Posted on July 2, 2010

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GOP CHAIRMAN STEELE SLAMS AFGHANISTAN WAR; NeoCon Leader Bill Kristol Calls on Steele to Resign 15:55:55
Dylan Ratingan: Geithner "Should Be Jailed For Life" 07:18:28
HR 1207 Hall of Shame 04:42:24
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Kucinich voted against Audit the Fed motion on 6.30.10 23:19:37
HEALTH ALERT: The Great Whopping Whooping Cough Epidemic of 2010 23:09:28
Has anybody else just totally, utterly, disgustedly & ragefully had it? - US Budget + everything else! 23:04:37
Cerate your own Nationstate - run it as you please. 22:49:21
Unemployment (17.6, U6) almost TWICE as high as official govt. stats and 2.2x as high, everything factored in 21:08:59
What is a "special drawing right"? 21:00:19
Kucinich and Audit the FED 20:47:19
FOX: Diabetes Breakthrough? (Implantable Verichip) 20:44:32
Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch: The Ultimate Freedom Fighter 20:42:41
Jim Rogers: US & UK Governments Lie About Inflation 18:41:16
BART Transit Officer Arrested for 2nd Degree Murder for the Shooting Death of Oscar 18:17:53
Tocqueville's Critique of Socialism (1848) Great Read! 18:03:24
Volunteers ready but left out of spill cleanup 17:35:55
Retailers on the Ropes 17:06:10
Richard Suttmeier Still Targeting Dow 8500: "But I May Have to Ratchet It Down 16:59:55
Scientists Admit Chemtrails Are Creating Artificial Clouds 16:59:06
Has abortion killed 1, 2 or 3 billion? 16:46:32
Updated satellite photo of Gulf oil spill. Oil 20 miles from Flordia Keys 16:36:37
We Miss You Please Come Back To DP 16:18:33
Drudge linked to Prison Planet:Dollar Plunges After UN Call To Ditch Greenback 16:16:09
Democrats Forced to Cheat to Fund War 16:13:28
Illegal immigration explained by Ray Stevens 16:05:23
AP -- Oil confirmed in Seabed off Coast of AL 16:03:16
U.S. Air Force Adds Undergrad UAV Training, Makes Drone Pilot a Full-Fledged Career Choice 15:57:45
BP tells Workers to talk to the Media? 15:56:58
"You're Not the Boss of Me!" July 4th rant from Larken Rose. 15:44:06
Freshman Republicans Honor Ron Paul for His ‘Audit The Fed’ Legislation 15:32:26
Missouri's Rand Paul 14:57:28
So, I just listened to Jeremiah Wright's famed sermon clip for the 1st time 14:48:10
Great memories! 14:30:29
Press For Freedom Interview with Kurt Wallace - Nullify Now 14:24:57
Crushing the Backbone of War. Is it time? 13:55:27
Senate Race in Wash: Rossi vs Didier on Immigration 13:53:26
This will Rock your boat! $700 Billion.....where did it go? 13:29:26
Lew Rockwell on the Brian Wilson Show about Nullification 13:15:32
Dr. Ron Paul still not invited to Values Voter Summit 12:44:03
Max Keiser guest on Alex Jones 7/2/10 at 1:30pm EDT 12:34:51
Tom Woods on the Janet Mefferd Show Podcast 12:30:05
Obama Says Deep Flaw In Constitution 11:31:59
Kick A$$ Tactics for the Good Guys - Robert X Johnson 11:10:40
Who Would Finance Mortgages If Fannie, Freddie Disbanded? 11:07:08
I just saw a half a train load of M1A1 tanks headed inland from Ca. 10:58:26
Great quote from Lew Rockwell 10:56:10
BP’s New Cover-Up Revealed 10:45:07
USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity 10:27:08
MSM: Nuke the Gulf Oil Well? 10:03:02
WHISTLE BLOWER to testify against BP using COREXIT to sink crude!! 09:49:44
Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to Create Jobs {Video} 09:27:43
UN report calls for world to ditch dollar, migrate to new global currency 09:18:39
A Couple Of Guys Trying To Do Their Part 09:09:43
Conn. Sen. Candidate Blumenthal as a young reporter in the sixties: Communism not 'radical' 09:03:11
Those Sons of Liberty 08:28:51
How to reduce the national debt 08:27:54
Corrupt Missouri Governor. (I'M NOT A CROOK) 08:23:33
Middle class families face a triple whammy 07:59:18
Woman ill after sex with vaccinated man (military smallpox) 07:55:55
Schwarzenegger Orders 200,000 State Workers be Paid Minimum Wage, State Controller Refuses to Comply 07:49:12
Gold banks pile on Comex paper exchange 07:43:40
Yankee Utopians in a Chinese Century (Pat Buchanan) 07:34:08
The attack on the Gaza relief flotilla jeopardizes Israel itself 07:27:10
In Leviathan We Trust by James Bovard 07:24:34
VIDEO: Rep. Pete Stark displays brazen contempt for his constituents 05:05:29
Ron Paul’s H.R.4995 and Obama’s move from “Yes, We Can!” to “Yes, You Will!” 04:47:12
Website is a lot slower (activity-wise) hey? 04:14:13
MoxNewsDotCom supports Ron Paul, now he could use some support from US. 03:58:23
Launch of Your Freedom 1st July 2010 03:18:20
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Rock on Gerry! 01:41:58
This is how you beat them at their own game!! 01:36:25
Is it possble to stop fighting with each other? 01:13:58
Ron Paul Discusses the future of "Audit the Fed" efforts (7/1/10) 00:56:20
Cant believe I found this 00:19:56