Posted on May 7, 2010

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A simple way to clean up the guys have to see this 20:42:32
Rep Alan Grayson: "I Don’t Remember Buying the Red Roof Inn." Why we need a Fed audit! 19:46:31
Weekend Watching: Best of Ron Paul on Youtube 18:36:03
Rand Paul Washington Machine Two 15:07:11
The Senator David Vitter Amendment 17:34:01
URGENT Email from Ron Paul: The Establishment is Trying to Swift-Boat Rand! 21:58:53
Ron Paul Celebrates Hemp History Week, May 17 - May 23 10:23:52
Mainstream Media Claims that Obama Administration Now Aupports Fed Audit 08:49:00
Dow Down 1,000 Intra-Day, Gold $1,210: Jim Sinclair on King World News 00:00:27
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(Non- interventionism, Ron Paul and You) Offended to Thoughtful --How Did I Arrive Here? 23:38:18
Peace officer vs. law-enforcement officer? 23:21:53
A compromise with those who favor gov't regulation of US-Mexico political border? 23:19:26
Re: Ron's famous showdown with Guliani-- when was the US bombing Iraq? 22:42:58
Okay DPers, you are live on the air and have 10 seconds to plug... 22:36:38
8 Theories To Explain Why The Stock Market Plunged Almost 1000 Points In A Matter Of Minutes On May 6th 22:33:18
Just a thought! What was the timeline for the vote on the FED and the drop in the market? 21:52:55
Bank Closing Information - May 7, 2010 21:36:51
Just stumbled on to Hannity Interviewing Gary Johnson. Even had enough air time to bash Ron Paul! 21:36:06
Gary Johnson on Hannity talking legalization! (update: w/ video) 21:27:53
Republican Primary Debate Questions Needed 21:24:47
U.S. Military Might Cannot Win the Economic Struggle! 21:23:10
Terror bill to strip Americans of their citizenship 20:32:09
open carriers @ Ron Paul Tea Party in New Hampshire 20:24:12
Congratulations Americans! You own a hotel! Isn't that great? 20:18:48
Lord Pearson and EU - Video 19:50:14
Bernie Sanders: "Would I like to go further?, sure." ... 19:42:51
Illegal Immigration 19:19:49
Why Consistent Libertarians Need Not Fear Ron Paul On Immigration and Abortion 19:17:19
How FOX News Manipulates the Revolution 18:42:10
"Honesty is best Policy" says B.J. lawson to Sen Hagan. 18:39:48
More Good News For Ron Paul 2012 - Sarah Palin Keeps Shooting Herself in the Foot 18:37:03
Was Yesterday’s Stock Market “Glitch” Really Big Banking Blackmail? 18:13:16
This is your war on drugs 17:59:40
How BP's Oil Spill Will Create a Gusher of Money for P&G's Dishwashing Liquid 17:26:06
TSA fight breaks out because of naked body scanners 17:09:37
David Kramer points out why socialist Bernie Sanders may have sold out 16:56:34
Adrian Douglas: Treasury report documents silver manipulation 16:48:02
Sell Triggers not the "Fat Finger" Caused the Meltdown 16:44:18
Huffingon Post: Sen. Bernie Sanders: We Must End Fed Secrecy 16:37:44
Don't Tread On US! 16:23:26
CBS: photocopiers store a record of all photocopies on a hard-drive! 16:20:22
Rand has only 400.000 on hand. Grayson 1.1 million 16:19:21
Revised Senate Fed Audit Amendment Lacks Bite - with pdf links 16:11:04
The other Oyate(s) 16:10:12
Rep. Alan Grayson: You Own the Red Roof Inn, Thanks to the Fed 15:31:35
Expatriation in Action - Demonizing the American Patriot Movement 15:24:04
Small donors fuel Rand Paul & Marco Rubio campaigns 15:23:57
Bob Schulz on Alex Jones - March 31, 2009 3 Parts 15:20:49
Bernie Sanders contact info, if you cannot take five minutes to do this, practice saying, baaahhh, baaaahhh. 14:19:30
Top 10 Cannabis Studies the Government Wished it Had Never Funded 13:47:12
War is a Racket 13:33:40
Remember where you heard this 13:11:08
Please visit sunny Arizona for your summer vacation! 13:03:42
Casino Jack and the United States of Money 12:54:16
Keeping the Fed Honest 12:53:22
Speculation On Yesterdays Stockmarket 1000 Point Plunge ! 12:50:57
CA students sent home on Cinco de Mayo for wearing American flag shirts 12:36:36
You're a Neanderthal: Genes say yes _ a little bit 12:09:31
Amazing How To Clean up Oil Spill 11:54:27
UK Reality: More than 70 people per hour declaring bankruptcy 11:33:03
Unsettling of America; excerpt 11:31:32
Sen. Vitter to Offer Grayson/Paul Audit the Fed Amendment as Stand-Alone Amendment 11:31:16
Ron Paul is top GOP 'maverick' -- beating out McCain 11:29:51
Weatherman Admits Military Spraying Chemicals In The Sky 11:17:21
Behind the BLS jobs numbers... 11:16:39
The SPLC Wants to Squelch Debate on Immigration. 11:06:59
The Libertarian Environmentalist: A New Beginning of Localism 11:05:11
Bernie Sanders on the Thom Hartmann show 12pm ET 11:02:36
Independence of Missouri 11:00:33
Gold Holding at $1,200 While Markets Crash 10:47:12
Giuliano Takes On Slaughter-House Louise 10:32:26
Government trying to keep New Yorkers fearful 10:22:51
Elena Kagan Said To Be Obama's Supreme Court Pick 10:22:20
DOW: Today worse than yesterday? 10:06:24
Why HyperInflation is Now Unavoidable. 09:47:48
TSA worker assaults colleague who made crack at genitalia after walk through machine 09:43:57
Must Hear: Panic And Loathing From The S&P 500 Pits 09:29:39
Stock Market crash headlines from 1929 09:27:00
Eight Reasons for the Stock Market Plunge 09:20:02
I Can See It Now, MSM News Alert Frenzy Ahead Today 09:13:45
The Two-Dollar Bill Challenge 08:36:29
La Raza and Libertarians Call for Open Borders 08:16:16
When do silver options expire next? 07:42:31
The Southern Avenger - Rand Paul, Jim DeMint and the GOP 07:35:44
John F. Kennedy, God Bless 07:27:17
Codex Alimentarius - On The Run? 07:24:13
Proctor and Gamble trivia... 07:14:53
Ron Paul says Bernie Sanders 'sold out' on Fed amendment 06:56:29
Are Europe and America headed to where Greece is today? By Patrick J. Buchanan 06:25:57
Fed Audit Amendment Deal Struck In Senate-Goes FURTHER than House version in some regards 06:16:28
Gerald Celente ~ The System is Collapsing 06:05:56
Does anyone know where I can find our currently depoloyed troop levels? 05:31:28
The Drug War Meets the War on Immigrants by Jacob G. Hornberger 03:49:09
Santa Fe Police Confront Man for Open Carring Legally 03:25:24
'The truth shall set you free' or 'In God we trust, everyone else: payment in advance."‏ 03:24:22
The myth that "we are the government" 02:59:36
Ventura County Reporter - An anarchist perspective on government 02:58:30
Palin irks her supporters with California endorsement 01:34:13
John Dennis in the LA Times in discussion of Pelosi's challengers.... 01:12:45
OK my fellow matrix religionists; what's in the box? 00:57:55
The Day The Market Almost Died (Courtesy Of High Frequency Trading) 00:46:38
WSJ: Plan for Congressional Audits of Fed Dies in Senate . 00:31:22
Obama now supports watered down Audit the Fed bill - HA HA HA HA HA 00:02:52
Video- Christina Jeffrey, running for US Congress in SC, with AK-47 in hand speaking about our 2nd amendment 00:00:55