Posted on July 12, 2010

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BP Caps Well! Video 23:28:01
MUST SEE: Judge Andrew Napolitano on CSPAN's BookTV - June 2, 2010 - Lies the Gvt Told You 23:30:36
Ron Paul: Feds Spend $400/gal on Gas in Afghanistan 15:38:37
BREAKING: RINO Scott Brown (R-MA) to Support Wall Street Reform; Dems Appear to Have 60 Votes 12:56:18
Bernanke says consumers going into debt key to rebound 12:13:24
A Message from "The Ron Paul Rider" Michael Maresco in New York City 00:16:51
14 Year-old Tells Fox News: 'End the Fed' Most Important Issue 23:28:55
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Govt agency is attempting to censor AND SHUT DOWN vaccination information group 23:24:57
Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan 23:23:59
The Southern Avenger- Is Palin a Neocon Puppet? 22:40:36
Liberty Activist Pays Property Tax in $1 Bills 21:59:41
Secret gold swap has spooked the market 20:43:45
Bunny bid: Hefner offers to buy rest of Playboy 20:37:13
A Sheeple Buster 20:05:03
Former DOJ Attorney Makes Explosive Accusations 19:23:05
1 Million 4 Rand 18:37:55
Ready for the 2011 tax increases? Once again they will smack the little guy! 18:33:07
Revolt of the Plebs 18:24:12
Libertarian Party Facebook Fans blow past 70,000! 17:55:18
Snitker for Senate Upcoming Campaign Events!!! 17:46:08
Was John F. Kennedy Jr. Murdered? 17:44:48
HELP: need book on the REAL story of United Nations for meeting 17:16:12
My Rights Violated By Round Rock Police Department, Texas 17:16:03
Peter Schiff on NPR 17:10:32
Chicago's tough new gun ordinance goes into effect 16:40:53
Obama science czar: Surrender to 'planetary regime' 16:38:51
Bill Murphy: The Gold Cartel is in Big Trouble 16:34:00
NH: Romney volunteer defects to Ron Paul 16:27:33
Peter Schiff - Phone Banking Update 16:03:08
Our Boy Scottie, Tea Partier 15:52:47
Peter Schiff on Alex Jones July 12 2010 15:33:13
Census Help - Please Chime In 15:32:26
Are You Acclimated Yet? 15:05:19
I'm three years old today 14:39:20
Michele Bachman says Obama is turning the United States into a “nation of slaves.” 14:35:07
Rand Paul: The Media Targets the Tea Party 14:31:11
Fluoride fight brews in ECUA races 14:18:20
China Ratings Agency Downgrades US Debt From Moody's, S&P's, and Fitch's AAA Rating 14:11:19
More Great News From Iowa! 14:11:11
Peter Schiff on Alex Jones July 12th, 2010. 13:49:43
Hiding the Fed 13:15:22
UK Stumblebum Taxes Cheat World Of Rare Elite Events 12:56:01
Peter Schiff: Washington's latest destructive economic bill 12:45:38
Modern Slavery 12:41:23
Grade Obama's First Year in Office CBSNEWS POLL 12:31:21
New Music - What you think? 11:45:30
More and more Americans preparing for social unrest 11:43:03
Up To 700,000 Census Workers About To Be Out Of Work 11:32:00
America vs Banksters 11:14:44
Jury Nullification "The People Can Veto Laws" 11:04:35
WOW... "Addicted to the Warfare State"... the drug war that is 10:54:39
American Spectator: Rand Paul and Halitosis 10:42:37
Bitcoin. A new central bankless currency idea 10:37:29
Debt commission leaders paint gloomy picture 10:30:41
G20 Policing: Busted For Bubbles 10:29:15
Ron Paul & Judge Napolitano on Fox Business Money Rocks Show w/ Eric Bolling 10:25:55
CNN: Mr. [Rand] Paul goes to New York 10:06:04
For those who need a good ol' LOL 10:02:04
Historical Silver: Gold Ratio Suggests Parabolic Top For Silver of Over $100 per Ounce! 09:56:55
Ron Paul: No More U.S. Tax Dollars for Corrupt Afghan Officials! 09:09:03
Military moving into gulf states...road blocks, evacuations? 08:45:52
Paul Krugman Slams Bernanke Over Failure To See The Deflationary Trainwreck 07:15:27
Rand Plan: Will the Tea Parties turn antiwar? by James Antle 06:56:29
It's Chapter 66 as U.S. States Face De Facto Bankruptcy 06:43:51
Meet Colorado’s Ken Buck, the next Sharron Angle 06:26:35
Rep. Maxine Waters slips racial, gender quotas into financial regulatory bill 06:22:16
Schiff for Senate Phone Banking: more progress -- We can do this! 05:41:59
Free Sherry Peel Jackson NOW. 03:15:31
HAARP (Alaska) has open house Saturday 02:40:46
You will love this....Google has a "Government" feature. They call it "Uncle Sam" 02:37:18
Just learned today how Obama just SCREWED ME X 2 again! They are INSANE! 01:49:21
Video Help 01:43:59
Summer sizzle: Obamacare could be repealed before election 01:26:50
Sunday Night "Make you smile" thread! 100% Off topic! 01:02:29
Monsanto, Dupont & Obama 00:14:59
Why we are so screwed......(IMO) 00:11:16
Man Fined $500 for “Obstructing” a Police Bullet 00:00:44