressional district 14:39:53
Divide and Conquer; The Plan 14:30:08
De Mint has more nice things to say about Rand 14:27:36
Is Ron Paul Forums down? There was a lot going on there this morning, but now I can't log on 14:25:27
Neo-Cons spamming James Dobsons Facebook page. I need help posting positive comments on Rand 14:22:22
Independent site says "non-Ron Paul" Tea Partiers would run big deficits & increase the national debt 14:11:51
1 Easy Phone Call = Defeat of Another Neo-Con 14:11:17
Greenspan Wanted Housing-Bubble Dissent Kept Secret 13:55:54
How the "left" is losing the Organic argument 13:50:53
Are there any Liberty Loving Writers in the Crowd 13:41:27
Buy Real Estate Now or Wait? 13:39:52
URGENT: Audit the Fed Amendment Vote TOMORROW 13:32:35
Independent Forum trend alert: America one terrorist attack away from lockdown, police state 13:13:08
Christian Arrested For Saying Homosexuality Is A Sin 12:51:52
Burpee (AKA Monsanto?) 12:27:35
Peter Schiff headlining Kitco News - says gold and Dow to return to parity 12:26:19
Short video on Health care -very funny 12:16:51
Paul Wolfowitz on C-SPAN - Call ins ;D! 11:52:05
Florida Legal Newspaper Statement on The Fed's duties: Nobody is allowed to talk about it publicly. 11:42:25
Drone Strikes Continue to Fuel Anti-US Sentiment in Pakistan 11:27:42
DOBSON REVERSES & ENDORSES RAND- Says the GOP mislead him! 11:22:27
Sheriff Joe Arpaio plans to announce Monday whether he'll run for governor. 10:54:18
Ron Paul Revolution: Showing appreciation for Obama 10:47:21
Horrific NWO Tax Commercial 10:46:24
Does anyone know the legal citation for failing to obey The Constitution? 10:46:01
Congress Gives IMF Your Tax Dollars to Bailout Greece 10:44:22
Foxnews - We Tolerate The Cultivation Of... 10:41:43
Daily Paul All Time Greatest Threads 10:19:14
The $3 Trillion Fraud: Why is the Fed so opposed to being audited, and what does it have to hide? 10:02:49
Deepwater Horizon: Radio interview with survivor 09:22:21
Rep. Hal Rogers endorses Rand's opponent. 09:05:52
Dr. James Dobson Rethinks Position, Endorses Rand Paul for Senate 08:15:54
Daily Paulers: Who are YOU GUYS that signed the Articles of Freedom? 07:08:34
Woot!!! Now THAT is r3volting!!! 06:58:05
BIG NEWS coming out of KY This morning. Big Endorsement for Rand Paul Stay Tuned 05:31:00
Hunt for 'Jason Bourne' who kept arms cache in penthouse overlooking U.S. Federal Reserve Bank 04:14:44
Fox News Video: Car bomb in New York - Ahmadinejad´s fault? 02:16:40
Important Notes On Friday’s Bank Failures 02:07:51
Did anybody just see The Boondocks on Adult Swim? (Cartoon Network)**updated w/ link** 00:08:01
Third World Update: Boston remains under 'boil-water' order. Drinking water expected in 48 hours 12:04:20