Posted on June 6, 2010

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Ron Paul in Victoria on Oil Spill & Nuclear Power 23:23:31
Dr. Ron Paul - A Game of Inches! *A Must See* 05:36:05
Just picked a 14.2 oz tomato. Isn't nature wonderful? 14:29:35
Defeat Pelosi! John Dennis Primary Election Day is June 8 - Tuesday! 23:43:19
Dr. Ron Paul: U.S. Should Not Support Israel's Gaza Blockade! 13:15:59
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Rating Cut by Fitch on Wealthiest U.S. State 23:52:44
NASA: 'Sun is waking up from a deep slumber'; Solar storms may wreak havoc 22:58:14
Israeli Navy Officers slam Israeli government 22:56:54
Free subscription to The Intellectual Activist until election. Worth getting and tell others! 22:41:38
WOW! If you have the time and the desire for truth, please read this. 22:36:50
Need help on who to vote for in California! 22:28:24
Free subscription to The Intellectual Activist until election. Worth getting and tell others! 22:21:46
U.S MARKET Continues SLUMP, ASIAN Markets NIKKEI -2% Pre open (futures) 21:50:40
Liberty Festival 2010 in Times Square, New York City 21:14:57
Only People of All Faiths Have a "Right" to Exist, States Come and Go 21:10:36
URGENT! Rand Paul is under attack on Facebook! - Help Fight Back! 20:42:46
GOP noticing Colorado outsider's Senate bid-C4L Backed Ken Buck 20:42:10
Texas State Republican Convention 20:40:38
Fierce struggle for McCain to retain Arizona seat 20:39:01
Gallup: Americans Believe that Federal Debt, Terrorism Considered Top Threats to U.S. 20:34:10
The Folly of Blindly Trusting the Government By James Bovard 20:25:32
Gaza Blockade: Iran Offers Escort to Next Aid Convoy 20:22:04
Banks Profit from Near-zero Interest Rates: Another Reason for States to Own Their Own Banks 20:14:21
I Assume We Are Fully Behind DANNY TARKANIAN For Tuesday's Nevada Primary? 20:13:07
George Galloway: Israel's Days Are Numbered 19:31:02
U.S.’s $13 Trillion Debt Poised to Overtake GDP: Chart of Day 19:20:36
MA Gov. Deval Patrick is embracing Radical terror imam. Vows sensitivity training for cops 19:02:08
Hopeless in New Jersey | "tea party" Anna Little 18:57:28
Corexit 9500 is four times as toxic as the oil itself. PB ignores safer alternative 18:56:53
Ron Paul Straight talk: Why Big Government Hates Gold 18:48:27
MoxNews- UN Investigation Of Gaza Flotilla Pushed Forward 18:43:23
Does America have it's own Praetorian Guard? 18:41:34
Many federal judges have oil links 18:06:07
MSNBC poll about AZ immigration law at 95,6% pro law! Let's make it 100% 17:40:15
Schiff video update on campaign 17:35:23
Swedish union to blockade Israeli ships 17:31:50
IDF admits doctoring audio of raid on Gaza flotilla 17:20:23
Now do you understand why we need government regulation of private industry? 17:04:51
Nigeria's ignored catastrophe dwarfs US oil spill 16:44:13
Should Marine CPL David Hedrick Run as a Tea Party Candidate? 16:12:56
"Guns for Groceries" Exchange Program in Austin, TX a Shocking Success 16:01:20
For your Sunday Afternoon Watching Pleasure 15:45:56
Equilibrium - Have you watched this movie? 15:30:03
Jewish flotilla to break Gaza siege 14:20:58
I Got Some Transparency for You Right Here 14:20:46
I Got Some Transparency for You Right Here 14:18:16
Why the left and the right want Helen Thomas gone. 13:44:27
[Video] Peter Schiff for Senate Petition Drive Update 13:36:48
BREAKING: The Blue Spiraling UFO is at it again! 12:51:20
Separation of church & state 12:49:25
The Israeli flotilla attack: victimhood, aggression and tribalism - Glenn Greenwald 12:24:15
A Tea Party to Nowhere 12:21:23
July 4th YARD SIGN BOMB! 12:06:30
What Israel’s “Comandos” Execution Of An American Teen Means? 12:00:20
Rand Paul is Right on Israel 11:48:22
"The Mentality of D.C. Politicians" or "The Profile of Sociopaths" (repost) 11:44:03
A proven way to clean up the oil is being ignored by BP and the FEDs. 11:33:45
Canadian member of Gaza flotilla returns home 11:33:18
Banks Bilking Taxpayers By Refusing To Buy Back Toxic Loans 11:31:32
America’s War Against Her Own Soldiers 10:46:03
NOW-Farm Food Ministries Being Raided in WI-- Defying All Orders--Jump in! 10:04:40
War on the World: Obama's Surge in State Terror 10:02:36
Lie of the Land: The Dark Heart of a Special Relationship 09:57:13
Getting control of military spending 05:38:41
Video: Obama has still not spoken to BP Cheif Executive 05:25:07
CFR Meeting Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global Awakening! 05:11:27
DeMint : Over 90 Percent of Bills Passed Secretly With No Debate, No Vote! 04:51:22
Why Does The Week Have 7 Days? 04:43:08
Natural Law or The Science of Justice 04:09:02
Marine Stuns a Tea Party with Fourth Verse of the Star Spangled Banner! 01:51:17
Volunteers needed! Petitioning Starts June 8 in NY Gov Race. Redlich for Governor 01:30:29
Gaza flotilla activists were shot in head at close range 01:27:10
A gift to Legalizeliberty... 01:20:02
For your entertainment - The Ron Paul Diet 00:37:09
Fired CIA officer to plead guilty in sex drugging case 00:33:17
Wake Up America Before It's Too Late- Radical Islam May Not be Our Only Enemy - Why No MSM Coverage on These Acts? 00:13:00