Posted on June 19, 2010

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FCC Moves to Regulate the Internet...Senate Bill Would Claim Entire Internet as US 'Asset' 11:55:31
Valley Forge Money Bomb Today - RJ Harris 00:59:11
Weekend Watching: The Hero With 1,000 Faces 00:59:12
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Crooked Little Hearts - Douglas Wilson 6/19/10 23:32:07
State of Emergency called in Chester, PA: Too many murders 22:23:58
Funraiser Raffle for AR-15 Only 10 a chance! 20:52:47
IPCC insider: The IPCC consensus on climate change was a LIE! 17:48:19
Greenwald: The Strange Case of Manning & WikiLeaks 17:24:19
Jim Rogers is long the Euro?? 17:23:31
We need an online DP family reunion !!! 17:08:59
What is going to happen to real estate prices? 17:07:51
Armada of U.S. and Israeli Warships Head for Iran 17:07:28
As oil spews in Gulf, BP chief at UK yacht race 17:03:10
White House criticizes BP CEO over yacht race, while O & Biden play golf! 16:58:22
This is HOW you do it! 16:34:35
M.I.A. Ginger genocide music video. Whats the political statement? 15:59:36
A Book that Changes Everything 15:36:44
Way off topic question for Texas 15:05:07
Mahar Arar case, our latest step toward fascism 15:04:48
Glenn Beck Says More Like Ron Paul Than Sarah Palin *Edited* 14:46:17
Video: Glenn Beck on Freedom Watch - 6/19/2010 14:17:31
Memo to the Victims: You Yourselves Will Pay for the Crimes of the Ruling Class 13:47:05
Weekend Movie: Secrecy 13:44:32
China To Let Currency (RMB) Rise 13:40:02
Life in the Shadow of Death, and the Power of "No" 13:38:35
Video: "You Have NO RIGHTS" 13:32:41
U.S. cracks down on farmers who hire kids 13:30:30
New Glenn Greenwald interview 13:02:37
Send Troops, Or Else We'll Do It 12:42:39
Chinese central bank has announced it will seek a flexible yuan 12:34:49
Disaster capitalists: Halliburton to make money off oil spill 12:27:36
Weekend Watch: RP rEVOLution voices from Germany 12:25:04
For all of the conspiracy people.....(and non) 12:20:50
Use or lose it: AZ gets $400k from Fed to build bridges,..for squirrels! 12:12:12
Karl Rove runs for the hills. 12:05:16
Video: Value Added Tax (VAT) 12:04:30
Michigan CFL Activist Action Letter 11:48:49
China Signals End to Low Yuan Before G-20 Meeting 11:39:08
"Carbon Tax" to double ALL your energy costs. Voting July 4th!!!! 11:22:56
As oil spews in Gulf, BP chief at UK yacht race 11:20:07
Helicopters 11:07:43
Blackwater gets $120,000,000 contract to provide security in Afghanistan! 11:06:07
Are Foreign Lives of Equal Worth to Ours? 10:54:37
* Self-Regulation in the Corporate State: The BP Spill 10:48:38
They found the birth certificate 10:40:27
FINALLY! Restore America Plan News!!! 10:14:57
The BP Oil Spill and the NWO Agenda 10:12:34
Ridley Report- NH: Ron Paul Republican runs for state house 09:32:05
We want to stop Obamacare and we want to stop it now. 09:29:02
Baby stealers get a pass: 'Child Protective Services' workers exempt from Arizona's immigration law 08:14:02
Wyo Liberty event: live on line, today (June 19, 2010) 08:01:56
Really? Was it a SHAKEDOWN? Would YOU guys have apologized??? 04:13:21
BOOK REVIEW REQUEST ...Anyone read ... "George Washington's Sacred Fire" ? 03:56:15
A creative, different way to fundraise for yourself & your liberty candidate 03:11:00
Congressman says Obama birthplace 'not in Hawaii' Video! 03:08:22
U.S. Testing Pain Ray in Afghanistan 02:11:53
(vid) Milton Friedman: socialism is force 01:21:05