Posted on July 17, 2010

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TYT: Why Pot Should Be Legal 05:53:54
Rasmussen: US Senate Race Ron Paul Endorsed Clint Didier 48% Incumbent Murray 45% 11:43:28
My Video - "Ron Paul 2012: Instruments of Tyranny" 11:41:43
Video: Ron Paul's Statement at JEC Hearing July 14, 2010 11:41:17
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Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit 23:42:09
Obama 'citizenship papers' arrive from Switzerland? 23:34:12
BS removal kit. 23:25:53
Carter's NSA Brzezinski Senses "Malaise" With Obama 23:09:52
Muslim will not be forced to purchase obmacare 22:27:52
How is this for a good PRO-BP OIL SPILL VIDEO? ☺ ☺ 22:24:45
Solutions to How We will Reestablish the united states of America 21:39:56
Pensacola Exploding Water 21:19:20
Feds Spying on Sierra Club, Ron Paulers, Other "Terrorists" 19:50:44
The Federal Gov. should be limited to defense and interstate transportation. 19:37:49
"A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" 19:04:50
Success Internationals can call!! support peter schiff 18:58:04
Pentagon warns Congress: accounts running dry 18:16:11
What is the greatest lie of all time? 18:03:05
Ron Paul Poster/Computer Background 17:58:19
America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution 17:35:57
Is Lee Rogers being groomed to be the next Alex Jones? 17:08:20
Here they come? 17:07:18
What's behind yet another summer of racial discontent in America? 16:50:50
Almost everyone from Valdez cleanup is Dead 16:40:09
4409- Arizona Sheriffs sellout and support amnesty 16:30:19
Founding Father James Madison on Debt 16:21:27
THIS is the DIVERSION. A Central Bankers' DREAM plan..NAFTA 15:58:32
Incompetent Politicians Gave Your Job To Cheap Foreign Labor 15:56:17
Watchmen on the Walls 15:42:12
Freedom Watch July 17th, 2010. 15:38:39
Schiff for Senate weekend phone bank challenge 14:42:23
NSA Whistleblower We Would Have Cheered During Bush Years 14:39:26
MSM claims men with neo-Nazi ties leading patrols in AZ 14:31:00
Living in a 96 square foot home. 14:29:46
Rep. Tierney: DoD Dollars Rival Opium as Taliban Funds Source, Military Complicit 13:42:40
Glenn Beck’s Lincoln Contradictions by Thomas J. DiLorenzo 13:41:43
Leading-edge health info. so you can free yourself of the government medical trap 13:40:42
Are there any Freedom PSA's? 13:34:04
Confessions of former debt collectors 13:22:30
BEWARE: Banks Gearing Up For Wave Of New Fees To Make Up For Lost Revenue 12:48:15
Disappointed with Freedom Watch TV Show 12:23:25
Has anyone seen this? What do you think... 12:15:59
Romney 2012 volunteer defects to Ron Paul even though he is not running yet!! 11:02:56
Redstate: I Love Idealogues 10:43:00
New Scientific Evidence Links Autism to Vaccines and Mercury 10:25:17
Raids are increasing on farms and private food-supply clubs 10:19:18
Unusual Texas Cattle Watering Tank Visitors 09:05:02
Have you heard about BP's latest attempt at a mass killing, I'll bet not. 08:16:59
Downsize DC CANDIDATES PAGE 06:43:01
Car bomb signals new dimension to Mexican drug war 04:07:21
How to Make "The Obama Deception" Number 1 on U.S. Google/Yahoo Trends 03:21:16
New DiLorenzo article: Glenn Beck’s Lincoln Contradictions 02:25:28
Abraham Lincoln: Tyrant (nice short video) 01:53:42
Obama is our Teapot 01:49:15
Party Thread!! 00:44:53
Party Thread!! 00:39:49
Let's make Michael Savage a poster boy for.... 00:19:32
Peter Schiff Call Bomb This Weekend- Spread this address! 00:12:11
Alex Jones: Government cyber invasion 00:05:37
Brits Get Smart and Levy 50% Big Bonus Tax: U.S. Banks Pay $1.92B in Taxes 00:04:52
Fidel Castro appears again, warns of war 00:01:21