Posted on June 25, 2010

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Anyone Here Ever Heard Of This Campaign For Liberty? 22:09:08
Morning Call Invites Jake Towne to Debate Dent and Callahan!!! 23:00:06
Judge Napolitano vs Shepard Smith: Did BP Rely on Faulty U.S. Data? 22:09:10
Toronto G20 Call To Action 13:07:11
Kanadian Police get new powers for G20 08:26:58
BREAKING: House-Senate conference approves Wall Street reform 06:18:37
June 25 - The David Hedrick Money Bomb 11:55:42
Dr. Ron Paul 6/24/10 Fox News with Cavuto 22:09:12
Hooray for Hollywood? 10:03:57
iPhone/iPad Apps for Constitution and Dr.Paul. Can you help? 11:55:12
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Jesse Ventura Exclusive: "Stop Nation Building and Bring The Troops Home!" 23:46:52
So, how about this "Restore America Plan"? Anyone following it? 23:12:05
U.S. not accepting foreign help on oil spill 23:11:00
I Can Haz Voting Option Back? 23:05:18
Well...Hope you don't live in the GULF...Toxic Rain & Evacuations? 23:04:56
Senator LeMieux video: gov't rejecting other countries help for oil spill 22:43:57
Illegal To Withhold ID in Toronto 22:22:54
General Court Martial for Active Duty Lt. Colonel Requesting to See Obama's Birth Certificate 21:53:17
Congresswoman asks about Campaign for Liberty... 20:43:45
Brazilian's richest man says Americans need to tighten their belt for the coming years 20:35:52
"The People" Win a Major 9th Amendment Victory in Arizona 20:23:23
Ron Paul setting the precedent in wisdom 20:09:16
Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, and why I love my Wife!!! 20:05:53
HR 3962 19:59:31
More Proof the MSM is not doing its job!!! 19:43:07
New Documentary: Power of the Purse Volume 1 19:14:41
New Documentary: Power of the Purse Volume 1 19:13:03
Ron Paul : Taxes and regulations will never lead to prosperity 19:02:43
When we die as martyrs - Palestinian Children 18:56:18
I sighted a pickup with a big C4L sticker on the back 18:48:39
Iran has declared a state of war on its northwestern border, 18:13:30
Many legislators aim to copy Ariz. immigration law 18:11:12
My In Game Radio Station - Weekend Listening 18:01:06
IRS wants taxes from BP payments for lost wages 17:57:13
DONT TASE MY GRANNY!- Police Tase 86 year old woman for "aggresive posture" in bed! 17:24:30
Just put out an offer to all my facebook friends... 17:20:15
Ron Paul Action Figure/Sculpture Project - First Prototype! 16:44:18
Busted: McChrystal Was a Big Show, Cover for War Vote 16:20:31
New Satellite Photo of the OIL GUSHER. Very Sad! 16:19:18
A MOST Disgusting Story of Police Brutality 15:58:33
Wash. Post: "We're going to have to evacuate the gulf states," ... 15:24:30
Flagstaff on fire 15:20:51
Houston man(Ron Paul supporter) charged with 'unlawful carry of a weapon' after traffic stop 15:07:22
Toronto Transformed Into Locked Down Police State 14:52:06
Video: The Lost Science of Money - Stephen Zarlenga 14:42:56
Do you like history? 14:38:19
WeAreChange and InfoWars Reporters Banned from Canada 14:15:07
Third revision of GDP...DOWNWARD! 14:05:39
Gulf Relocation FREE State Project 14:02:45
Help this liberty candidate win $4000! Deadline is TODAY! Do it now! 13:50:41
This article explains what is taking place with the elite leaders we have. 13:36:55
David Weigel resigns from Washington Post :) 13:35:43
Jesse Ventura guest on Alex Jones 6/25/10 at 1pm EDT 13:03:31
Is Barack An Illegal President? 13:02:51
URGENT!!!: Winner of this online poll will get $4,000 for their campaign! 12:59:59
American Traffic Solutions (red light Cameras) secures investment from Goldman 12:55:21
Should I go and Protest the G20 In Toronto 12:15:05
PCR slams absurd notion that Obama is a Marxist 12:13:10
Tiny turtle causes taxiing plane to return to gate 12:09:46
Greece Puts Islands up for Sale to Save Economy 11:54:19
Congresswoman Susan Davis on Campaign for Liberty "Does anbody know who they are?" 11:36:00
Senate committee approves Cybersecurity Bill - gives Obama internet 'kill switch' 11:33:47
NBA verses NFL 11:31:37
20 Must-See Charts On America's Disastrous Government Spending 10:35:38
Don't Taze My Granny! 10:21:32
Methane and Martial Law in the Gulf 10:16:46
Central Banking in Crisis: Some 20 Countries on the Verge of Insolvency 10:12:42
Time to end the Korean War & bring the troops home 10:07:35
**If We Were In a Baseball Game What Inning Would This Be? 10:04:54
there was a post giving the legal definition or legislation of white/ Caucasian 10:04:41
How I was detained by G8 security 09:30:02
Congressman Rohrabacher: Almost All House Republicans Think Iraq War Illegal Immoral 09:11:37
General Stanley McChrystal is cashing in!!! 09:09:16
Boycotts about Arizona immigration law are stalling 08:42:39
The Financial Reform Kabookie Theatre is Over! 08:21:47
Audit Shows Prison Inmates Received $9M in Homebuyer Tax Credits 08:21:11
Supreme Court: Washington Can Release Names of Ballot Signers 07:52:31
E-mails reveal Post reporter DAVID WEIGEL savaging conservatives, rooting for Democrats 07:40:39
Any civil lawyers with integrity at the DAILY PAUL? 07:26:32
New Google Wave for Liberty App Creation!!! You are invited!!! 07:17:42
Porn sites closer to .xxx Web address 06:55:16
Excellent RAND PAUL INTERVIEW with Right Wing News 06:37:52
How I Should Answer an Unsure Socialist 06:34:41
Ron Paul bucks wisdom on McChrystal 06:14:36
Rand Paul's Balancing Act (Wash Post Blog) 06:03:12
Not sure what this is, if it really is anything unusual, but look at that BEACH! 02:18:50
Why Did Campaign for Liberty Fail to Inform Members of Ron Paul's Endorsement? 02:08:28
California city fires all workers, including police 01:55:38
The Power Cartoons Have Over Kid's Taste Buds 01:16:08
Toilet Paper Now Allowed Into Gaza! 01:13:29
Drug War: Think Of The Children! 01:11:32
We Should Abolish Public Schools! Glenn Beck 01:04:59
Kevin Costner On The Gulf Oil Disaster part 1 and 2 01:02:22
UPDATED : Should people receiving welfare be required to take manditory drug tests? 00:47:33
Mandatory Drug Testing For ALL People Collecting Unemployment! If Sen Hatch Gets His Way 00:43:14
No Nostalgia For George W Bush 00:42:17
Slashdot on the "Internet Kill Switch" 00:07:44
"Why I'm Running" article on 00:03:11