Posted on June 29, 2010

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U.N. Report: Scrap Dollar as Sole Reserve Currency 18:09:20
I have the disease orthorexia nervosa!!! Please pray for me!!! 21:09:25
UK: Time to Shut Down the US Federal Reserve? 12:32:51
4000 Miles for Jake Towne 17:19:10
Rand Paul June 28 Money Bomb Raises Over $172,000 in 24 Hours! 08:53:19
Nullify NOW! Tom Woods Book Bomb & Multi-City Tour 17:19:10
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Women Wore Mini-Skirts in Afghanistan? Why Congress Must Say No to More War. 23:59:45
ObamaCare 101: What the Healthcare Law Means to You 23:15:42
What web browser and antivirus to use? 22:36:29
Is Gold in a bubble? 22:10:05
Dear MikeLawson 21:49:47
Chicago moves quickly to draft new gun ordinance 21:32:32
Look at what Dr. Paul has created... 21:19:34
Loonies, Toonies and Federal Reserve Notes 20:23:11
The Great U.S. Treasury Bond Scam Exposed 20:20:50
Ron Paul 2012 Come & Join Us 20:18:33
Kagan Declines To Say Gov't Has No Power to Tell Americans What To Eat 20:08:57
Masters of War by Bob Dylan 20:07:51
Sheriff Richard Mack vs. Sheriff Joe Arpaio 20:04:54
6 Year Old Girl On Terror Watch List 19:55:31
Charlie Veitch Detained at Toronto International Airport 19:54:10
US accepts international assistance for Gulf spill 19:48:54
Toronto police questioned after summit arrests 19:45:56
Must Watch: Dr. Ron Paul & Dr. Tom Woods at IOWA GOP State Convention June 26th, 2010! 19:14:26
Porcfest 2010 Shire Society is Born. Is this a new Declaration of Independence? 19:09:21
New Analysis: Doing nothing might have been best for oil spill 19:08:11
EPA: Subsea oil dispersants in Gulf were a test? 18:59:16
The Next Time You See A Yellow Fringed Flag Take Heed For You Are In A Foreign Jurisdiction ! 18:16:02
►Video: BP using 'offduty' LEO Bullies | Both Alabama, Louisiana 18:12:58
VIDEO - Ron Paul: Sanctions on Iran means war 17:58:01
MUST WATCH: Rand Paul at Christian HomeSchoolers Conference - June 25th,2010 17:33:54
Secession Week 17:31:03
DP running better in Chrome than Firefox? 16:57:27
Abiotic Oil & Plate Tectonics 16:43:19
Can we bring Neil Young and Jackson Browne over to our side? 16:42:13
The State and the Energy Monopoly 16:36:19
Is Glenn Beck going to have Tom Woods on for 'Nullification'? 15:45:54
MUST SEE: C4L's Steve Bierfeldt in NEW Documentary about the Ineptness of TSA. 15:36:44
Ron Paul : Independence from Washington ; A New Declaration 15:18:01
Ed Thompson reads Patrick Henry 15:10:34
The Internet Must Remain Free -Chuck Baldwin 15:01:58
Kellogg's Recalls 28 Million Boxes Of Cereal 15:01:30
"This Can't Be Democracy!" 14:30:48
Just Blow The Oil Well Up! Bill Clinton 14:25:53
Putin says U.S. police "out of control" in spy case 14:13:46
Donate Gold, Silver &/or FRNs 14:10:22
4409- Changing the Toilet 14:07:23
Tom Wood's book could be a game-changer...state politics could be more important than federal 13:42:48
AP Says Conway is a "proven fundraiser." 13:42:02
Support Schiff 13:38:44
CT broadcaster dies under mysterious circumstances 13:21:45
I just got off the phone with Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office. 13:11:03
Chicken Little cartoon must see 13:09:53
Sen. Scott Brown (RINO-Mass) Brown would vote 'no' on Wall St. bill; blames $19B in new bank fees 13:08:41
GAME PLAN - for when they "turn off" the internet 13:06:52
CoastToCoast radio; what's up tonight or what did you miss! 12:51:54
Freedom Action Conference | Please Digg! 12:40:41
Freedom Action Conference 12:37:24
Rasmussen Video: 57% See Greater Danger In A Government With Too Much Power 12:23:31
What will happen when Ron Paul announces for 2012??? 12:09:20
PR blowup masks Afghan war's reality 12:04:17
Luke, We Are Change, independent journalist BANNED from Canada!!! To cover G20. 12:00:34
Bill Clinton: We May Have to Blow Up Oil Well 11:54:41
Election 2010: Kentucky Senate Poll 11:43:34
Top 10 reasons why Ron Paul should run as an Independent in 2012 11:36:31
Fannie-Freddie Bailout Could Cost Taxpayers $1 Trillion 11:09:41
Marcus RIvchin, a Ron Paul Republican need your help.... 11:01:12
Arizona lawmaker who questioned 9/11/01 seeks governor's seat, challenging Brewer 10:49:58
Wow....stocks down -252 as of now. Gold and Silver Down 09:47:40
Ron Paul iPhone app hit top 25 09:40:13
So Haliburton could have been used to teach BP a lesson 09:34:15
I love Rick Santelli 09:30:57
General Petraeus hearing to put Afghanistan war, not him, in hot seat 09:30:27
Pres Obama Has A List Of Americans Targeted For Assassination 09:18:52
Bloomberg: Banks Financing Mexico Drug Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal: Video 09:15:09
We Don't Need A President Who Will Lead Us 08:34:31
Jack Hunter to Speak at the Obamacare Nullification Tour 08:34:17
Is the Fed Too Big To Fail? by Gary North 08:29:27
Wall Street Journal: Why Friedrich Hayek Is Making a Comeback 08:17:01
"The Myth of Monolithic Communism" - Murray Rothbard (1979) 07:49:37
The Prisoner of Gen. Petraeus by Patrick J Buchanan 07:27:22
Radical Money Printing Just Like the Continental Congress 06:22:37
CNN Covers Ron Paul's Trip to Iowa (Possibly Portending a 2012 Run?) 06:14:44
Ron Paul, in Des Moines, says Constitution long neglected 06:11:18
Supreme Court Ends Gun Control In The U.S.! 01:30:11
Do you want to help RETIRE Reid? Then read further!! 00:48:21
Destroying the U.S.-Tonight on CoasttoCoast 00:21:30
Off-Topic - Al Gore's Mistress 00:21:02
Short Term Silver Short: Long Term Bull 00:19:14
15 Second Funny Question 00:07:31