Posted on May 5, 2010

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The Big Picture: Flooding in Tennessee 23:51:56
Ron Paul on Fox News: Audit the Federal Reserve 22:50:51
Randomly Stopped and Searched for WMD's in North Texas! 21:53:20
Liberty Websites To Educate Masses Towards Liberty 15:49:37
Jim DeMint Endorses Rand Paul in US Senate Race in KY 12:08:18
Nationwide General Strike in Greece Shuts Country, Tests Government 09:18:23
Charlotte Iserbyt 1 of 6: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World 09:16:40
- FREEDOM WATCH - Rand Paul, Jack Hunter and Don Boudreaux 5/4/10 07:14:05
Mish: Here's What The Fed Is Doing To Kill The Audit & Here's How You Can Stand Up To Them 07:09:15
Fighting For Our Freedom? 09:10:28
Breaking News: BJ Lawson Wins Primary!!! 21:50:27
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America Losing Its Language and Culture Without a Whimper 23:44:09
Illegal Immigration - The Scapegoat (A Liberty Perspective) 23:33:33
Audit the Fed whispers 23:32:43
Ron Paul said we need to call this guy... 23:26:33
Powerful House chairman Obey to retire 23:18:54
Obama Jokes about Drones 23:00:29
New Charlotte Iserbyt videos 22:54:41
Candidate back on the ballot – but different party, different race 22:46:44
Senate Votes 96-1 to Ban Bank Bailouts! 22:19:46
Is Obama an Avatar ? 22:17:04
Senate Homeland Security's anti-gun meeting today! 21:42:34
Obama Administration to EXTEND Temporary Protected Status for Illegal Aliens from Nicaragua and Honduras 21:33:30
Congress Refuses To Outlaw Insider Trading For Lawmakers 21:19:32
Los Suns 20:49:14
Eliminate Public Schools 20:35:04
Ron Paul — Memories of the R3volution 20:14:20
Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family 20:10:20
The FEDS soon to seek control over the Internet! 19:54:55
Rand Paul on Dr. Dobson Endorsement Reversal 18:18:48
The Political Spectrum Con 18:10:53
Food Inc. - One Of The Finest Videos Out There Exposing The Control Of Our Food 18:06:15
Janet Napolitano in Conflict With Herself. 17:50:19
Mortgage Scam 17:48:09
Greek riots, America's future? 17:39:16
Strong Brew 17:35:55
Senate debating amendments for financial reform bill 16:52:15
Hold on a second...(Obama & oil sponsors) 16:51:12
Joe the Plumber is elected to party office in Ohio 16:48:42
SA@TAC - Liberty, Limits and Illegal Immigration 16:47:42
What is Ron's take on this? 16:46:30
Michelle Obama: Barack Obama Is “Kenyan” 16:36:47
IMPORTANT: Contact Club for Growth and Ask Them to Endorse Rand Paul Too! 16:36:00
Colony Collapse Disorder Solved (humor) 16:26:13
What Percentage Mix of Gold and Silver should one have? 16:09:48
Congress candidate caught viewing porn during legislative session 15:51:57
$140,000 Snake Bite 15:17:36
I CHANNELLED RON PAUL and schooled a radio talk show host - ON THE AIR! 14:46:41
Missouri Senate okays vote on challenge to U.S. health care law 14:27:56
Former Congressman Goode Joins the Constitution Party 14:23:33
Anybody else in L.A., CA noticing how many different squads of ... 13:59:36
CIA Officer Explains New World Order's Demise 13:56:49
Independent site writes about Ron Paul again: the march toward war with Iran 13:51:36
USA Today: Senate Republican defies his leader to endorse Rand Paul 13:37:08
State Promotes Alcohol Consumption 13:30:22
Independent site asks how US taxpayers will afford bailing out Europe 12:57:22
DailyPaul is growing FAST! 12:34:31
Don't sell your gold tooth yet! 12:29:44
PA Big Brother Tax Ad/Big Government 12:08:40
There will ALWAYS be 51% parasite who vote... 11:50:55
One place in Louisiana people are praising BP 11:20:57
RT- Greece riots: 100,000 protestors 11:07:30
Exceptionally strong dollar, very weak Euro 10:55:37
World Markets Plunge on Euro Fears: 5/5/10 10:54:34
Socialism 10:16:16
Latest Video From The Greek Uprising 10:16:00
Times Square Eyewitness: Bomb Scare Looked Like Drill 09:43:14
BJ Lawson Debate: 09:43:11
Bernanke Concurs With Ron Paul That Fed Monetizes Debt 09:25:34
Banks on Fire in Greek Riots - 3 dead 20 trapped. 09:24:05
Revealed: NYC car bomb suspect worked at same firm as ‘Catch Me If You Can’ con artist 08:48:08
Monumental Tribute To The Last Of Human Freedoms 08:21:55
Please take action - disabled children being tortured - wear remote control tazers full time 07:52:28
Hostettler Finishes Third in IN Senate Primary 07:27:38
CNN plays off Gulf disaster like it is just a good movie 07:22:40
"How To Save A Bank" (or, "How To Destroy A Nation" or maybe "Greece is Hosed") 07:01:14
Bank bill could help feds snoop, GOP warns 06:55:34
The Subprime Conspiracy: Was There a Plan to Blow Up the Economy? 06:16:33
Homes can be lost by mistake when banks miscommunicate 06:14:42
Ron Paul: The Folly of Fairness 06:11:32
Zionists named the Bogeyman on 911 05:47:28
Kentucky Right To Life shoots self in the foot and attacks Dr James Dobson & his judgement 05:42:44
A suicide thread? 05:01:43
Sen. Mike Bennett Caught Looking at Porn on Senate Floor 04:48:45
US to upgrade Israel Air Force precision munitions 04:18:34
FLOODS Please help my county 04:15:48
Mitch McConnell Endorses Trey Grayson - Comments Welcome 03:01:00
Peter Schiff: Goldman Didn’t Cause Crises, Government Did 02:40:13
Florida RP Candidate Fights Fluoride 02:21:02
Rand Paul on FOX with Judge Napolitano: Vote Fraud in Kentucky and Other Issues 01:29:02
Video: Southern Border Investigative Report includes Hayworth 00:54:42
Attempted times square attack more blowback 00:25:25
Ok, This is weird...Raw Story quotes... 00:16:33
SC "republican," Jim Lee, running for Congress wants more gays in the military! 00:08:25
American Idol's Simon Cowell bashes government regulations and preaches limited government and free markets 00:01:59