Posted on June 10, 2010

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POLL WATCH: Ron Paul for 2012, LEADS Obama 46% to 28%, Among Independents!!! 22:03:16
My Story 21:05:57
* Matisyahu- One Day (No More War) * 20:00:42
Doug Wead: Who to support? Ron or Rand? 18:51:26
YAL: Finding Candidates for Liberty - Winning Without Compromise 16:34:08
TED: How to Start a Movement 09:15:22
"BEST OF RON PAUL" DVD Coming Soon 01:23:37
Images: The Oil Spill as Seen from Space, and Wall Street 00:08:13
Bernanke "Puzzled" by Gold Rally 00:09:13
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POLL WATCH II 23:56:21
Daniel Ellsberg on Bradley Manning, and Obama 23:31:25
MUST VIEW: Peace Initiative- What Goes Around, Comes Around - Poster Campaign 22:51:42
Rand Paul: Media Is Trying To Not Just Destroy Me They Want To Destroy The Tea Party 22:51:17
Sheriff Richard Mack to speak in Springfield Missouri 22:40:46 Endorsed Candidate Needs Help! 22:39:13
US Soldier Speaks the Truth - War Crimes Exposed! 22:26:27
Hayworth hits McCain for fundraiser's Ponzi scheme 22:11:55
The Southern Avenger - The Biggest Earmark is Empire 21:55:04
BBC - Israel Mossad did 911 (the truth is out there) 21:31:57
15 minutes on the Mavi Marmara 21:22:41
Whites Are on Verge of Becoming a Minority Among Newborns in Long-Expected Shift 21:19:08
According to this, Ron Paul has been passed over for the Fed Empowerment Bill conference c'ee 20:11:21
Fox Paul BUMP in Ratings! 20:08:45
Israel Defense Force video hoax story a hoax ? 19:18:36
BP bringing in a new rig to burn the oil 19:10:27
scariest job chart ever just got scarier 19:08:13
Inflation/Deflation.. lets get our definition correct... 18:54:37
Student Shot by Cops for Smoking Marijuana 18:33:51
Nikki Haley and the New Racial Face of the South 18:30:36
Osama Found 18:11:45
Video : Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser tells U.S. Senate committee " Lead, follow, or get out of the way." 17:59:45
Israel Defense Force video of siege of ‘Mavi Marmara’ Hoaxed 17:57:23
The Teacher Cartel 17:53:37
Money Bomb for a Finnish libertarian 17:51:03
**This Sat** Ron Paul & Sarah Palin on Freedom Watch 17:43:56
Is BP trying to hide a global oil glut from the public? 17:21:50
Should Some People NOT Vote? 17:01:02
Current signs point to a quiet sun, despite stories on Drudge and elsewhere. 16:47:33
Have fun and stay authentic destroying the race card 16:27:34
Ratigan: Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) calls for criminal probe of BP in Gulf Oil Disaster 16:20:47
Colbert: "Israel should be for Israelis, if anything Palestinians should go back to where they came from" 16:07:55
Tim Adams Chief Elections Clerk exposes Obama Birth Certificate Scandal 16:01:08
Judicial Watch Sues FBI to Obtain the Late Senator Kennedy's FBI File 15:29:54
Fw: [912-PA] Proof Positive: Born in Kenya, Africa 15:27:35
Is Mattie Fein Really One of Us? 15:24:59
Lindsey Williams is on the Alex Jones show now talking about GOM Oil Spill 15:23:41
I'm looking for advice on buying silver. 15:13:22
Chinese farmer declares war on property developers with homemade wheelbarrow cannon 15:11:29
Carbon Tax Bill May Be Dead... 15:06:37
Republicans Target Underwater Homeowners 14:54:55
Dem PPP Poll, Obama 46%, Ron Paul 36%, 1% bigger spread than between Palin and Obama; Paul has hugest lead of all with indies 14:40:32
Schumer Raises on Fears of Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina 14:30:46
Gary Johnson - Marijuana Legalization 14:21:46
"Why do all US Politicians Support Israel" by John Spritzler 13:53:19
Financial Bill to Include Mortgage Restrictions-Like Borrower's Ability to Pay 13:26:06
James Fox Tells What's Really Going on in the Gulf – audio 13:19:49
A Wasteland Called Peace 13:19:14
Should the American Flag Be Banned -- in America? FOX NEWS POLL! 13:10:42
A Look Into The Future? 13:02:13
The dying music recording industry 12:57:52
Soros: We have just entered Act 2 of the financial collapse 12:37:58
Facebook *Share* button on DP? 12:34:59
Southern Avenger on Savage 12:33:08
"Alternative Currencies " - The New American 12:24:28
1,000s of UK Citizens Stopped and Searched Illegally 12:19:08
Israel’s Cult of Victimhood 12:06:36
As Israel Kills and Maims, Outrage is Directed at Helen Thomas 11:55:11
Publishing Company Under Fire for Putting Warning Label on Constitution 11:53:31
Monsanto? Chemtrails?? Oil??? WTF 11:34:11
Why Sue Lowden lost Nevada's GOP Senate primary 11:25:16
Upstart groups look to make mark at state GOP convention 11:19:53
Walter E Williams - Discrimination and Liberty 11:11:54
Flexians 11:05:30
Chairman of Goldman Sachs International Was - Until Last Year - Also Chairman of BP 11:01:41
USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil 10:58:34
E-mail from Ron Paul 10:29:59
Traitor Works GOP Machine into Tea Party Takeover - Buffalo NY Alert 10:19:49
Military Op & Media Blackout in Grand Isle, LA 10:11:03
New Rand Paul Video on Cavuto 10:03:59
Ridley Report- Coercion isn't the problem; *aggression* is the problem 09:49:26
RT- 'Sanctions laughable - Iran won't drop nuclear plans' 09:42:57
All of these "Tea Party" candidates are hurting us 09:19:58
Sen. Randy Brogdon for Governor of Oklahoma 09:18:19
BP chief Tony Hayward sold 1.4 million of shares, paid off his house weeks before oil spill 08:34:08
Bernanke Echoes Ron Paul: warns that Europe’s debt crisis holds lesson for America 06:53:10
While Obama Says "Deficits Don't Matter," Bernanke Knows Better 06:40:28
Will Rand Paul Ever Get A Fair Break From Media Misquotes? 06:27:22
A Philosophy Of Greed? 05:05:48
If States can nullify Federal law, can they nullify Federal taxes? 03:11:25
Gore's Useful Idiots Exposed 02:59:23
Sacramento DA office faces budget cuts 02:50:55
Bilderberg 2010: Don't call it a pow-wow! Great story 02:45:08
Helen Thomas - Go back to Poland and Germany... 01:24:58
Rand to be on Hannity (the TV show) later this week 00:28:35
A good start for cleaning the spill 00:21:37
Atlas Shrugged hour-long special on Beck next week 00:06:28