Posted on July 19, 2010

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Southern Avenger: Why Foreign Policy Matters Most 23:10:03
US Political Prisoners 21:57:56
DISASTER Averted!!! Let's help one another out! 18:53:54
WashPost & PBS Frontline Investigation: TOP SECRET America "Out of Control" 'Intelligence' Networks 17:53:54
Jake Towne: Freedom Concert on July 30th!!! 10:55:36
We are America Rising 23:40:20
Today is Van Irion Day! 16:31:13
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Google's Wi-Spying and Intelligence Ties Prompt Call for Congressional Hearing 22:18:25
10 Ways You're Being Fleeced by Banks 22:09:05
VIDEO : NAACP proven to be racist by their own admission at a conference JULY 25 2009 21:22:53
Tea Party Gets official Congressional Caucus 20:54:16
Marc Faber: Fed to Crank Up the Printing Presses 20:36:59
Judge Napolitano speech....this is the judge at his best 20:21:18
More than 25,000 Americans file Federal Court Motion to Halt Obamacare 20:16:53
Winning for Ron in 2012 20:12:49
Mass. may join effort to bypass Electoral College. Is this good or bad? 20:06:04
Gulf Oil Spill Caused by Firefighters Flooding Deepwater Rig, Suit Says 19:55:58
Congressman Ron Paul headed to Richmond for Tea Party 19:32:12
Taxpayer-Funded ***** Pump For Jailed Illegal Alien 18:58:33
CISSP All-in-One exam guide: extreme temperatures may cause steel building to collapse 18:46:34
Feds, stop harassing the Campaign for Liberty! 18:36:32
Obama Criticizes Republicans 18:21:30
Oil, gas leaking from cap on ruptured well 18:17:29
For those who are against Arizona's new immigration law 17:50:12
My day at Pensacola Beach. Carpavel Report 17:16:47
Reality Gap: Just how Out Of Touch is the Ruling Class? Politico's recent Poll & Article provide some insight. 16:56:42
In the midst of our boat sinking, Obama gives MILLION$ to Kenya!!! 16:49:32
New Gold Backed Malaysia Money 16:37:44
Safe, Effective Solutions Ignored 15:57:03
NAACP member w/Gov job admits discriminating 15:54:53
The MSM is setting us up! Please post your thoughts at Salon! 15:39:50
July 20 Google Daily Paul {All Day Long} 14:52:19
J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Fesses Up to Monopolistic Pricing 14:49:24
Hillary Clinton unveils US Pakistan $7.5bn aid projects 14:38:18
British Prime Minister advocates stealing money from dormant bank accounts. 14:21:34
Sarah Palin admits she is a tea-o-con and Ron Paul is leader of the tea party. 13:33:34
"Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down!" 13:28:42
Good video tool for quick, specific health information 13:24:22
War and Welfare by Jim Quinn 13:19:24
The True Debate of Our Time 13:00:53
Where Is Jack Blood? 12:50:23
Bloomberg: Firestone Discusses YouTube Videos on Russian Police/Mob 12:44:18
Introducing The Youngest Freedom Fighting Libertarian Candidate in the Country! 12:14:09
Congress Passes Bankster Consolidation Bill 11:49:40
Water sample "Explodes" from gulf spill...?? Safe?? 11:35:08
King 5 News Seattle has Ron Paul Endorsed Didier polling 5% while Rasmussen has him at 48%? 11:33:44
An short interview I did with Alex Snitker 10:37:06
Wash Post Expose: Top-Secret World Created After 9/11 Has Become So Large And So Secretive That 'No One Knows How Much It Costs 10:29:52
GOP candidates stiff mainstream press 09:53:05
Top Secret America: A Washington Post Investigation 09:50:18
Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit - Available at 09:39:24
Sell $600 worth of silver or gold coins? Get Ready for Tax Form 09:26:29
3 Reasons The New Financial Regs Won't Fix Anything 09:23:29
Independents turning away from Obama, Dems 06:47:47
Post documents growth of intelligence since 9/11 05:16:13
What Does 184 Million Gallons of Oil Look Like? 05:02:20
Breaking! Israel Prime Minister - "We control US foreign policy". 05:01:56
The Ethical Case Against Intellectual Property (Copyright) By David Koepsell 03:47:47
Fear, Complexity, & Environmental Management in the 21st Century 03:36:53
Listen and LEARN from Wayne Paul 03:36:34
Free Keene: You don't have to pay the bail commissioner's fee. 03:28:13
Together, we've made more than 50,000 calls so far! 03:22:08
Stefan Molyneux on "immigration" 01:18:18
Judge Andrew Napolitano Renews Call For Indictment of Bush/Cheney 00:33:55
Revisiting Chris Martenson Crash Course video course on Economy, Energy and Environment 00:33:07
Remember dvd's for delegates? They just swiped $60 00:20:18
Rand Paul in New York July 2010 recap 00:11:13