Posted on July 20, 2010

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Hillary Clinton ADMITS that the US and Pakistan created the Mujahaddin (aka Al CIA DUH) 17:50:20
Jake Towne: Running Under the Ticket of ‘Awesome’ 16:29:32
IRS to begin tracking gold and silver coin purchases 1-2012 12:24:00
Hundreds of Images from the Toronto G20 Summit 09:34:08
Liberty Candidate Kelly Nguyen Primary Today! 09:07:32
Julian Assange: Why the World Needs WikiLeaks 01:29:53
Dr. Ron Paul: When There is No Rule of Law 12:25:00
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Not Just Another RADIO Show; ON THE AIR - LIVE! 23:24:08
The People's Liberation Army (PLA) held Yellow Sea drill 23:20:29
Alex Snitker-Florida's Liberty Candidate for U.S. Senate-a few questions 22:44:12
Calling All Grassroots Video Producers: 30 Second Campaign Ad Idea 22:43:34
Peter Schiff Needs Our Help 22:41:24
Great Neo-Con Moment in Cinema 22:27:45
Strike while the Iron is Hot 21:14:51
I am against the War but for the veterans and they need our help! 21:14:22
Sens. Vitter and DeMint Attempt to Block Obama’s Lawsuit against Arizona 20:57:00
Countrywide probe snares Fannie, Freddie execs 20:43:18
Ron Paul's Views on Immigration. Do you agree or disagree? 20:38:57
Dylan Ratigan: Banksters Revealed! 20:35:00
Snyder v. Phelps: Will Misguided Patriotism Destroy Free Speech? 20:18:33
Relief effort fails many at risk of foreclosure 19:58:19
Give it Uuuuuuup for Chelene!! Dig this video 19:44:41
It’s the NAACP That’s Racist, By Definition 19:09:54
Hope on the Horizon 18:57:27
William (B.J.) Lawson, MD for Congress 18:39:40
Is America Crazy? 18:33:16
Gordon Brown Admits That Hussein Was Overthrown for the New World Order 18:07:23
Neoconservatism: An Obituary for an Idea 17:47:44
Glenn Beck trashes CFR; Disingenuous Hijack Maneuver... 17:46:37
Gov't shuts down 73,000 blogs in US 17:42:46
Movie adaptation of Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' will be a TRILOGY! 17:26:47
Gordon Brown ADMITS Iraq was invaded to FACILITATE THE implementation of the NEW WORLD ORDER! 17:19:47
Emotional last day in Uniform for Admiral Thad Allen (oil disaster commander) 17:17:43
KLEW-TV covers Idaho GOP's new 'tea-party' platform. Exciting! 17:16:24
7 Latin American countries join Mexico to challenge Arizona's immigration law!? 17:02:19
Defending Michael Nystrom in his comments about IP rights and laws! Yes he does have rights that need to be protected. 16:44:41
Leaked: "Blogs and Military Information Strategy" (military moles, propaganda, psyop strategies, examined) 16:19:56
Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police--National Guardsman faces 16 year for videotaping Cop 16:16:43
Sharon Angle ready to “go to war” with the negative image Democrats have constructed 16:07:20
Club for Growth Launches First TV Ad for Justin Amash 15:32:36
OFFENSIVE content? 15:18:48
Recalling the Russian-Georgian War of 2008 14:54:58
Capitalizing on Ignorance 14:31:20
Register On Daily Paul Today! 14:16:47
Terahertz detector could see though clothes a mile away 14:09:24
Free Dogs on Vacation video 13:54:02
Redefining Political Pressure in America 13:25:35
IP BS **added value** 13:22:49
Hearing Today on State of U.S. Coins and Currency 13:14:33
Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD and Military Suicides: U.S. Government's Message to America’s Vets: "Drop Dead" 13:07:34
Senate Judiciary panel OKs Elena Kagan for Supreme Court 12:46:09
The Afghanistan "War" is a complete "cluster****" 12:26:29
MSM won't show all of the racism 12:12:43
Who Thought Selling Discounted Silver Would Be So Hard? YAL video 12:05:37
Gold Price Has Been Declining In Price For Two Months - Now What? UPDATED - broken link fixed 12:03:37
Why we should remain positive about Schiff Campaign! 11:52:31
Is the U.S. Following in Japan’s Deflationary Footsteps? 11:50:20
the results of 7-18 schiff-bomb!! :) 11:48:02
Docs Show Journalists Conspired To Help Obama 11:39:37
"Peicemeal Dismantling of the 4th Amendment" 11:35:00
BIS Gold Swap Followup - Max Keiser 11:33:04
D.C. Declares War On States by Chuck Baldwin 11:30:07
Where are the INVESTORS, and the RISK takers? 11:05:56
Ron Paul: U.S. businesses fleeing to Congo 10:57:52
RINO Romney throws money around in Iowa 10:39:13
Tuesday humor: ScanWoW 10:35:50
Alan Grayson To Republicans Blocking Unemployment: 'May God Have Mercy On Your Souls' (VIDEO) 10:29:07
HILARIOUS! Peter Schiff's Best Quotes! 10:16:15
Barack Obama: "Transparency and the Rule of Law will be the Touchstones of this Presidency." 10:11:09
Will MSM show this? I doubt it 09:36:32
Regulation of Immigration Historically a State Function, Constitutionally speaking 09:06:58
Obama Administration Unleashes Army Lawyers Instead of Releasing Birth Certificate 08:48:11
Pick one of Obama’s critics, Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and Call Them Racists 06:18:18
Our veterans, what a shame... 05:36:10
Libertarian Party Monday Message: Feds, stop harassing the Campaign for Liberty! 04:03:03
Ron Paul headed to Richmond for Tea Party 03:57:16
Results of Phone Banking Bomb 03:53:19
The Grace Commission (Where our federal income taxes go) 03:18:17
Judge Andrew Napolitano at The American Revival 01:30:43
A wake up book that teaches how to be liberty activists 01:23:21
Jedi knights vs. libertarian cavalry on the Canadian census 01:08:50
RT: WalMartization of Weed 01:08:00
What ever happened to Charlie Veitch? Was he released? 01:02:55
Rep John Carter (R) Texas (My Representative) REPEAL the 16th Amendment 00:42:09