Posted on May 9, 2010

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Federal Reserve Opens Credit Line to Europe 22:31:52
Texas Straight Talk 5/10/10: Audit the Fed! No More Bailouts! 18:51:40
A Special Mothers Day Message from Carol Paul 11:42:34
We ARE Winning in Maine!!! 08:10:50
Video- Rare, candid insight Brian Williams: "The world has no money, and the Emperor has no clothes." 00:54:27
Dylan nails the bankers again 00:56:44
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Make Phone calls for Rand Paul‏!! 23:47:27
Monsanto's illegitimate child: the superweed 23:29:11
Liberation Information 23:10:24
Obama's Economic Kiss of Death (Republicae) 22:37:52
Did Bankster's Crash the Stock Market to Send a Message to Congress? 22:35:09
Madness, Stock Market, Gold, Silver, VIX, Greece 22:07:38
Des Moines this weekend or bust 21:01:26
great article: 'Dispatch the War Department' (ie. standing army) by Becky Akers 20:47:07
Barry Cooper speech TX state capital in Austin 20:41:57
Forced abortions in america. Didnt hillery say she was against this? 20:13:11
"Cheap Tomatoes"... from a California school teacher regarding illegal immigration 19:38:08
another reason to hate our government 19:11:20
Former Ron Paul endorsee Rep. Tom McClintock, alleged libertarian, voted to extend Patriot Act 18:59:34
Why are terrorists so bad at making bombs? 18:56:53
Obama's $100M Budget Cut explained (1m:38sec) Even sheeple can understand this. 18:38:24
Holder: Constitutional rights for terrorist suspects may need limitations— even for citizens 18:03:54
Robert Wanek (nsanesk8er007) guest on Freedomizer Tonight 9pm Eastern 17:33:53
Letter to Senator Bob Bennett from Utah resident after Utah Republican primary loss 17:18:10
"A dire warning from Ron Paul" 16:35:26
Did Goldman Sachs short the Gulf Explosion? 16:26:44
Suburbs Now Have Largest Poor Population In U.S. 16:07:09
Audit the Fed: Who's the radical populist again? RON PAUL 15:40:32
EU Orders Brits to Bailout Euro! 15:38:45
Reflections And Warnings: An Interview With Aaron Russo 15:38:32
LA Times: Focus on Kentucky Senate Primary & Teaparty Power 15:26:30
CIA Officer Explains How Freedom Will Prevail in America 15:21:23
First-time NATO troops including U.S. march in Red Square in 'gesture of friendship' 14:41:51
Celebrate Mothers Day With Hemp On Planet Weed 14:10:48
Lawsuit to stop Greek bailout asserts it's a violation of German law 13:44:52
US Threatens Pakistan Over Times Square Bomb 13:31:40
If it's such a great idea, let's amend the Constitution! 13:25:41
Ron Paul: Dwells in ConspiracyLand, Says Reason Magazine Writer 13:04:56
Afghanistan war supplemental bill needs to be passed this month, Reid says 12:57:41
Nice USA Today Donor Comparison of Rand Paul and Trey Grayson 12:55:21
The Lexington Herald just endorsed Rand Paul for Senate! 12:52:44
A Soft Focus on War: How Hollywood hides the horrors of war 12:50:32
Reagan from the 50's 12:50:32
Dispatch the War Department: Becky Akers wants an end to the standing army 12:42:29
Bill Gates pays for ‘artificial’ clouds to beat greenhouse gases 12:37:47
More on Goldman-Sachs and the FED- 12:18:17
The War Of The World, Avatar and Police State 3 12:11:05
From Mrs. Carol Paul: A Mother's Day Gift 11:56:53
Immigration & The Imaginary Lines That Devide Countries - Radio Broadcast 9PM EST 11:37:19
Immigration & The Imaginary Lines That Devide Countries - Radio Broadcast 11:33:41
We Can't Inflate Our Way Out of the Debt Crisis ... So What CAN We Do? 10:32:13
Do you want to spend your life paying for the death of people executed by the US military? 10:31:18
It's a girl! 10:08:23
Happy Mothers Day to all the Liberty Moms 09:56:11
Maine GOP adopts Constitutional Platform!! 09:45:54
Mexico (South U.S.A) is for Mexicans!! You stole it, we are taking it back! 09:35:15
Feeling the hate in New York 09:15:53
Join This Facebook group! 09:13:50
CSPANJUNKIE - MoxNewsDotCom needs help! 08:34:41
Machete 2010 Sneak Preview - This Summer!!! 07:22:38
Words my mother told me... 06:51:17
Keiser Report 05/06/10 - Michael Kreigler on our 'de facto' gold standard 06:00:07
"Kanellos" the Greek Protest Dog 05:36:50
MoxNewsDotCom, CSPAN JUNKIE REVEALED! 05:11:20
Foreign troops join Red Square Victory Day parade-Prince Charles not allowed to attend. 03:54:02
Police Physically Assault We Are Change San Antonio 03:43:41
great article: 'Dispatch the War Department' by Becky Akers 03:08:24
Confessions Of A Wall St. Nihilist: Forget About Goldman Sachs, Our Entire Economy Is Built On Fraud 03:01:45
Was Yesterday’s Stock Market “Glitch” Really Big Banking Blackmail? 02:34:39
Time Is Running Out 02:28:46
Stock Market Crash 5/6/10 (Live Panic!) Incredible!! 02:27:08
Women's Marijuana Movement Launches in Denver 02:11:19
L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S. 01:56:55
Stop the FCC Power Grab of the Internet 01:35:20
Should cities make tasers illegal for police officers? 00:38:34
Do we have a candidate in the Colorado Senate Race? 00:36:59
Colbert's Alpha Dog of the Week: George Rekers 00:06:11