Posted on July 26, 2010

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Peter Schiff - Reporters and Supporters Trinity College Debate 23:59:23
America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution 23:54:23
NAFTA and US Corn Subsidies: Explaining the displacement of Mexico's corn farmers 22:55:28
Kashkari: Cut Social Security, Cites 'Me-First' Attitude Of Beneficiaries 17:40:50
Jake Towne to Dent – Is That the Best You Can Do? 09:40:19
View Is Bleaker Than Official Portrayal of War in Afghanistan 09:17:19
Dr. Ron Paul: More Secrets, Less Security 17:45:50
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Help Peter Schiff for 100 oz of Silver 23:51:01
Ron Paul is right about the dept of education 23:23:43
The Roots Of The UN 23:20:40
Illinois town is attempting to make eye rolling illegal 22:34:13
US paying Pakistan to kill American troops? 22:30:52
Invite You Friends For The Schiff Moneybomb In Facebook! 21:57:15
Schiff Confirms Million Dollar Moneybomb! 21:44:37
Time, money running out for Peter Schiff 21:44:35
Repeal Cigarette Taxes! 21:01:58
PCR: "A free market does not mean a market with no regulations. " 20:52:59
Suicide bombings 20:51:48
Blagojevich judge, attorney clash; jury sent home 20:06:08
Where Did The Gulf Oil Spill Go? It's Gone! 20:04:16
The insider: chemtrails KC-10 sprayer air to air - The proof ====✈ 19:57:34
Leaks create fresh doubt about Afghan war, secrets 19:38:11
Ron Paul - This Belief Is A Dream That Will Become A Nightmare For All Americans!. 19:28:15
Ron Paul Warns of Dollar Crash, Violence, de facto State Secessions 19:16:58
Where's BFrank? Hope he gets restored here 18:55:50
Bill Burr voted for Ron Paul! 18:22:50
Tancredo will run for governor as American Constitution Party candidate 17:57:05
Milk The Silent Killer???? 17:48:08
Dennis Kucinich Announces Two Important House Votes 17:47:26
Colo. candidate regrets slam against tea party 16:58:19
Daily Paul Registration Is Open 15:59:22
Turkey Now Issuing A Debt Free Money- But Coup Was Threatened 15:53:03
Peter Schiff moneybomb facebook profile picture thread- update your picture and bump! 15:26:23
Peter Schiff moneybomb facebook event invite thread- invite and bump! 15:25:30
Raw Video: Trespassing Christian Protestors Film Deputy's 'Rant' 15:24:07
Elected Official Uses Police to Expel Journalist from Town Hall Meeting 15:13:17
*** Iranian Oil Bourse *** What do we know today? War w/Iran? 15:02:18
Rand Paul on CSPAN 14:11:13
Does buying American made help create jobs? 14:01:09
This is WHY you give Peter Schiff ONE MILLION DOLLARS! 13:58:27
Why Obama nominated Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. 13:50:03
Full Wikileaks Press Conference - Video 13:46:06
"Kagan" Was Solicitor General on Obama's Law Suits. What Does This Mean? 13:45:19
The 14 Most Corrupt Members Of Congress Who Aren't Charles Rangel 13:39:34
The Supreme Court and the Battle for Second Amendment Rights 13:39:31
Probability of US Hyperinflation or Debt Implosion 13:22:15
Ron Paul: 850,000 share "top secret" U.S. access 13:19:31
Peter Schiff: Million Dollar Money Bomb Update 13:04:43
UK Telegraph: "The Death of Paper Money". 12:54:18
GRIGG: On Raw Food 12:53:55
Why are so many people on here focused on federal politics instead of secession? 12:43:55
Please Read the DP guidelines. 12:30:40
Hans Hoppe on why he thinks limited-government is impossible 12:28:55
Is Taxation Theft in One Page or Less 12:03:46
It's A Landslide! Netroots Want Sarah Palin To Run For President 12:00:28
George Soros backs Jack Conway against Rand Paul 11:37:49
Why U.S. citizens aren't free!!!!! 11:16:31
HATE Money Bombs? But I need your help! - HealthNut 10:53:13
WikiLeaks: More US documents coming on Afghan war 10:37:03
Journolist liberals coordinating Obama's win in 2008 10:36:42
Goldman Sachs reveals Where Bailout Cash Went 10:28:02
Al Franken attacks Rand Paul and Sharron Angle, we must be doin somthin right 10:15:53
RT- CrossTalk: Pakistan Next Target for US? 10:14:24
OKC Bombing: 10 Rreasons to Question the Official Story 10:12:57
Disabilities debate rages 20 years after George Bush signed the ADA 10:07:56
Travis Irvine, Libertarian Candidate, Meets with Rep. Ron Paul! 09:56:01
Obama tells voters things could be worse 09:46:29
Obama's Vietnam: Another War Crime 09:26:58
WikiLeaks says evidence of war crimes in documents 08:33:53
America's Growing 'Cultural Generation Gap' Between Whites And Nonwhites 07:14:25
Exclusive: US Army tries to block Jesse Ventura from filming footage of JFK's Eternal Flame for his Show!! 06:47:33
New Liberty Website In The Style Of Drudge 05:04:55
great article: 'Politics or Principle' by Scott Lazarowitz 05:00:16
Lysander Spooner vs. U.S. Postal System 04:54:40
Michael Rozeff: The Breakup of the United States 04:42:33
Obama's message to voters: Things could be worse 04:19:30
Working Links to Wikileaks: 75,000 Secret US Military Afghan War Reports 04:04:09
Want to hurt a pro Cap and Tax organization? Click on their "Pay-per-click" banner ads all over Huff Post! 02:54:44
Stop Pointing Fingers at the Left and Do Something 02:32:58
Art Robinson: Oregon 4th District *Ron Paulian* TeaParty Liberty Candidate 02:08:33
Does gold really make sense for the average person? 01:20:05
CIA Mind Control during the Cold War - National Geographic 01:08:15
Baltimore Police - Animal Abuse 00:35:30