Posted on July 24, 2010

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When You Have Love Within You {poem} 16:37:07
Dr. Ron Paul: The Interventions Aren't Working 10:25:16
ADL's Attack On Jake Towne And Poker Face Patriot Band 09:50:57
Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling in Graduation Speech 11:47:12
Video: Congressman Paul Questions Ben Bernanke at Financial Services Hearing 10:25:42
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Does post 9/11 growth in spending on the National Security State make America safer? 22:44:27
Take Your Damm Flu Shot-The Elites Are Laughing At You 22:23:15
Ratings Agencies may have just become extinct! 21:30:27
UFO near White House - horseplay, false flag or ‘socially destabilizing’ event? 21:19:36
I want the TRUTH 20:26:53
Why the U.S. Need Not Fear a Sovereign Debt Crisis: Unlike Greece, It Is Actually Sovereign 19:53:06
Was the 16th amendment (Income tax) never properly ratified? 19:40:29
The Consequences of Communism in America! 19:01:28
Suppose There Were Food Insurance by Troy Camplin 18:24:10
Hundreds of mortgage fraud lawsuits planned 18:21:03
Jamie Bulger's murderer gets two year sentence on child porn charges. 18:16:09
65 students fall ill after tetnus vaccination in Punjab 17:11:12
New Orleans Jazz Musicians: Sorry Ain't Enough No More!!! 16:42:43
Karl Denninger Versus Ron Paul? 16:29:16
BP Oil Volcanic gusher Music Video - "Same as it ever was" 16:21:09
US economy 'gradually' improving: Geithner 16:02:03
An OUTSPOKEN Leader Among Us: 15:52:36
Coca Cola: Pollution in a Bottle? 15:41:46
For a Dream of Liberty short video 15:39:47
Police Push Disabled Woman To The Ground Then Walk Off! 15:11:16
Details magazine article putting down Rand Paul just like they did Ron in 2008 15:02:00
Judge Napolitano 14:57:54
HR 1553 introduced : Green light for Israeli strike on Iran 14:31:24
Wal-Mart Radio Tags to Track Clothing 14:23:45
Pay czar to pull back curtain on banker pay 14:18:09
Fellow patriots...Clint Didier for Senate needs our help. 14:05:36
RAIMONDO: Caught on tape: what the Israelis really think of us 14:04:06
The Declaration Deception 13:38:33
Freedom From Tyranny Is Our Goal 12:51:05
Unconfirmed Breaking News: 2 Texas Ranches taken over by Mexican Drug lords 12:48:05
Do you want to see where the money went in Hungary? 11:34:01
Obama To STOP Arizona Law From Being Enforced On 7/31 - Defend Arizona 10:53:26
Assisted suicide is back.....The USDA Food Pyramid 10:53:10
Freep this poll 10:09:20
Don’t Fear the Right They Are Potential Class Allies 10:05:32
War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields 09:52:29
The Lies That Bind: American Myth Obscures Murderous Enterprise 09:36:59
Another b/s poll being used to promote Neo-Cons 09:22:28
Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege by Senator Jim Webb (D-Va) 07:34:38
How To Stop This Insanity...? 06:49:12
Alex Snitker not saying he's Libertarian Party of Florida Candidate... Why? 06:20:03
What's going to happen when the American Consumer stops investing in Washington and the Fed Bank? 05:02:21
13 Year Old Tells Why She Phonebanks For Peter! 04:47:19
Peter Schiff - Drunk on Government Stimulus 04:35:39
Schiff for Senate phone banking results 04:33:54
Multi-Party/Pro-Liberty: Los Angeles Constitutional Congressional Coalition..Please Support! 03:50:53
Freedom Works Endorses RINO Dino Rossi Over Clint Didier. 03:14:06
Rep. Rangel Wrangling to Reinstate Slavery in the United States 03:02:13
HR 5741 The Universal Enslavement Act Introduced to House 02:23:17
The differences b/t banks & legitimate businesses 00:59:20
Discussion -- differences b/t government & private sector employees 00:45:00
Ladies, ever had a creepy guy ask for your phone #? 00:31:56
Demopublicans Moving on ANOTHER Stimulus 00:23:03