Posted on June 17, 2010

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Judge Napolitano on BP Oil Spill & Obama 20:31:16
Showdown: DOJ to Sue Arizona Over Immigration Law 20:31:05
BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion 18:54:41
Tech Altert: IBM's Watson 17:41:06
Western CPAC 2010 Poll - Vote NOW! 20:17:15
Video: Matt Simons Says The Flow Rate is now 120,000 barrels of oil per day! 16:18:02
Time to Make A Strategic/Tactical Adjustment in our Movement?? 21:28:49
72% of GOP Voters Say Republicans In Congress Out of Touch With Their Base 11:52:51
Ron Paul on The Sustainable Defense Task Force: Cut the Military Budget 11:15:55
Jon Stewart on 40 Years of Federal Government Ineptitude 10:47:01
Help A Liberty Blog Become Permanent in a Big Newspaper 10:32:03
Gold Spike and Jobless Claims Spike 10:21:26
Dems Flirt with Backing Crist 08:58:58
VIDEO: Ron Paul at Conference Committee - The American People Strongly Support HR 1207. Audit the Fed! 20:31:17
The Psychopathic Criminal Enterprise Called America 08:58:59
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CBS: Cop Caught Flashing Lights, Speeding To Get To Dunkin Donuts 23:47:29
r3VOLution WATCH: WaPo - They [Ron Paul People] are starting to TAKE OVER the Republican Party! 23:31:17
Ron Paul NEWS WATCH: The Hill- Agree or Disagree, "Ron Paul IS the REAL DEAL!" 23:21:04
How to clean-up the oil: The free market way 22:33:09
A Suggested Survival List 22:30:21
End the Fed Song 22:15:35
Video Converter. Convert MP3 from videos. 22:02:47
Cassidy Introduces Gulf Coast Jobs Preservation Act 21:24:05
The Southern Avenger: Alvin Greene's Dumb Party 21:06:50
Video: Nuclear option successfully used to close a well in past 21:00:56
Ellen Paul Makes History in Florida 20:53:50
Tim Turner and Elders file a "Lis Pendens" in the Hague Court against the British Crown! 20:22:55
Shut Down the Federal Reserve? 20:22:54
Local Candidates Need Your Support! 20:14:57
Lieberman's plan to shut down the Internet... 20:11:16
So...why doesn't Sarah Palin want to legalize pot? 20:10:30
Alan Watt: The Matrix In Which We Live 19:25:08
Lost Tribe~Are Israel’s battles costing the country its soul? IDF officer speaks 18:47:07
Knowledge, Truth and Human Action: America Hits the Wall 18:38:57
"A Zionist State of Mind, A Dreamscape Of Ghosts: One Jew's Hard Awakening" 18:14:15
The Neomarxist who is helping to influence Obama’s media policy 18:07:47
So when's the tax revolt happening? 18:05:44
(Nanny)Gov't urges industry to make window blinds safer 17:40:45
US Senate candidate Clint Didier claims health reform bill purchases 3,000 shotguns for IRS 17:39:58
Keiser Report: Economic Warfare 101 17:35:01
Warning: The Constitution Can be Hazardous to Children! 17:31:00
SC State GOP Trying to 'Torpedo' Nikki Haley 17:21:36
CSPAN, Financial amendments and debate going on now 17:20:27
Joe Barton Retracts Apology to BP & "Shakedown" Statement 17:10:23
Utah to execute condemned killer by firing squad 16:47:56
Most Americans support Arizona immigration law 16:44:49
BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion? 16:43:55
Alan Watt: Sheeple Obedience To Authority... 16:25:33
2012: End of the world debunked... Sorry, doomers! 16:20:09
Arkansas: Boozman 61%, Lincoln 32% 15:52:43
Update: Schiff appearance cancelled, Ron Paul will debate Insana 15:46:15
DOJ: Nearly 500 arrests in mortgage fraud probe 15:32:59
Drudge Report now linking to Is this a first? 15:00:13
Rachel Corrie's spirit spreads beyond Judeo - Christian - Muslim world. 14:46:51
Wall Street circuit breakers... 14:43:24
The Monsanto - Nalco (Corexit) Connection -- Director & CFO of both! 13:43:14
Nice little video exposing MSNBC's hypocrisy 13:39:15
IPCC insider says consensus on climate change was phoney! 13:36:01
The move on gold was contained in the Health Care Bill 13:28:35
URGENT! - Glen Bradley (Ron Paul Republican) needs your help! 12:45:19
Former Pot-Smoker Palin Doesn't Support Legalization 12:38:27
Gold may break record today...$1254.00 ounce! 12:20:44
WashPo: Tea partyers push back against 'The Rise of the New Right' with boycott 11:35:41
Fire BP, Remove Them From the Crime Scene 11:24:43
Rash of video footage incriminates lawmakers, police 11:22:49
Texas lawmaker accuses White House of BP shakedown 11:15:42
Obama Goes Bobby Jindal/Mr. Rogers 10:47:10
Audit The Fed is Dead! 10:46:53
Why the Tea Party is still around by Playboy 09:35:30
You are a Government Slave 09:27:59
4409- Paranoid Pirate asking for my Papers 09:18:33
BP spill could be government plot, candidate says 08:42:48
Israel 'easing' Gaza land blockade, sea routes closed 07:58:22
HitPiece WATCH: It's Begun, Following MSNBC.Rise of the NewRight, SCRIBES in FULL PROPAGANDA Mode 04:54:31
Actually COOL Green Design: a Custom Malibu Home, built from a DeCommissioned Boeing 747 04:42:46
Jon Stewart WATCH: 6/16/2010-EIGHT Presidential LIES & HYPOCRISIES of Energy Independence 04:33:41
"First, China. Next: the Great Firewall of... Australia?" 03:38:27
Predictions of Nostradamus on CoasttoCoast 01:36:52
McCain WATCH: Mr.AMNESTY himself wants to secure the Borders, now, with Babeu, no less. 01:34:22
Legislators OK ongoing Fed audit Senate seeks to only allow investors with a 5% stake nominate board directors 00:56:46
The Recovery of Stolen Roads - by Jim Davies 00:42:49