Posted on June 9, 2010

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The Myth of Property Ownership 23:41:21
Bernanke admits "No plan to fix the deficit." 10:50:46
John Dennis Wins in CA 8! Will Challenge Pelosi in November 23:25:48
Nancy Pelosi, the liberal House speaker, is heckled by liberals 08:38:39
Open Thread: 'Super Tuesday' Election Results 09:48:53
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Not looking too good for BP... (stock chart) 23:59:17
Bill Gates was invited to the Bilderburg Meeting to discuss how they can better control the internet 23:48:44
Is Sharron Angle really one of us? 23:37:30
Liberty Dollar News 23:30:23
Gulf residents angry about BP and claims process 23:01:50
Delia Lopez on the Reality Report with Gary Franchi 22:25:55
Mystery Democrat S.C. nominee has pending felony charge 22:23:45
Former CIA Officer - Americans Don't Know About... 22:03:09
BP False Flag? 21:53:27
Stock Market On the Edge of Something Very Big, Crash? 21:49:15
If US attacks Pakistan 20:58:00
Obama’s BP attacks spark worries in UK 19:53:24
Best Obama Lying Video Yet 19:31:07
Gulf Oil Spill 'May Top 100,000 Barrels a Day' 19:10:52
Unemployed vet Alvin Greene beat a four-term lawmaker in South Carolina with no campaigning, set to face Jim DeMint. 18:45:45
Tea Party Protester Attacked! 18:33:28
Printing Press Ben tells Congress Don't Stop Spending 18:16:26
Ed Mishou for Congress Texas 27th District 18:01:29
6 ways mushrooms can save the world , (I liked it) 17:33:04
Never Give Up Your Weapons 17:11:33
6,000+ lawsuits filed against BP; their credit default swaps soar 17:09:22
2400 Club and Future of The DailyPaul 16:32:31
Chuck Baldwin : America’s Bread And Circus Society 16:11:51
Robyn Hamlin, Liberty Candidate for Congress in MO-1 16:02:18
Consider the federal reserve note as a license, let me explain 15:43:16
Technology is Great, BP now capturing more oil than was ever reported leaking 15:36:22
AP journalist dives into Gulf, can see only oil 15:32:16
I Blame Congress for the Gulf Oil Leak! 15:20:04
Max Keiser on Inside Story - Greek Debt Crisis - (1 of 2) 15:11:09
Jesse Ventura on Larry King Live Today June 9th. 14:46:45
Chris Matthews - The New Right (Tea Party) - First MAJOR hit piece on TV June 16th 14:36:53
What IS The USA? It's a Corporation! 14:21:13
Local food movement beginning to reshape American society 14:17:16
Paul Muckle vs. The United States of America 14:16:23
Left-Wing Icon Daniel Ellsberg: ‘Obama Deceives the Public' 14:15:42
Gerald Celente guest on Alex Jones: 6/9/10 at 2:10pm EDT 14:06:10
The Phantom Recovery by Peter Schiff 13:55:20
Here is a nice poem from an Amish-raised farmer 13:44:31
POLL : Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012? 13:42:34
Gold's 'Real Move' to $7,000 Coming: Asset Manager 13:41:18
Come On Grassroots - Let The Freedom Ring! 13:26:45
Insufficient Silver to supply China 13:25:27
New Poll: Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012? 13:19:48
RJ Harris Repeat Valley Forge MB 13:08:36
Bernanke says recovery on track despite headwinds 13:07:27
Copter Shot Down in Afghanistan, Raising NATO Toll to 28 for June 13:04:55
My email from John McCain 12:41:47
Cornyn and Schumer unite against our privacy 12:28:10
President Obama requests 400 million in aid for Palestinians, calls situation "unsustainable" 12:28:02
Ben Bernanke: Federal budget 'unsustainable' 12:14:55
Judicial Watch Obtains New FBI Documents Regarding ACORN Voter Fraud Investigation 11:53:56
Who are the real "crazies" in our political culture? 11:36:42
Bilderberg Treads On Us! 11:36:12
Census Fraud: Census Workers Encouraged to Forge Time Sheets 11:20:38
Will it be war? 11:19:11
Anybody hear Schnitt show and the black dude talking about Ron/Rand yesterday? 11:15:21
Anybody hear Schnitt show and the black dude talking about Ron/Rand yesterday? 11:15:19
You Say You Want a Revolution? 10:57:15
Icelanders Reject 'Debt Slavery'! 10:53:57
The Road To Serfdom is #1 on amazon! 10:21:44
7 Questions for Defenders of Israel's Inhumane Siege of Gaza 09:58:07
Judge Orders Bank of America to Halt All Foreclosure Sales in Utah 09:49:31
World Cup: 1st USA matchup vs England! 09:49:13
A Force more powerful than the Federal Government! 09:43:36
Rasmussen Video: 51% Likely to Boycott BP Because of Oil Leak 09:34:01
Liberty Winners from Super Tuesday 09:29:16
Bernanke Going to Capitol Hill Today to Deliver Hypocritical Message "Stop Spending Beyond Your Means" 09:19:54
Insiders refine outsider images to carry Tuesday races 09:10:34
How Propaganda Works! Fox News & Helen Thomas... 09:02:53
Treasury Report: US Debt to Skyrocket to $19.6 Trillion by 2015 08:51:48
Only a fraction of those in need file for bankruptcy-USA Today 08:09:28
Ambushed Florida Father in Shootout with Robbers 08:04:59
Strengthening NAFTA Ties and the Push Towards a Common Security Front 08:02:04
AIG's problems far greater than Bush officials told public 07:51:22
Another Amazing Speech from the TED Conference: "The Danger of a Single Story" 07:43:13
Nikki Haley and the New Conservatives by the Southern Avenger 07:42:49
Sorry, U.S. Federal Debt Is NOT Approaching 100% Of GDP Anytime Soon 07:33:05
Free to Choose by John Stossel 07:25:54
Can Black Americans Afford Obama? by Walter E. Williams 07:23:44
Your Favorite Liberty Podcasts 07:20:25
Rand Paul Distances Himself from the Libertarian Party 06:38:02
School tells kid: "do chores, Mom pays, you pay us, Capisce?" 03:53:25
John Tate on End the Mandate 03:46:08
Warning - Fake Libertarian Bashing Ahead 03:27:02
Keiser Report 02:35:57
Schiff starting a minimal markup precious metals company...... 02:30:09
Schiff for Senate petition drive a success *Digg&Reddit* 01:39:55
FreedomWatch debuts on FBN this Saturday--Ron Paul and Sarah Palin are guests 01:14:42
Congress shows Israel support for murderous flotilla raid 00:43:46
Angle takes It!! 00:34:16