Posted on June 27, 2010

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Texas Straight Talk - Ron Paul: End the War in Afghanistan! 21:47:57
Obama Internet Kill Switch Plan Approved by US Senate 17:39:32
Report From Toronto G20 Protests 21:38:57
RT: Broken windows, burnt cars left by G20 riots in Toronto 21:37:57
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Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House 23:18:20
Australian Net Censorship & what I learned from U Guys! 21:51:15
What if Obama and the crooks in Congress actually do shut down the internet? 21:03:05
Obama: I Promise To Cut The Deficit In Half By 2013 20:15:05
Equality is Never Equal 19:15:57
Obama, Biden, Geithner, and Rahm all implicated in high treason and fraud? 18:10:04
What every infidel should know. 18:04:16
Moneybomb on June 30th for Clint Didier (the audit and end the fed US senate candidate from WA) 18:02:20
Frustrated by boycott, station owners want BP help 17:46:14
If you really HATED Ron Paul.... 17:42:06
A Great Review of "Nullification" Tom Woods new book 17:33:51
**Peter Schiff - Call It For What It Is** Brookfield, CT June 24, 2010.wmv 17:11:07
**Peter Schiff - Turn Off the Welfare State Magnet** Peter Schiff in Brookfield, C.wmv 17:06:42
**Peter Schiff - Reverse Darwinism and the Government Bubble** Brookfi.wmv 16:51:39
We’re suing everybody on Twitter 16:35:56
McChrystal Trying to Tell Us Something? "We're F%^*king Losing This Thing" 16:34:49
Audio excerpt from Blago trial indicts Obama and Blagojevich in a quid pro quo! 15:53:58
Would you vote for a politician who promised to be soft-on-crime and for a weak-national-defense? 15:44:05
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) Has Died 15:40:35
Gulf of Mexico Presents Unprecedented Toxicity Problems 15:37:48
RON PAUL for PRESIDENT in 2012 15:19:00
Unemployment Extension Unsuccessful; Americans turn on Each Other 15:10:15
Scathing comments of Ron Paul and Private Property Rights... by a "libertarian". 14:17:14
Never Waste a Good Crisis 14:09:48
GALLUP: In 2010, Conservatives Still Outnumber Moderates, Liberals 14:02:50
Govenor of Arizona to Obama! 13:57:27
Freedom Movement Faces Dire Threats from Within 13:55:32
I'm Going to Start a Site Petitioning John Mayer's Support of Ron Paul 2012 13:44:21
Kids Play in TOXIC OIL...on Feet...This is why America is DOOMED! UPDATE #1 13:06:08
Gulf Oil Gusher: Danger of Tsunamis From Methane? 12:27:29
Gerald Celente on Mickey Mouse Congressmen (RT video) 12:19:45
Cyber-Security Act of 2010... A Tentative Plan for DP'ers 11:36:33
Land of Confusion 11:10:47
It's official: South Korea is a colony of the US 08:11:10
The Devil Is In The Details: DHS Monitoring Web & "Wrong" Words 07:50:33
US wants to know what is in your PC 06:52:08
WHO to tax the internet 06:35:02
European Sovereign Debt Default History (Chart) 01:50:09
What if government funds could only be spent by non-profits? 01:23:40
Youtube video: Iran declares state of war on northwestern border 01:13:06