Posted on June 12, 2010

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Ron, Rand & Sarah Palin: Full Segment from Freedom Watch 13:54:27
Questions to the Ron Paul People... 13:27:04
The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture 12:18:06
Saudis Give Israel Clear Skies To Attack Iran & Russia Makes Strange Move 10:01:09
Daniel Ellsberg Says He Fears US Might Assassinate Wikileaks Founder 09:45:01
Excellent: An Interview with Glenn Greenwald 08:50:54
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BP got 48 Hours, any rational thoughts left? 23:43:34
NJ Governor Chris Christie may be the real deal! 23:12:51
The "Tax Mahal": A Shrine to Corporate Socialism 22:35:06
Cathy Adams and Robin Armstrong get the boot at the Texas GOP 22:31:36
Rand Paul on mountain top removal... 21:58:40
A great moment for liberty on this date: 21:57:07
Jesse Ventura & Oliver Stone SMACKDOWN Congressman Connie Mack! 21:26:14
Well casing below sea floor is damaged? 20:28:14
ROLLING STONE: Oil Spill is "the most devastating assault on American soil since 9/11." 20:08:12
Paul/Napolitano/Paul: 8 years each would make a 24 Year Presidential Dynasty! 20:05:49
We have to HELP those New Candidates! 19:57:47
∞ A picture says a thousand words 19:29:55
Daily Paulers... Its time to RAISE A LITTLE HELL! 18:57:35
How can we reach out to liberty loving Jews and Hebrews? 18:31:59
Chairman of Goldman Sachs Int’l Was – Until Last Year – Also Chairman of BP 17:34:44
Court Rules for Free Speech in Natural Products 17:33:18
If going to college or considering it, read this, II 15:44:23
Matt Simmons: On Dylan Ratigan - Oil could flow for 30 years 15:11:17
BP sponsors the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox crosstown classic... 14:28:10
Mossad agent arrested in Warsaw' 14:24:49
Paul reaches out to gun advocates in Senate race 14:10:47
Video: Saudi Arabia Approves Israeli Jets To Use Saudi Airspace To Bomb Iran! 13:49:48
David Cameron 9/11 ''Twin Towers blown up" 13:34:24
The FBI Knocked on My Door! 13:28:02
Man Buys Police Website After Speeding Ticket 13:24:01
More guns, less crime 12:58:09
Cap and Trade Con -The New American- 12:50:58
Overwhelming Number of Kids Drinks and Snacks Contain Lead 12:45:39
VIDEO: Austin Mother of Five Gets FBI Visit for Exercising First Amendment 12:21:36
Probolsky Research: Schiff best candidate positioned for victory against Blumenthal 12:07:19
"Got ID?" Is A Question Many More Businesses Will Be Asking Soon 12:02:27
EARTHQUAKE WARNING!! Must See!! 11:57:36
George Carlin's Greatest Moment 11:29:58
Freedom Watch - The Judge,Ron Paul And Sarah Palin 10:40:01
Someone still loves America 08:57:38
Charlie Dent, R-Pa., would enable government officials to revoke U.S. citizenship 08:51:54
Mixing Iron & Clay...a word of WARNING! 08:51:04
This guy got 60% of the vote! After listening to him, he already sounds leaps and bounds ahead of our current Senate. 08:50:40
Raft guide arrested after helping stranded rafter on Clear Creek 08:47:07
New entries in my BS->English Dictionary 07:27:27
Obama Admits Government Has a Monopoly on Violence 05:21:27
Lindsey Williams: 4 - 5 MILLION Gallons of Abiotic Oil Per Day.."Conservative" 04:27:20
US activists direct anger over Gaza at US Congress 04:09:18
Young girl questions statist on minimum wage 03:10:00
"Rand Paul of the West" - Market Watch 02:11:48
Zogby Poll: Progressives flunk basic econ. questions, libertarians excel 01:31:34
Those of you with metal detectors... 01:09:15
Daily Paul does NOT have a wikipedia article 00:53:59