Posted on July 29, 2010

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The Southern Avenger: Obama is a Threat to National Security 16:44:16
Ron Paul on CNN Rick's List, Afghanistan Secrets 07/29/10 22:16:56
Ron Paul Endorses Peter Schiff 16:42:16
Peter Schiff's New Ad - Just needs to be funded! 15:51:42
Liberty Candidate Live Free or Die Fundraiser July 31 2010 14:41:18
Nothing Personal, Soldier, Just Business 11:06:02
Democracy Now Interviews Julian Assange 09:58:38
'Recorded Future:' Google-CIA Partnership 08:20:00
Steve Forbes Endorses Peter Schiff 00:06:00
Peter Schiff Radio: Million Dollar Money Bomb All Day Marathon - Starts Thursday 9am 15:29:54
8 Reasons Why You Should Donate to Schiff 15:24:54
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Nullify Now! 20:33:16
People standing up! Get Fluoride out of our Water!!! 23:59:34
Ron Paul is beating Sarah and Newt in the WND/WCJ Poll 23:58:22
Peter Schiff- Recent Trinity College Debate 23:39:39
Surprising Commentary on 23:06:36
Collection of Facebook data affects you 22:18:46
Ariz. files appeal as sheriff launches new sweep 22:10:00
Jim Anderson endorsed by Kansans for Liberty founder Lynda Tyler in KS-04 race 21:50:10
The Southern Avenger- Obama is a Threat to National Security 21:43:11
Ron Paul - Afghanistan Secrets - CNN 07/29/10 21:41:38
Digg it! Glenn Beck financial scheme revealed. Caveat Emptor 20:47:31
Alex Jones to be a lead figure in 'The New Right' according to Chris Matthews 20:40:04
OK I'm out. Time to move to New Hampshire. Can anyone guide me? 20:29:21
Left Admits: Racism Charges Against Tea Parties a Tactic, Not the Truth, 20:09:17
Lindsey Graham: 'Birthright Citizenship Is A Mistake,' 'We Should Change Constitution' (VIDEO) 20:04:11
Marijuana: DC - Lets smoke this joint! 20:01:54
Arnie to Address Bohemian Club 20:01:24
Evil is evil. Compromise is compromise. We are either constitutional or we are not. Choose now! 19:58:06
Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin beating Ron Paul in this 2012 primary poll, unacceptable 18:36:56
Google: Search engine blocked in mainland China 18:21:24
Lindsay Graham: Hey, Let's Just Change The Constitution! 18:19:05
WCG 2012 Republican Nomination Poll 18:04:04
Submit to the System 18:03:22
THE SINGLE-MOST Important Reason to donate to PETER Schiff Today!!! 17:19:34
You, your children and your labor are property of the Government 17:18:30
We DON'T need any more laws! 17:12:23
Japanese Tanker - Another secret sonic attack? 17:03:04
AZ vs US: Can you follow the logic? 16:52:42
Panel hits Rangel with 13 alleged ethics charges 16:15:52
Peter Schiff - Million Dollar Money Bomb explodes today!!! 16:15:21
Check The Great Ad Which Will Be Aired With Peter´s Moneybomb Money! 16:13:24
Isn't it time for all Liberty candidates to air user-submitted campaign videos on TV? 16:08:34
Come On Everybody, Let´s Support Peter´s Moneybomb Today! 16:02:25
**Peter Schiff Trinity College Debate Part 1&2** July 27, 2010.wmv 15:57:02
Support the lesser evil. 15:54:27
C-Span coverage of DoD Breifing on Wikileaks documents 15:48:06
RAWstory: Secret US spy agency used serial killer and Nazis as sources 15:47:11
Details Mag. Aug, 2010 Issue: The Fall and Rise of Rand Paul 15:33:52
Hey! How bout a little Mogambo to brighten our day! 15:25:05
YouTube ups video limit to 15 minutes 15:06:31
Freedom Action National Conference 14:56:57
NRA-Backed "Protecting Gun Owners in Bankruptcy Act of 2010" Passes U.S. House 14:50:31
Documents Uncovered by JW Detail Meeting between DHS Secretary Napolitano and Controversial Islamic “Community Leaders” 14:42:24
PETER SCHIFF endorsed by STEVE FORBES 14:40:51
President Obama calls African-Americans a ‘mongrel people’ 14:32:51
Peter Schiff Rigorously Defends Controversial Remarks About Preemptively Bombing Iran 14:10:08
Schwarzenegger to speak at Bohemian Club conclave 14:06:33
USA says Israel can start war with Iran 13:54:27
*Corporations are not people! 13:43:44
Will my DP friends help me win a 1oz gold bar? All you have to do is 'like' a few pictures using your Facebook account 13:27:14
Wesley Snipes Appeal Denied 12:46:35
New Schiff for Senate campaign ad exposes liberal Linda McMahon 12:43:36
It's... 12:24:48
Birgitta Jónsdóttir on Alex Jones Radio Today. Will he bash Wikileaks even more? 12:08:56
All these threads about....Quitting! 11:47:35
WeAreChange LA Questions Ron Paul About 9/11 10:49:59
Does anyone here know what CIA stands for? 10:12:06
AP survey: A bleaker outlook for economy into 2011 08:14:36
Urgent National Online Poll: Who Will You Support In 2012? 08:13:21
Hank Paulson tells Congress he threatened Ken Lewis 07:48:01
Localities, states scramble to spend foreclosure relief aid 07:20:43
'The sleeping giant': Conservatives gaining force online 07:16:46
White House proposal would ease FBI access to records of Internet activity 06:57:33
Ralph Nader queries Rand Paul about support for father Ron Paul's bills 06:53:35
U.S. Long-Term Debt Situation Is One of the World’s Worst 06:49:02
Making them toe the line 06:21:11
Ron Paul and Liberal Republicans 06:17:42
Ron Paul would NOT even Cosponsor "Fair Tax" Bill 03:06:50
Cyber-Herding: Exploiting Our Use of the Internet 03:01:14
The Great BP Gulf Oil Spill Hoax of 2010 02:52:15
:-) 02:02:27
Arkaic Raps About the NWO Outside the 02 Brixton Academy from 2008 00:47:12