Posted on June 23, 2010

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YouTube Wins Landmark Copyright Case 22:06:39
Rep. Paul Casts Sole ‘No’ Vote on Oil Spill Subpoena Power 19:28:03
Obama Replaces McChrystal with Petraeus 13:40:18
Generation Monsanto 12:21:39
Iran BP and the CIA 12:14:27
New Home Sales Plunge 33% to Record Low as Federal Bribes Expire 11:03:48
Sen. DeMint: Defender of the Internet 06:49:21
Washington Post: Oil Spill Worst Case Scenario Gets Worse Every Day 00:03:51
Dr. Ron Paul Interviews on CNN & FOX Business 6/22/10 11:04:48
Rolling Stone: The Runaway General 00:03:37
Alan Grayson on the War Is Making You Poor Act - H.R. 5353 - Part 2 21:50:37
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MSNBC: Legalize Marijuana & Solve Many Immigration Issues 23:48:43
Conspiracy theories and misinformation put to rest... 22:50:21
Colbert: Rand Paul Inspired Me To Exercise My Right To Call Myself An Ophthalmologist (VIDEO) 22:46:45
JD Hayworth Campaign Implodes 21:49:52
Oil Leak Theory - Had to Share 21:49:51
Help Alexander Snitker Be Included in Polls 21:31:04
Could I possibly get a bit of help on a paper for school? 21:16:15
Mexico to join lawsuit against AZ declaring it is unconstitutional!!! 20:12:15
How to track Ron Paul iPhone App progress 20:07:48
Gulf Coast - A Way of LIfe In Peril 19:57:15
Financial Reform Negotiations in Final Stages 19:42:28
Pearl Harbor: The Seeds and Fruits of Infamy 19:12:37
Hopefully the last OIL Spill Post. Everything should be posted here. This will save forum space. 19:00:38
Rand Paul holds small dollar fundraiser tonight in DC for grass roots 18:44:28
Funny Video On Canadian Health Care 18:40:57
Author Discusses Latest Book, OBAMA: Frontman for GLOBALISM 18:37:49
A PLAGUE Upon The World: The USA is a “FAILED STATE” 18:18:58
I had a census worker break into my house today. 17:36:12
Fed strikes more cautious tone on US recovery 17:02:29
Bernie De Castro (C) Stands Up For Americans In Strong Bid For U.S Senate Seat In Florida 16:35:55
Are you a Ron Paul constituent? 16:27:22
Fed softens economy view as it renews low-rate vow 16:26:43
President Obama Relieves McChrystal Over Critical Remarks, Names Petraeus as Replacement 16:25:04
Listening for the sound of God at the Large Hadron Collider 16:09:38
Black SC Republican Poised to go to Congress 15:52:49
Has anyone else noticed this about 15:34:19
Chancellor George Osborne unleashes Emergency Budget 15:00:50
Congress: Arrest Mr. Obama 14:31:56
Amnesty by Executive Order 14:30:03
Do You Remember? 14:22:23
WAR! 14:12:02
James Madison Poem 14:08:57
Florida Cong. Alan Grayson talks vampires, whores and Satan 13:45:57
Ron Paul calls $20 billion BP escrow fund a 'PR stunt,' 'suspicious' 13:40:02
What Would A Constitutional Military Look Like? 13:22:38
Why would a Casino need stimulus money 13:20:18
The Fate of the Internet. Decided in a Back Room. 13:15:22
Have you thought about the possibility that the "Times Square Bomber" case doesn't add up? 13:10:43
Riots Triggered in Iraq by Power Failures 13:07:42
Libertarian Leads Online Florida Newspaper Poll for U.S. Senate Seat 12:58:51
Supreme Court defer GMO Alfalfa decision to USDA 12:41:03
UK: Remains of 72 more 911 victims found at WTC site 12:40:41
ROV ran into the BP WELL CAP and broke it OFF! 12:37:42
WashPo: Congressional investigation shows US tax $ goes to Taliban 12:17:38
US Giving Land to Mexico - DHS Invades Your Privacy 11:47:56
You have got to see this....The FED has a Comic Book? INFLATION! 11:46:02
Judge Who Overturned Drilling Moratorium Had Oil Investments; US Plans New Ban 11:36:16
It begins: NY Times Starts Pushing Jeb 11:25:02
Not raining oil but it is raining something : Video proof here of the effects of what it is really raining 11:24:16
On Your Marx, Neoliberalism on the rocks 11:13:30
Texas - Rick Perry Deadlocked for Re-election with Bill White 11:04:32
Open Letter to Louisiana Gov. Jindal from Constitution Party National Vice Chairman 10:38:53
Initiation> Politics: the "Virtuate" Party 10:08:40
Retail recession is just the start of an economic slide 10:07:32
Raining oil... 09:37:54
Dr. Paul endorsed Mike Lee wins in Utah US Senate 09:37:30
Indian Children Blinded Crippled By Fluoride In Water 09:15:40
Oil Rains Have Commenced 09:05:31
Fannie, Freddie Could Cost $389 Billion 07:03:33
Auto Dealers Beat Obama, Win Exemption From Consumer Protection Agency 06:57:30
BREAK TIME! 06:55:07
A Senate of iconoclasts 06:45:51
Bernanke: Economy May Get Boost From Stronger Yuan 06:40:32
Florida Rep. Alan Grayson and the Tea Party 06:32:10
Peter Schiff & Chris Waltzek - June 22, 2010 - Gooldseek Radio Nugget 06:00:38
SEC goes after Bob Chapman 01:27:59
Interesting McChrystal interview in Rolling Stone 01:23:04
I ask Gen. Petreaus about Douglas MacArthur and VICTORY in war (VIDEO) 01:23:01
Ron Paul-Endorsed Mike Lee wins Republican nomination for US senator from Utah 00:52:09
JPMorgan shuffles CFO, other executives 00:32:14
CONFLICT! Judge who overturned drilling moratorium owns stock in drilling companies 00:22:51
CT GOP Top Legislators Unwilling to endorse McMahon over Schiff 00:04:21