Posted on June 18, 2010

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Jim Rickards: Why BP Will Not Survive 17:40:42
Libertarian candidate SNITKER excluded - crashes Florida media event! 12:38:51
How to Brainwash a Nation (1985 Video - Ex-KGB explains four stage process) 11:43:56
Ron Paul Endorses Tom Mullen’s: A Return to Common Sense… 11:19:16
End the Fed song - James Cobb 10:37:58
Corporate atrocities against nature may ultimately destroy human civilization 10:51:05
Please Contribute to My Valley Forge Money Bomb THIS Saturday June 19th 10:45:43
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Glenn Beck says he is more like Ron Paul than Sarah Palin 23:44:15
Doctors Rise to Rand's Defense 23:32:55
Rand Paul: "How Not to Handle a Crisis" 23:28:08
We can't win hearts and minds if all we do is post on the DP 23:19:01
Talk of Double-Dip Recession No Longer Crazy? 23:04:54
Senate fails to spare doctors from 21% Medicare cuts 22:49:36
Secrets of Living an Income Tax-Free Life 22:46:11
Ron Paul Featured on Barney Frank's Website? Yes! 22:27:46
Israel WATCH: IDF WANTS to RECRUIT American Jews, for their Cause 22:07:47
Please read: Libertarian volunteers in Kyrgystan working for peace and freedom in civil war. 21:27:51
Schiff ballot access in question. 21:22:50
Drudge showing off the possible new world currency 20:12:29
Meet Your STRAWMAN 20:06:30
(vid) Lou Dobbs on Stossel: free trade debate 19:51:12
CDC Mandatory Vaccine Schedule - 1983 vs 2008 19:45:04
(vid) Milton Friedman on overpopulation 19:37:21
The Similarities Between the Mothers of Serial Killers and Government Cheerleaders 19:37:03
New Patriots Weekend Learning Pleasure - Your Banking System 19:26:59
Karma 19:24:32
We need congressional oversite of the vuvuzela... 19:19:25
(vid) Milton Friedman: The Robin Hood Myth 19:07:17
Federal Agents Harass and Intimidate Congressional Candidate Charles Black for 40 mins. 18:58:44
How to plug the oil leak & other funny junk 18:55:28
Ray Stevens - Throw the Bums Out 18:41:22
Consumer price index 'inflation report' shows deflation. 18:37:25
Top of Drudge: Medvedev Pushes Ruble Reserve Currency to Cut Dollar Dominance 18:22:21
Inflation lesson on Duck Tales! 18:05:08
Meet Your Strawman! - Animated Short 17:59:34
United Breaks Guitars over 8.5 million views 17:40:06
UPDATED: What do you know about a "Self Directed IRA"? 17:25:25
National gurad training for riot control, mass detentions......with pics 17:21:09
A Plea on behalf of RJ, Oklahoma, and our movement. 17:20:09
FOX: John Stossel - The Drug Wars - Police Drug Raid Madness - 17:19:14
end the mandate got alot of support but doesnt pass. 17:13:20
Who like the new "End the Fed" song by James Cobb? 17:08:26
Can someone please school me on Trusts? 17:00:38
NRA WATCH: WHY the NRA, is NOT who many of us think they are 16:57:37
Hayward relieved and gets bumped at BP.....He has been demoted 16:56:00
Dear Liberty Lovers: Why Justin Amash Should Be A Priority 16:55:35
is auditing the fed a lost cause at this point. 16:55:09
GOP guidelines issued for dealing with videographers 16:54:03
Hayward relieved and gets bumped at BP.....He has been demoted 16:36:02
James Fox talks about the BP coverup 16:16:48
Rand Paul rival raises in NYC 16:03:11
Video: We're the Government -- and You're Not 15:35:18
6/17: Rand Paul radio interview talking about the Certification Issue 15:26:39
A Ron Paul Volunteer Explains How To Dodge The Census 15:23:51
Good article on debt 15:18:06
Ron Paul Endorses A Return to Common Sense! 15:17:29
Could BP be guilty of fraud? 14:57:41
Supposed Kenyan Birth Certificate Finally Surfaces (Debunked?) 14:47:06
Vicious Attack on Ron Paul 14:41:11
"360 Rotational Fire": A Call to Rep. Obey to Halt War Funding Until Investigation 14:29:44
NRA's Self-Serving Deal on H.R. 5175--from Campaign for Liberty 14:16:57
Is China Secretly Stealth-Buying Gold? 14:15:23
BP's Hayward is relieved of managerial duties 14:08:35
60 human heads discovered at Arkansas airport 13:37:57
Rand Paul Not Board Certified? Kelly Paul Clears The Air 13:30:52
If you had boatloads of cash, what would you do with it? 12:45:27
WLeak: Immediate Evacuation to be ordered for Gulf Coast 12:04:56
Proof some folks are just plain dumb 11:59:41
America Awakens?...Riot in Los Angeles 11:25:45
I told you before...and it is Coming $$$$ VIX 11:02:43
Stop the BP Bailout! (petition) 10:30:51
Confession, Apology, Explanation and Question for any Mod 10:10:41
GOLD June 18th: 1263.50US$... 09:56:25
I see it all UNRAVELING...and I am encouraged! 09:23:37
New Freemont, NE Bill could require a license to "rent" 09:08:01
Internet 'Kill Switch' Would Give President Power To Shut Down The Web- Huff Post 08:54:31
Gulf oil full of methane, adding new concerns 08:43:14
WOW Gold 08:13:44
Orthodox Jews Protest Zionist Irsael's Desecration of 2000 yr old Jewish Graves 06:04:36
False Flag Warning 04:19:26
The World Is Not Ending 04:18:47
Was Jesus the original socialist? 04:12:13
Female Republican opponent wants answers after Congressman's assault on schoolboy 03:35:38
9 Reasons ...Spain is SOL - not sun ;) 03:27:32
Ron Paul: Leading the Great Independent Masses? 03:16:25
Just off the wire: 01:53:37
NIA Releases 2010 U.S. Inflation Report 01:44:26
Storm Heading for the Antilles (I think thats what they're called) 01:19:47
Guess who holds patent for carbon trading plan 00:31:05
The Lakers win and L.A. is freaking out! Bread & Circuses Win Again!! 00:30:17
Adams Co. To Charge Students To Ride Bus and take RFID chip 00:01:10