Posted on July 25, 2010

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Wikileaks: Biggest Leak in Intelligence History Chronicles Failure in Afghanistan 18:46:59
Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah 'worse than Hiroshima' 14:30:48
Jake Towne Video Statement 11:54:55
Presenting Liberty On Tour 09:53:51
ABC News 20/20: "Marijuana Is The Wonder Drug Of Our Time" 07:27:01
Big Time Rationing of UK Health Care: Secret Plans Cut Even Basics 13:54:55
Kucinich-Paul Resolution To Pull US Military Out Of Pakistan 12:54:55
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Video: Raw-food raid, guns drawn 23:10:46
Cerebral Palsy Girl Punched For Brushing Cop 23:00:01
Caravaggio's reputed bones put on display 22:01:23
European police to spy on Britons: Now ministers hand over Big Brother powers to foreign officers 21:32:48
Debunking the Constitutional Accountability Center 21:26:42
POLICE STATE - Cops & Military To Start Using New "Dazer Laser" Device 21:12:33
Medical Marijuana and ME....... UPDATE 21:03:57
Leaks Provide Ground-Level Account Of Afghan War 20:19:17
He Quit, BP's CEO Tony Hayward Resigns !!!! 20:03:48
The RJ Harris Billboard - Video 19:29:39
Welfare agencies boost voters-Will Help Obama & Dems 19:08:20
Obama is gearing up federal agencies to try to retake control of the border 19:04:47
Great Educational Opportunity 18:57:09
Shadow Banking Makes a Comeback By MIKE WHITNEY 18:53:09
The UN loves your children 18:45:13
Bill Still interviews Karl Denninger 18:09:14
Rand Paul Touts Obama as GOP's Top Political Recruiter 16:56:29
"I Am Allowed To Rob You!" - video 16:38:30
The Maltese Double Cross (1994) [Pan Am 103 Bombing Cover-up by the CIA] 16:31:10
Valedictorian puts the smackdown on Institutionalized education in graduation speech 15:22:53
Listen LIVE NOW / Join the Chat : "10 Steps to Coping w/ the Infowar" featuring 12160's Machinegunmomma 15:01:52
Ex-CIA Director: Attack on Iran Seems Unavoidable 14:43:53
Political SUNDAY SCHOOL 14:02:40
The Consent of The Governed---How the Government Really Works! 13:51:37
The ONLY question the census REALY wanted answered.. 13:43:12
Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin -- Defenders of freedom when it's convienent. 13:40:52
GM purchases sub-prime lending co. for $3.5B 13:04:23
GM purchases sub-prime lending creditor for $3.5Billion 12:49:36
Schiff for Senate Phone Banking Results for July 23rd and 24th 12:48:23
Nancy Pelosi Talks About Jesus 12:14:41
Sherry Sherrod and the Fifth Amendment 12:07:51
Weekend Meditation: Disturbing The Pieces -- ... 11:31:58
Check this chart out 10:28:01
What Truth? 10:05:27
Freedom Watch 7/24/2010 09:55:49
Keep Up The Good Work! Over 70.000 Calls Made For Peter!!!!!!! 05:46:37
Has anyone had their screen script change recently?? If so any idea how to fix it?? 03:13:07
Has anyone had their screen script change recently?? If so any idea how to fix it?? 03:05:35
Getting Revenge On Zombies-7 Day Outlook!! 02:41:35
Jesse Ventura Talks with Alex Jones About Government Harassment of His TV Show 01:26:40
With all the "conspiracies" and "hoaxes," I wonder if THEY are not the real hoaxes. 01:09:52
Tom Cole Personally Attacks RJ Harris Through Okie Pundit? 00:11:00
New 911 song I just came across 00:06:02