Posted on June 16, 2010

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Why Did Fed Advocate #1 Mel Watt (And 7 Others) Hold A Fundraiser Within 48 Hours Of The House FinReg Vote? - ZeroHedge 20:38:40
Breaking: Senate Accepts Expanded Fed Audit - Or Not (?!?) 21:50:31
I've been noticing a distinct change in Jon Stewart 17:17:25
Dr. Ron Paul 2012! - Dr. Ron Paul Tribute! 15:11:21
My Favorite Ron Paul Video 11:13:22
New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet 09:34:22
FT: Price increases fuel fears of food ‘crises’ 03:46:18
Video: Ron Paul on CNBC's Street Signs - June 15, 2010 17:42:51
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Was Woodrow Wilson the worst President Ever? 23:53:33
FDA: 'Female Viagra' falls short 23:41:06
IRS attacks Northern Idaho freedom proponent, Rep. Phil Hart 22:48:25
Oh oh, British pensioners will pick up the bill for compensation fund 21:43:10
Book of, The Revelation of John 20:50:12
MP3 Chris Matthew's msnbc hit piece on tea parties and patriots - Hardball 20:37:34
VIDEO HERE : I just watched the MSNBC Rise Of The New Right! Thoughts and comments here. 20:32:57
National Association for the Advancement of Non-Hyphenated Americans. 20:29:38
A List Of Federal Government Incompetencies 20:25:30
Peter Schiff LIVE Internet radio program on now! 20:08:22
Ron Insana Has a Message for "For My Friends over at" Update 19:37:26
Rand Paul Radio Interviews 6/16 18:44:50
This in from Crist and Rubio in dead heat for the Republican nomination for Governor 18:43:52
Simmons Says Nuclear Device Only Option to Stop Oil Leak: Video 18:43:11
President Carter draws Israel/Palestine picture 18:29:26
Show your support for our second amendment and maybe win a gun! 18:13:59
video: Ron Paul defends Obama on BP; defends self on horrific crime of owning gold..... 18:05:05
Judge guest hosting Beck today..on right now 17:17:41
91 Banks Miss TARP Payments ... 16:41:30
Small People Upset 16:37:29
School Kids Chant: "I Am An Obama Scholar" 16:11:15
North Korean Soccer Fans Are Actually Chinese "Volunteers" 16:01:46
What public schools are prohibiting 15:48:36
Authorities Close Part Of Arizona To U.S. Citizens! "U.S. Gives Land Back To Mexico" 15:18:05
You'll never guess what Obama saw at Gulf 15:09:52
Heckler & Koch SR9 - 1984 Serial Number 14:47:52
Hilarious BJ Lawson ad 14:37:44
The Daily Show - "Respect My Authoritah" 14:30:23
Seattle Cop PUNCHES woman in the face.. ABC News VIDEO 14:26:17
Get your whooping out of my tetanus 14:02:31
Can Anyone Confirm This? (Oil Spill Question) -Updated- 13:39:18
Exposing the dirt of Afghan minerals 13:25:16
Rand Paul’s Stand on Board is one to be Proud of 13:25:15
Media Lapdogs Take Beating in New Poll 13:14:39
NAFTA Superhighway plans for New Orleans 13:13:08
Newest Plan From BP: Burn Baby Burn & Cough-up $20B! 11:57:59
Exclusive Footage from Chicago Terror Drill 11:44:05
16 Burning Questions About The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill 11:44:01
Can you place a police officer under "Citizens Arrest"? 11:30:20
Laughter is good medicine. Here is today's dose. 10:54:36
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac To Delist NYSE Shares 10:52:26
IDEA! hit up the Guggenheim with great Ron Paul youtubes!!! 10:36:26
Can Anyone Connect the Dots? BP, Kerry, Lindsay, Obama...Cap and Trade? 10:35:27
Video: Hardball Attacks the "New Right!" 10:31:05
The Oil Spill - photos from China. 10:28:07
MoxNews- Expert Analysis Of Video In Which Cop Punches Teen Girl In Face For Jaywalking 10:24:09
NH Fires First Shot Of Civil War - Resolution Immediately Voids Several Federal Laws... 10:16:45
MoxNews- Authorities Close Part Of Arizona To U.S. Citizens! "U.S. Gives Land Back To Mexico" 10:16:40
Locally grown and processed meat on the rise 10:07:51
Fed could emerge intact from Wall Street reform debate 09:50:50
Southern Avenger - The Biggest Earmark: Empire 08:55:17
Send T-Shirt Slogans to 08:30:20
RP in 2012 or I'm Going Galt 07:19:51
'Free Marc' Activist Assaulted by Police at Justice Minister's Office 04:20:14
Jon Stewart-2010.06.15.Tuesday Show- RIPS into oBUSHma for his HYPOCRISY 02:41:26
6/16 3 PM/ 1500 Eastern, RFID technology conference call 02:33:14
Gerald Celente on the Lew Rockwell show 02:32:58
Ron Paul Endorses Mike Lee for Senate (UT) 02:24:16
DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office!!!! 02:15:52
BlackWater WATCH: Where is the World is Erik Prince? 02:12:22
FalseFLAG Watch: SB1070 & Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy- FRAUDULENT SHOOTING 01:52:20
Obama Gives Part of Arizona to Mexicans 01:35:15
RAND PAUL Watch: Politico - Rand Paul's Ophthalmological Crusade 01:15:03
HR1207 UPDATE: Reuters-FED Dodges the Bullet 01:02:06