Posted on May 8, 2010

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Made in America {Poem} 18:29:37
Militarized SWAT Drug Raids on the Rise 15:57:58
US Sen. Bob Bennett ousted at Utah GOP convention 12:32:11
Due Process is NOT a Hellfire Missile - A Message for Congressman Charlie Dent 11:07:43
Gerald Celente 5/7/10: "The World Will Be On Fire In 2010" 01:07:48
Seattle Police threaten, kick and beat innocent man while using racial slurs 15:46:34
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Ron Paul : Game Over for Fiat Money ? 23:32:14
Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen on SB1070 and Why She Voted For It 23:18:49
Stock Market Crash 5/6/10 (Live Panic!) Incredible!! 23:00:48
Who is America Future Fund, Who Funds Them And Why Are They Hell Bent On Attacking Rand Paul 22:58:25
Sen. Robert F. Bennett defeated, incumbent GOP senator loses bid for nomination 22:48:36
Support Arizona's Immigration Reform-Petition Thank You 22:28:49
George Carlin - Life Is Worth Losing from 2005 ( Comedy Break ) 22:22:16
Ron Paul - At Issue: Power to the Jury 22:04:49
1967 Attack ON Liberty!!!!! 21:17:29
The Seven Amnesties Passed by Congress Since 1986, Which Was Suppose to be the Last One 20:58:38
Utah Senator Bennett Loses Republican Renomination 20:45:06
Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck & the Tea Party Scam - this is a great read 20:24:05
Pentagon asking Congress to hold back on generous increases in troop pay! 20:04:51
Free energy on your roof do it yourself horizontally mounted roof wind turbine design.. help appreciated 19:33:16
Thursday's Stock Market implosion caught on tape from a floor trader 19:25:20
Dylan Ratigan's Explanation For The Crash 19:20:57
US Senator Barbara Boxer: Wellstone assassination was "a warning" 18:57:12
Documentary List 18:49:28
JPMorgan Chase Profits from Destruction in Appalachia 18:31:23
Can someone explain the Birth-Death job increase? 18:17:13
Bob Chapman Breaks Down "The Plunge Protection Team" on Alex Jones 18:09:22
Look Out, Obama Seems to Be Planning for a Lot More War 17:56:30
Libertarian Cartoons? 17:42:51
President Obama, No One in Arizona is Laughing 17:32:15
EU sets up 'Emergency Fund' to Defend the Failing Euro 17:29:02
What would you do if? 17:26:00
Stock Market Collapse: More Goldman Market Rigging? 17:03:05
Alex Jones Sublime Interview On Greek MSM 16:20:14
Arizona to Remove Highway Speed Cameras 15:58:26
Max Keiser On the Edge 5/7/10: Ellen Brown & Market Manipulation 15:49:05
kill until the money runs out 15:27:49
video-Gary Johnson The New Ron Paul! both parts 14:58:59
URGENT: Contact C4L and Ask Them to Run Ads in Kentucky! 14:16:50
Can we sue for the statement: "Parents who do not vaccinate are putting their child and others at risk" 13:39:22
The New World Order Map (1942) 13:38:51
The Oath is an Individual Obligation - Stewart Rhodes Oath Keepers 13:06:29
Of all the days to go live, hmmmmm 12:39:55
unknown strain of virulent airborne fungi 12:39:40
IGN Offices Support Ron Paul 2012? 12:32:06
Lt. Gov. Candidate Russ Diamond: A True Patriot (and a great song!) 12:19:37
The Place For Weekend Watching 12:10:54
Pot Protests spread to Savannah, GA 11:58:54
Advice for C-SPAN callers 11:50:34
Independent Forum trend alert: Unemployment likely to surge past 10% by end of 2010 11:43:53
OT - DP Love ...."UPDATED" 11:34:47
Grayson sells out on Sanders amendment to neuter audit of the Fed!! 11:34:46
website software 11:26:52
“Health Care Freedom Act” Passed by Missouri Senate 11:25:22
Oil Volcano - this info is not being told by the MSM 11:04:54
!!!WE ARE WINNING!!! 10:44:35
I don't know why I didn't think of this before 10:40:35
The Volcano is Back 09:53:33
Cold Irons Bound: All Together on the Road to Ruin 09:24:07
Pea in the Shell Game 09:23:52
website design company delhi 09:09:40
Congress Backs Wall Street, Rejects Big Bank Break-Up 09:09:20
Neo-Cons Attack Ron and Gary 08:10:10
Cafferty File: Should TERRORIST* Have Their Citizenship Taken Away? 07:36:59
"Michigan funeral protest law traps mourners" 06:04:01
SWAT raids home and murders family pets in front of small children 05:01:09
Ron Paul makes and appearance in Hedrick’s book! 03:47:50
Our Time Will Come 01:51:26
Although Japan was rapidly printing money, a destruction of credit was happening at a far greater pace. 01:26:06
Guns, Grub and Gold is in the new TIME Magazine May 19, 2010 edition!!! 01:19:33
American Expatriation Guide: How to Divorce the U.S. Government 01:12:04
"They just want everyone in Washington out. Throw them all out." - Senator Bennett, CNN 5/7/10 00:28:41