Posted on June 20, 2010

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Dr. Ron Paul interview on 14:19:04
Dr. Ron Paul: The Trouble With Washington 13:38:09
Liberty's Auction For Action! Alternate Liberty Flag Design - Ends Monday 00:14:49
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Ron Paul, Keynote Speaker at ... Metals e-Conference Sept 12-13, 2010 23:55:34
Feedback from Liberty Candidates, please 23:47:38
Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House 23:29:48
Want to see a local currency in action? 23:27:28
FDA ignores court decision? 23:14:47
Remember "Operation Blackjack"? The story starts tomorrow 22:36:18
Need Information on MISSOURI I have a Job Offer 22:20:06
21 Years later, Alaska still hasn't recovered from 11 million gallons---article 21:34:30
Fox News Sunday 6/20/10: Actress Janine Turner of Constituting America..Is She for Real? 21:23:18
Elections official hits TV to affirm no Hawaii birth, NEW VIDEO 20:41:08
Alert! Russia and China are Seriously Talking about a Post Dollar World... Are you? 20:02:55
Is this a way to stop the deflationary crash and restore sound banking all at once? 19:43:28
100k Barrels/day: New Internal BP Document Est. Flow Rate 19:39:03
RP on Lew Rockwell show 18:52:43
The Unlimited Blessings of Limited Government 18:30:59
Internet Monitoring Needed to Fight Homegrown Terrorism 18:26:39
Action Alert: HR5175 "The DISCLOSE Act" 18:21:10
RT- World Cup: Is football (soccer) more popular than politics? 18:16:18
THIS COULD BE HUGE! Has anyone else seen this? 18:10:29
Ron Paul straight talk- No Taxpayer Bailouts or Liability Caps for BP 18:03:53
The Best Reason to Impeach Obama: Assassination of Americans 17:42:11
I am embarrassed to say 17:18:09
We just got the Republican LIBERTY Caucus endorsment today! 15:34:53
Nevermind, the flotilla incident, the real human rights crisis is Israel's slave army! 15:32:40
(mp3) John Dennis awesome interview on Antiwar Radio! 15:28:20
American Military Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan Now Exceed 500,000 14:52:39
Obama to Senator Kyl: The problem with securing the border 14:52:26
And You Think Arizona is Not at WAR? 14:33:35
6 million People Viewed This Ad 14:32:55
Chuck Baldwin : Masculine Leadership Needed Now More Than Ever 14:22:05
George Carlin: We Like War 14:08:11
War for Resources 13:41:33
"When They Find Out, They Will Burn This Place Down" 12:40:32
Upcoming Kagan Confirmation Hearings 12:27:00
Happy Father's Day! (there are STICKS in my yard!) 12:13:09
Obama watches Strasburg set record, White Sox win, Wave go by 12:06:31
Liberty Music: Poker Face 11:51:17
Happy Fathers Day! 11:49:10
Statement on Wikileaks 11:47:38
U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker speaking at the Orlando Tea Party 10:52:37
Please help! Get Sheriff Mack on the agenda at upcoming Texas Sheriff's Conference 10:44:08
What's up with the DP ad glorifying Beck, Hannity, OReilly... 10:24:07
Rubicon 09:52:45
Obama spill panel big on policy, not engineering 08:45:41
FREE GAME FOR Dads DAY!! (and for the rest of you)>> The Road To Revolution!! 06:15:35
A note of appreciation from the Elite 03:55:34
Obama sheltered BP's Deepwater Horizon 02:51:35
The Federal Reserve Warns About The Dangers Of The... Federal Reserve 02:15:29
Paul Craig Roberts on K-Talk Radio (AM630, KTKK) Utah Monday 2PM 01:52:39
Happy Fathers Day ! To all of the fathers standing up for "Liberty" 01:42:32
Nearly One Million US Workers Cut Off Unemployment Benefits 00:53:03
Let's get Michael Nystrom on Freedom Watch! 00:18:33
CNN / Larry King Gulf of Mexico Telethon Monday 00:14:49