Posted on May 6, 2010

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Sen. Vitter to Introduce Paul-Grayson Amendment Friday; Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartmann Noon ET 22:22:44
Ron Paul House Speech: Money Isn't Worth What It Used To Be! 5/6/10 21:51:14
Jake Towne: Dow Crashes Gold Spikes 20:20:02
The Swift-Boating Begins..."Independent" Groups Attacking Rand! 19:14:30
New U.S. Push to Regulate Internet Access: Net Neutrality is Back 19:02:22
Video Update from Dr. Paul: Sanders Sold Out on Audit The Fed Amendment; Keep Calling! 22:13:54
Video: Congressman Paul on Greek Crisis and How it Relates to the U.S. 20:35:07
Audit the Fed Amendment Debate on CSPAN 15:44:12
RT- Death over debt looms as Greece financial crisis spreads 13:01:40
Nice political cartoon on Rand's campaign sucking the oxygen from the Kentucky Senate race 12:53:23
Sheeple: Signs That You Might Be Part Of The Herd… 11:27:47
Michael Bloomberg: Deny Second Amendment to People on Terror Watch List 01:33:33
Jim Rickards References King World News Interview / Possible DOJ Investigation of JPM Silver Manipulation on CNBC 08:51:56
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Trader who entered a B instead of a M? A hoax? 23:59:32
Columbia, MO SWAT Raid 2/11/2010. 23:53:37
Tom Woods on NPR 23:41:29
"ISMS" 23:39:47
Girl's 'forced' abortion blamed on government 'death panel' in USSA 23:31:13
Bailout Bubble is Bursting, Gerald Celente RT Video 23:25:39
A Century of U.S. Military Coups and Intervention 23:20:17
The Southern Avenger: Rand Paul, Jim DeMint and the GOP 23:19:58
And out of the blue came the credit crunch 22:43:55
SWAT team opens fire, labradors get in way 22:21:26
Phone, Fax and Emails Numbers for Congress. 22:18:15
Digitally Enhanced Footage of the... 22:17:42
Ron Paul's Homeschool High School Curriculum--By Far The Best Curriculum, at the Right Price: Free! 22:04:58
Nasdaq to cancel trades,,,,,,(say what?) 21:38:03
EU Central Bank Calls For ONE WORLD GOVERMENT 21:09:23
TA-HA!!! 20:36:37
NYSE/ARCA to cancel trades in selloff 20:15:58
Immigration Debate/Panel At 2012 RNC 20:11:57
Breaking NEWS Sanders Sells out on FED Audit Amendment!! 20:04:35
Don't Thread On Me {New Film} 19:50:40
Dark storm clouds gathering – A bill WORSE than the Patriot Act 19:01:11
Iran sanctions and worse 18:48:08
Arizona's infamous Russell Pearce shills for traffic cameras, sought to bar photoblocker spray 18:40:32
Extortion or clever fund raising - You decide. 18:21:57
PigeonHole-ism on the rise on the DP 17:51:22
How Audit the Fed Won the PR War 17:38:43
Director of the Committee on Financial Affairs of Japan still hopeful of meeting Ron Paul 17:28:17
Which Congressmen Voted to Give IMF $100 Billion? Vote Them Out! 17:21:26
The Beginning of Global Economic Chaos 17:21:23
Is Stock Market Volatility Helping Gold Move Higher? 17:16:30
Independent Forum trend alert: Global stimulus bubble may be beginning to burst 17:03:55
Independent Forum trend alert: Warning signs emerge on retail spending & short-term employment 17:02:24
Maryland group sues over training center 16:20:29
Anyone watching The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn on Ovation? 16:00:39
Fat Finger Update: Stock Plunge Caused by Human Error (Picture) 15:49:12
UPDATE: Dobson Endorsement of Rand 15:36:29
MSM Covers Chemtrails 15:35:30
RIGHT NOW 3:30 PM EASTERN Ron Paul about to give 5 minute speech on house floor over Greece. CSPAN yourselves 15:33:21
I'm With Stupid (Blair - Bush - Jon Nadler) and the Pet Shop Boys 15:28:59
Poll in Seattle Times: Audit, End or Empower THE FED? 15:12:24
May 18th PA Primary 15:09:15
Stocks extend plunge on concerns about Greece 15:07:27
Greece threatens Civil War 14:56:21
California students sent home for American Flag Apparel 14:53:37
Bet Against The American Dream 14:52:33
Obama: Begin Work This Year on Immigration Reform 14:46:18
Okay, this is creepy...fold US bills in similar way to see WTC/Pentagon attack 14:38:52
The crisis of confidence in the Fed — vote on whether it should be audited 14:31:59
Arizona to eliminate speed-enforcement cameras on freeways 14:28:48
El Paso Protesters Ask Deputies to Arrest Them For Being Brown! 14:24:02
Firedoglake tool to pressure Senators to support audit of the Fed 14:22:31
"Yes we can-blow up Appalachia and poison the people" 14:22:22
Did anyone else see the Simpsons this week? 14:18:33
Ron Paul supporters planning to send a message with historic Tea Party Money Bomb 14:17:17
Cinco de Mayo is NOT an Official Mexican Holiday. It's An American Celebration of the Battle of Puebla 14:08:32
Coming to a Capital Near You 13:45:21
7 systemic problems that are killing America! 13:40:18
Cash for caulkers 13:39:48
Dow falling every day this week -135.58 5/6/10 at 1335ET 13:39:17
HuffPo: Sen. Reid Backs Breaking Up Banks, Auditing Fed 13:28:18
GOP members to Fla. Gov. Crist: Return our money 13:25:14
Ron Paul on Fox news discussing Greek Riots VIDEO 13:24:34
Activist spied on? Man wins settlement 13:07:20
Ahmadinejad Punks Stephanopolous 13:05:42
Ron Paul Video "I think they're going to destroy the dollar" 13:05:18
Michael Savage: Time Square Would Be Bomber = Double Agent 13:03:19
If we build it, they will come 12:53:20
Revolution on the Right~Scott Horton Interviews Jack Hunter 12:37:52
Nigel Farage in plane crash today - on election day. 12:36:40
This is funny. 12:35:09
In Defense of Open Immigration 12:29:07
Republican moderates facing tea party purge 12:26:14
The Independent Forum launches Facebook page 12:22:24
Just heard a pro-vaccine PSA 12:00:57
Stock Market Tanking Down 998 Before Recovering; Gold Up $30+ to $1,212 12:00:39
Independent Forum trend alert: UK budget deficit in danger zone 11:49:16
The Fed Must Be Audited Because It Has Taken Numerous Actions Which Are Far Beyond Its Authorized Powers 11:22:58
An American Chernobyl 10:55:41
Violent crime is NOT up in Arizona, contrary to political rhetoric 10:49:54
The law of unintended consequences 10:49:27
"TRUE MONEY BOMB" 10:37:41
Alex Jones On RT: Greek Crisis Will Come to America 10:36:45
Mexicans Have Plans : They vow to take it over 10:23:29
Terrorism and America’s “Way of Life” 10:21:52
Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees 10:14:46
RT- Operation Storm: Pirates routed by Russian Navy warship 10:05:36
U.S. Food Prices ‘Spiraling Out of Control’ 09:49:22
Hijacked Russian tanker freed, crew safe, pirate dead 09:48:10
US Sees NY Attack as Pakistani Taliban Retaliation for Drone Strikes 09:46:42
G. Edward Griffin - Ron Paul vs The Establishment! 09:09:25
Hawaiian governor has verified obama born in Hawaii. 08:46:30
Sara Palin's Book adorns Tom Tancredo's office wall 07:40:55
Government Cover-up For Times Square Bomber Proves False Flags 06:06:55
*BREAKING NEWS* Nigel Farage involved in Plane crash 06:01:50
Peter Schiff - A Time for Change! 04:09:52
Unions and More Economists Join Push to Audit Fed as Obama and Bankers Fight Back 04:07:27
Conrail: Success or failure? 02:57:59
We've Been Hit By A Smooth Criminal Enterprise! 02:46:49
Really scary chart, Delinquency and default is going up 02:46:02
Jordan Maxwell - Government & Religion! 02:44:22
If Lindsey Graham and Col. David Hunt and Jim Lee have their way! 02:17:13
White house Correspondents Dinner 02:00:43
They came for the Patriots... 01:34:08
Christian preacher arrested in the U.K. for saying homosexuality is a sin 01:08:10
A Reasoned Moment From An Arizona Perspective/ Federal Court Decisions favor AZ Immigration Law 00:43:08