Posted on June 30, 2010

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Update - HR 4972 Repeal of Obamacare: 104 Co-sponsors including Ron Paul 21:39:00
Video: The cost that is not included in the price of a gallon of gas 20:25:33
Video: Ron Paul on Federal Reserve Audit and Financial Regulation 6/30/2010 17:42:18
Peter Schiff on Fox Business 6.30.10 14:38:39
Audit the Fed to be voted on today June 30th as part of a Motion to Recommit the financial reg reform bill... 14:11:33
MUST SEE: Bloomberg Headline: "Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal" 14:02:28
Kentucky Numbers: Paul (R) 49% Conway (D) 42% 13:45:33
Dr. Ron Paul - Liberty 10:02:10
Gulf Beaches Hit as Distant Hurricane Pushes Oil 19:59:54
Justin Raimondo on David Weigel and Ron Paul 06:29:18
'Love Police' Officer Charlie Veitch Arrested in Toronto 09:49:44
Dr. Tom Woods: Interview with a Zombie 19:37:15
Kevin Costner On The Gulf Oil Disaster Parts 1 & 2 20:52:29
Just Walk Away? Taxpayer-Owned Mortgage Giant Fannie Mae Attacking Struggling Homeowners 11:25:00
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Grassroots -generated content for local cable TV 23:50:17
So "Audit The Fed" Has Been Defeated. Now What?? 23:43:47
Long-awaited Dash-cam Video of Kane Incident 23:30:34
New Rasmussen Poll: Rand Paul Leads Conway By 7 Points 23:28:25
To All Military Visiting Daily Paul: Your fighting for the Gods of War! What the hell we fighting for? 23:12:49
Dylan Ratigan the Stock Market is a FRAUD! (Video) 22:59:59
Glenn Beck tore up J.D. Hayworth the other day, I love how he makes it seem like he is 22:59:43
Dr. Judy Wood - Tells a different 9/11 inside job tale- dissinfo, or patriot? 22:27:23
Human Events:Palin Goes Rogue Against Tea Party Candidates 22:25:46
How Would Elena Kagan Like to Be Paid? 21:58:05
Real life documentary of war in Korangal Valley - Afghanistan 21:43:43
IRS Fails Audit 21:37:07
BREAK TIME--Lenny Kravitz crashes the VOP Choir in NEW ORLEANS for "Fly Away" 21:19:31
As I Suspected:The Road to Serfdom Continues; HR-1207 Dead 20:47:31
Pete Stark response to "Read the Bills Act" 20:44:28
A scandal-free choice for Senate 20:33:36
ACLU plans to sue US Gov. over the UNConstitutional Abomination: 'No Fly List' 20:30:02
UPDATE II: Rep. Honda Challenges Conservatives to Vote NO on War Funds Tonight 20:09:54
Liberal Quote of the Week 20:01:57
FEMA Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Area In Place? 19:04:50
Sinking Ship 18:50:26
One Of My Favorite Thomas Jefferson Letters (To Nathaniel Macon) 18:48:42
Tea Party Educational Seminar Series 18:39:47
Obama movie debuts in Indonesia 18:16:17
Paradigm shift; The late George Carlin and Bill Hicks tell it like it is. 18:12:09
Kagan ending hearings with confirmation all but assured 17:58:35
Gulf beaches hit as distant Hurricane Alex pushes oil 17:48:00
Whistle blower to testify on oil spill worst fear:BP deliberately sinks oil with Corexit as cover up 17:44:42
Panhandle officials frustrated with BP on cleanup efforts 17:40:40
Camp Fema Full Movie 17:10:09
Just saw Sharon Angle on Cavuto... 16:28:50
If They Vote for War Tonight, Elect These 16:27:49
Chuck Baldwin guest on Alex Jones 6/30/10 at 3:37pm EDT: Attacks on Campaign for Liberty & Ron Paul 15:37:36
House GOP: Audit the Fed! 15:36:34
Nullification: Video Interview with Thomas Woods (Iowa GOP Convention) 15:36:09
Is Amerika now under a DICTATORSHIP??? 15:17:01
A Great New Radio/Internet Website Has Emerged Here In Minnesota! Take A Look! 15:05:41
rEVOLution Alive And Well Because Of Activist Spirit 14:58:51
Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano on Fox Business tonight 14:41:03
2nd amendment speech censorship on college campuses (VIDEO) 14:29:28
CHRIS PAREJA Ind. running against Pete Stark in 13th Dist 14:01:21
Why do cops hate dogs 13:59:35
RT- Ex-MI5 agent: Russian spy ring story pure propaganda 13:57:08
When Tea Party 'Leaders' Are Just Streamliners For The Republican Party What Do We Do? We Call Them Out Like I Am Doing Here. 13:20:47
Schiff for Senate Donation challenge TODAY 13:20:02
Bobby Jindal for President 2012 13:02:38
America Should Fund War by Raising the Social Security Age!! GOP Boehner Leader Says 13:01:43
I nominate this song as our theme 12:42:15
Schiff donation challenge TODAY 12:13:02
Help Ron Paul Republicans get $5,000 donations and vote for Dr. Paul at the same time! 11:58:22
Liberty BLOG... Kelly Halldorson is writing again :) 11:54:38
John Kerry: GOP, Rand Paul "Dangerously Radical" 11:20:25
Need Articles on Early 20's crash 11:19:57
Peter Schiff Is Matching Every Contribution Today 2 to 1. If You Send $1, The Campaign Gets $3! 11:12:53
C4L in trouble! Please sign this petition of support! 10:39:37
AU 60 Minutes BP Oil Volcano Video, 13 June 2010 - Removed by BP Demand in 2 Parts 10:08:14
Listen to the little people, They are so silly :') (Pete Stark D-CA) 10:07:36
Status Symbol - Chinese rent White people to appear successful 09:16:17
If the Shoe Was On the Other Foot 09:15:01
RT- Russian spy ring scandal: FBI action movie? 08:47:15
Ladies and Gentleman...Wear Sunscreen 07:41:34
Turks shot multiple times on Gaza aid ship: forensics 07:31:59
The G-20 Power Grab Accelerates (Gary North) 07:18:18
It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt 06:45:48
America Ain't a Bad Place to be "Poor"--Walter Williams 06:43:34
More Evidence that Ron Paul's Ideas are Catching On with More Americans 06:39:31
Bad Medicine: Diet soda now promoted as medicine to stop kidney stones 06:32:39
Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan: Israel means a lot to me 06:31:06
Colonialism, Obama-Style-The real goal of “nation-building" 06:27:05
What was up with the stock market today? 00:45:26
Donate 100$ To Schiff - Get Signed T-Shirt! 00:44:51
More evidence Ron Paul's ideas are on the march! 00:43:04
Hurricanes & TEA.....Anyone? 00:19:18