Posted on July 14, 2010

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Alex Jones: Collapse of America 19:52:04
C4L Action Alert Stop Harry Reid's Cloture Vote On HR4173 He Is Trying To Ram Through In The Next 24 Hours! 17:17:23
Pensacola Beach Before And After The Gulf Oil Disaster 16:50:18
The Daily Show Goes to Iran ☠ We Are Still On The Brink Of WW3 ☠ 17:38:46
Help get “For Liberty” on Netflix 13:57:29
Local News Story: Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan 19:53:05
Jake Towne: China Devalues US Treasury Bonds 09:56:00
Farming in Gaza 09:14:36
How Brokers Became Bookies: The Insidious Transformation of Markets Into Casinos 06:45:19
Meet Kelly Nguyen Liberty Candidate US Congress GA 5th District 12:06:00
'Invisible Gorilla' Test Shows How Little We Notice 19:55:05
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First Libertarian Party Primary in Florida History-Perez versus Paul 23:48:18
Tim Scott, candidate from SC, Responds to NAACP Resolution Condemning the Tea Party 23:46:32
The Fundamental Law Constitutional Amendment 23:28:15
PINAL County Arizona Email Response back to me. 23:23:18
Utah agencies probe alleged illegal immigrant list 23:16:23
New WH report claims more jobs from stimulus bill 23:12:56
The Tomb of American Liberty 22:55:09
"I Am America"....... 22:49:42
Obama to Stage 9/11-OKC Style Event to Save Presidency!!! 22:39:47
I Think This Is A Good Political Creed For Our Movement 22:35:43
9 states backs Arizona immigration law 22:16:36
Ed Show: Rand Paul's Soviet TV/'Poor People Have It Great' Comments 21:47:44
Are we going to let this greaseball win again? 21:10:31
Something weird happens when I log on to Daily Paul 21:04:20
What is the relationship between the IRS and the Federal Reserve? 21:00:29
Power Elite's drug of choice 20:47:07
Natural Law; or The Science of Justice 20:38:50
Civil rights commission Targets Quotas in financial bill 20:28:49
Ever hear this Ron Paul song? 20:22:00
GOP ‘front group’ accused of politicizing Israel, White House feud 20:20:02
Requiem for the Antiwar Movement by Cindy Sheehan 20:16:57
Federal News Radio 20:09:54
Scott Brown (RINO-Mass) Brown will Oppose Dems' campaign finance reform DISCLOSE Act 20:05:52
Is the NAACP a racist organization? They claim the Tea Parties are. 19:45:10
Would All The Non White Members Please Step Forward 19:07:56
The Myth of Posse Comitatus 18:55:43
Cities are Eliminating Police Depts. 17:36:34
Election looms for Democrats: How bad can it be? 16:48:08
Fed paints weaker picture of growth and employment 16:44:38
BP Oil Cap Testing, Put on Hold Until BP Answers Qustions that Uncle Sam has 16:14:42
Do You Want To Become Registered On The Daily Paul? 16:06:04
First Tax Payer Dollars to Pay for Abortions: PA Gets $160M 15:55:11
Rights are Santa Claus 15:36:47
Bailouts may be hurting, not helping, small banks 14:54:01
valerie jarrett..obama advisor.. 14:53:23
GUIDELINES for a Letter to the Editor 14:48:57
Fears grow as millions lose jobless benefits 14:45:44
UN F__K THE GULF 14:44:39
Why BP is readying a 'super weapon' to avert escalating Gulf nightmare 14:38:29
The California Revolution of 2010 14:16:35
Schiff for Senate phone banking results!!! :) how many calls have you made today? 14:12:03
One Nation Under Arrest: John Stossel's new book 13:48:55
DPers Get Ready - What A Find - Introducing, 'The Freedom Train' 1947 - 1949!!! 13:48:03
Newt Gingrich: The Afghan War "Is Not Going To End Well' 13:32:04
Senate Dems blame BP and Britain for Lockerbie bomber’s release 13:16:35
Focus on the Calendar and opportunities for Action 13:04:07
Mickey Mouse with Nazi symbol ignites Polish anger 13:00:46
Why Not Revitalize the Economy with Pyramids? 12:59:45
The Reeducation of Rand Paul 12:50:33
The U.S. to allow native American team to travel under passports issued by the Iroquois Confederacy 12:35:07
International Law vs. The U.S. Constitution 12:14:42
Honest Money Constitutional Amendment 12:13:45
President Obama, White House: Al Qaeda Is Racist 11:54:32
National Review: 10 Things To Know about Rand Paul 11:37:28
Gun Laws Fire Back 11:37:01
Taxation Constitutional Amendment 11:33:08
Peter Schiff's Phone Bank Patriots in Newington, CT 11:31:06
Peter Schiff Is Not A Neocon, Stop Lying! 11:26:34
Montana Parents Clash with School Board on Sex Ed. 11:25:32
Meet Representative Rip Van Winkle: 11:23:01
Nullification - Constitutional Amendment 11:15:19
National Guard Homeland Response Force coming to Missouri 10:01:19
Scientists, Consumer Groups, Organic Advocates Fight For GMO Labeling On Food Products 09:53:53
Senators: Did BP help secure Lockerbie bomber’s freedom? 09:52:48
CNN's Rick Sanchez Thinks 74 Dead In African Bombing Is Helpful Propaganda 09:16:40
Can you give Peter Schiff 1 hour a day? 09:13:07
Who would shoot a 14-year old boy in the back as he ran away? Kill a Boy, Get a Medal 09:10:56
URGENT! Help a Missouri Senator continue his filibuster! 08:09:49
The National Association for the Advancement of Coddled People 07:40:53
Watchdog: Small banks struggling despite bailouts 07:36:37
Fed. Court Strikes Down FCC's Indecency Policy, Says TV Profanity Ban 'Chills Speech' 06:46:05
Real Jobs, Fake Jobs 04:26:42
NIA empty shelves video 02:43:50
Billboard linking Obama, Hitler draws complaints 01:48:33
It's Begun! Open Casting Call: All Criminals, Head on over to Oakland/S.F., California 00:52:58