Posted on June 4, 2010

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Video: Oil, the Loop Current and the Atlantic Ocean 09:06:59
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VIDEO: BP / ~UK~ Coast Guard Withheld Images of Disaster -ABC News Investigative Report 23:52:27
U.S. 'secret war' expands globally 23:50:16
Breaking News: Israeli Navy seize Irish-owned Rachel Corrie Gaza aid ship 23:47:07
...first aerial drone in Texas 23:37:07
The Ship Rachel Corrie said the vessel was 35 miles off Gaza shores 23:24:47
UPDATE (for BugMan): Official BP Propaganda / Disinformation Video's Being Force Fed To YOUTUBE / Internet Users 23:24:17
Blood will be spilt 23:12:14
Peter Schiff Vlog 6/4/10: Markets, Jobs, BP Oil Spill, Vacations 23:01:40
MoxNews- How Concerned Are You About Our 13 Trillion Dollar National Debt? 22:51:57
Ho Hum......only 3 banks failed this week....... 22:47:02
Autopsy shows Gaza activists were hit 30 times: report 22:44:28
wow gold on record high.. 22:36:44
Funny Video, in humor - but who made this? Might be the key (flotilla song) 22:36:05
LIVE right now! freedomtv--Gary Franchi 22:19:14
Ron Paul visits Bay City 21:57:36
With all of this BP Crap going on....This is your Friday Night SMILE Link thread.. 21:56:29
Every story sounds true...until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight! 21:50:27
Public vs Private Police; Which Would You Choose? 21:44:21
Jesse Ventura on Larry King Live next Wednesay 21:25:31
Cynthia McKinney: 'Israel bought the executive branch' 20:48:35
Daniel Hannan - Ron Paul of UK Speaks Out 20:38:20 Available DVDs For A Dollar 20:31:03
LIVE video and chat TONIGHT! 19:52:18
Friday Night Viewing Whistleblowers Beware 19:44:09
Some Birds Dying Slow Death in The Gulf of Mexico... 19:41:19
What will the financial crisis look like? 18:49:00
Keiser Report №48: Markets Finance Scandal... 18:44:38
Webcast lecture 7PM EST 6/4 18:33:38
►Why no 'State of Emergency' Declaration? 18:29:14
What Ever . . . . 18:18:41
Rabbi Weiss and Other Orthodox Condemning Gaza Siege 18:08:45
RT: non-Zionist Exposes Israeli Flotilla Coverup 17:38:15
What Albert Einstein Thought About the Formation of Israel 17:06:18
A Marine Returns Home 16:33:56
How the Economy was Lost, Doomed by the Myths of Free Trade 16:25:45
Lexington Herald-Ledger Rand Paul Smear: read at your own risk 16:17:57
US, militaristic stateism or sacred principles? -Kokesh 16:17:54
Grayson supporter gets behind Paul 16:06:55
I PLEDGE to SUPPORT Dr.Ronald Ernest Paul for President 2012, VOTE Here. 15:45:25
Tom Cruise's unlikely cameo in Nevada GOP Senate race 15:37:52
Rand Paul is doing Just fine in KY. 14:59:55
Ummmm what's going to happen on 6/23/2010? 14:55:51
For All Those Who Believe Supporting the Current State of Israel Will be Their Pathway to Heaven Need to Read This 14:50:17
UPDATE: Drudge going ALL OUT with Bilderberg coverage; 9th recent article 14:49:42
They Are Kind to Animals 14:38:45
President Emeritus of the CFR: Israel was Right to Storm Aid Ship 14:16:52
Leadership; is Obama "on the job"? 13:46:17
How Israeli propaganda shaped U.S. media coverage of the flotilla attack By Glenn Greenwald 13:41:55
Protest over crises collusion puts Bilderberg in unwelcome spotlight 13:33:50
Daniel Estulin exclusive video: Bilderberg are terrified! 13:17:57
UK Paper: What are the Bilderberg Group really doing in Spain? 13:15:53
Jordan Van Der Sloot - another O.J. Simpson... 13:09:38
David Adams is working on a big June 29 Lexington fundraiser for Rand Paul 13:05:07
The Government Is Not the Country 13:00:08
Raping the Planet 12:46:33
Competing Currencies: `Banks' allow members to pay with time, not cash 12:18:41
The Other Side of the Coin 12:12:59
7/30/10 Dow close 10,465.94 -1.22 -0.01% 12:03:36
What is Zionism? 11:58:20
The PHOTOS BP DOES NOT want you to see....!! WARNING!!! UPDATE!! 11:42:34
Are Cameras the New Guns? 10:38:24
The Looming Financial Holocaust - is closer than we thought.... 10:35:56
RT- Conspiracy of Silence: Who are the Bilderberg Group? 10:32:06
MoxNews- Louisiana Family Turns Front Yard Into Graveyard To Protest Oil Spill 10:29:00
BP And Our Govt Have Been Showing Us A Volcanic Vent, Not An Oil Spill? 10:17:36
The Southern Avenger- Israel, the World and Us 10:07:19
Report condemns swine flu experts' ties to big pharma 09:47:07
US Creating Terrorist one Drone Bomb at a time 09:43:23
Minorities 09:40:30
Highschool Flunkie Becomes 'God' 09:39:45
BILDERBERG 2010: Secret meeting of world's financial elite could decide fate of Euro... 09:25:03
ABC News ~BP and Feds Withheld Videos Showing Massive Scope of Oil Spill 09:22:43
Tapco Mini-14 Mags: Not Ready for Primetime 09:12:30
The Flotilla Raid Was Not “Bungled.” 08:55:31
Warning: Chase Closing Accounts on "Good" Customers 08:39:50
~Please support John Heiderscheit in Iowa~ 08:32:16
Lift the Siege of Gaza By Patrick J. Buchanan 06:34:30
FDA defeated in censorship case 03:59:37
Ron Paul: Dear America (Video) 02:15:58
Poll: vote for Rand in KY Senate race 02:09:00
That commenter on your blog may actually be 01:15:06
Stop bashing Zionism! 01:01:44
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Libertarians and corporatism 00:13:37
If I was running for office, this would be my speech at every gathering 00:03:47
Libertarians and corporatism 00:00:11