Posted on June 2, 2010

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Daily Paul Site Tweaks; Night Owls Take Note 15:45:32
MoxNews- It's Nineteen Killed NOT Nine! 13:04:55
"Business Insider" Vindicates Ludwig von Mises 11:31:29
Dr. Ron Paul on FOX Biz June 2 09:51:42
Anti-incumbency takes down another Congressman 09:30:42
Disaster: BP Oil Leak May Last Until Christmas 08:56:43
Michael Badnarik gives a big dose of the truth to the Libertarian Party 11:01:30
Glenn Greenwald Destroys MSNBC's Israeli Lapdog Apologist 21:20:10
John Dennis: Let's finish what we started - and take it to Pelosi... 14:31:41
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Candidate questions and our best thought of ways to answer them. 23:39:26
Tomorrow conference call with Israel’s Minister of Public Affairs 23:26:21
VIDEO : Holy Cow British news caster rips into Israeli Government Spokesman on Flotilla attack! 23:17:39
~HOLY CRAP!!! President BARRY was HECKLED HARD on Memorial DAY.. WATCH!~ 23:12:40
Politicians Lie because we Abdicate Self-Rule 23:00:54
New Message from BJ! 22:54:06
VIDEO : Turkey urges UN to punish Israel for raid on Gaza Flotilla 22:44:50
School Sucks Podcast 22:26:18
Video: Excellent RP video on healthcare - Kaiser Foundation 22:14:00
Bilderberg exposed to European Parliament by investigative journalist 22:00:28
The Gulf Hydrothermal Vent Spill thingy... 21:53:15
Interesting Japan PM and German President Both SACK themselves. 21:49:57
Obama using flotilla fiasco to blackmail Israel? 21:39:03
Our "Catch-22" Monetary System...There is No Way Out 21:25:04
Man Wins $1.5 Million in Court Case Over Profane/Racist Debt Collection Calls 20:20:39
Kucinich wants Obama to 'call Israel to an accounting' 19:51:47
Anyone want a nice booklet of the US Constitution? 19:42:26
Bill Gates invests in algae fuel 19:31:08
Racism in Israel Against Sephardic Jews 19:13:03
Daniel Estulin followup on Bilderberg, Video from Parliament! 19:11:38
Video: Peter Schiff on Face the State 18:30:09
Study: 2008 Crash Cost Each U.S. Household $104,350 18:07:27
Cash is the only place to put your money if you're fearful. 18:07:24
Evergreen Air and a Secret Chemtrail Facility 17:14:58
U.S. Mint Suspends Production of Gold and Silver Eagles 16:54:19
This crew repels pirates and are heroes.... 16:42:21
A new "Town Hall"; Krisanne Hall 16:26:47
Israeli MP's Night of Terror on Aid Ship 16:14:26
GOP chairman Jim Greer was arrested this morning and charged on six felony counts 15:58:38
Gulf spill is starting to seep into hard-fought political campaigns 15:54:35
Debate in GA 4th district to be segregated! 15:52:59
Peter Schiff looking for petitioners 15:45:17
Our sky is totally covered in fake white lines.. just shot this video we are getting SPRAYED! 15:40:25
Norm Finkelstein: Israel Now a "Lunatic State," Withholding Names of Dead 15:38:20
AP News Break: Feds approve new Gulf oil well off La 15:20:48
Jeffrey Cheney Triumphs In IC Vote; GOP Insider Labriola Trounced 15:06:21
New Message From Peter Schiff! 14:49:46
It is ILLEGAL in America to be moral, and I can prove it. 14:46:07
Gallup Poll shows largest Republican lead ever 14:43:35
Proposed Joint Resolution No.666 Supporting Israel 14:31:00
The Dollar Bubble 14:24:42
Dem Senate candidate mum on inviting Obama to Kentucky 14:22:33
Hamas seeks cheap political points at cost of its own people! 14:21:21
8th state to feds: Step away from our guns 14:05:08
21 year old American female art student shot in face with tear gas cannister, loses eye 14:01:30
Paid Gig: Artist Needed to Produce Production Logo/Vanity Shot for Film Studio 13:29:39
My Right To Work ? 13:28:54
Mass Tea Party Attack! 13:28:33
Newsweek says maybe killing terrorists doesn't end terrorism 12:51:07
"Oh Palestine" - A song dedicated to Palestine from an IVAW 12:43:46
Foundations of Freedom The education and solutions you have been looking for. 12:43:01
RT- NY Raid Rage: Immortal Technique joins crowds in march for Gaza 12:33:09
OMG. Cops kill a 67 year old woman protecting man from census worker. 12:32:48
About 2,300 running for Congress, most in decades 12:25:57
A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a "Failed State" 12:22:37
New Delia Lopez e-mail message! 12:13:10
Israeli ambassador compares flotilla raid to Second World War 11:44:05
Oil Spill Clean Up - the simple solution free market principles 11:30:24
Iran To Dump 45 Billion Euros For Gold Bullion & Dollars 10:50:39
Barney Frank: 'As A Jew' I'm 'Ashamed' Over Treatment Of Palestinians 10:14:10
Ron Paul on Fox Business, live at 10am EST 10:05:54
Is Alex Jones our spokesman? 09:56:07
RT- Alex Jones: Bilderberg used us as engine for 'covert empire', but people wake up! 09:51:54
Israel- "If ANY Other Nation Had Done This We'd Be Up In Arms!" Helen Thomas 09:47:30
Walter E Williams – Discrimination and Liberty 09:33:11
Groups Urge FCC to Monitor ‘Hate Speech’ 08:49:05
Israel to expel all activists by day's end 08:45:57
Goldman Sachs sold 44% of its BP Stock, Three weeks before the Oil Rig disaster. 08:35:11
Rand Paul Survives Smear Campaign To Maintain Healthy Lead Over Conway 07:28:48
John Stossel: Fight Bigotry Without Government 07:10:04
Which one is the REAL NV Tea Party Candidate? 04:05:53
great song for all neo cons: "your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore" John Prine 01:31:14
St. Louis Beacon: Libertarian Party Votes to Stay True To Its Past 01:26:24
Paul Craig Roberts: 'AIPAC purchases US elections' 00:40:05
Bilderberg 2010 Agenda Leaked 00:08:28
Gaza Aid Convoy Attack: Israel’s Murderous Sea Piracy a Horrendous Moment of Truth for US Policy 00:01:33