Posted on July 3, 2010

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Explosive article against water fluoridation (Dr. Mercola)! 23:05:46
Jake Towne's Independence Day Speech 18:35:00
Ron Paul Congratulates Michael Steele: "He should NOT Resign!" 16:49:13
Herding Cattle 14:02:39
Rick Santelli on King World News 11:58:36
Ron Paul: The War That’s Not a War 09:04:07
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Hey Philadelphia Tea Party - What's going on here??? 23:33:47
WARNING: Conspiracy Theories May Kill You!! 23:30:55
UFC 116 Chris Lytle says "Elect Peter Schiff to the Senate" in Victory Speech. 23:28:26
UFC fighter Chris Lytle gives Peter Schiff a shout out! 23:19:53
DOD: U.S. on Track to End Combat Mission in Iraq this Summer 22:37:51
Here is the video of Michael Steele's comments! 21:43:36
Raising Enough Money To Win Against the Establishment 21:31:29
Attn: Calling all anarcho-capitalists 19:52:54
Angsty Shiny Vampires and well Groomed Giant Wolves 19:30:54
We Definitely Need A Third Party 18:57:23
Jeb Bush: Welcome Legal Immigrants Better 18:53:29
Has Anyone Ever Read This? 18:16:27
YouTube: Freedom Watch July 3rd, 2010. 17:57:55
Question: Do most Americans know that Independence Day is about secession? 17:02:20
July 4: Happy Secession Day! 16:10:48
Court agrees: CA St. Workers Will Earn Minimum Wage, but.. 15:35:44
Paying Insurgents Not to Fight. Petraeus' Iraq Style Bribes Won't Work in Afghanistan 15:22:14
July 4 is 911 Truth Day at Boston Fireworks, Make it Spread! 14:02:33
RT- "no sorry" from US to Iran for US shooting down a civilian aircraft 22 years ago 12:44:39
Obama Bombshell - Redistribution Of Wealth!!!! Video Posted In 2008 12:16:17
Happy Secession Day (July 4th) 12:06:15
Border Invasion Pics (Huge Video Archive) Costing (YOU)The US Over Half A Trillion A Year 12:02:50
Obama's Immigration Hypocrisy 11:19:39
Videos: Are Americans Really This Stupid? If so, It Explains Why We Are in the Mess We're in. 10:28:44
Jaycee Dugard gets $20 million from state of California 10:23:34
Ron Paul talks in street about immigration, NWO & dollar 09:38:38
Afghanistan War: The US continues trying to kick the football 09:14:37
BP Oil Disaster Worst Case Scenario w/ Kindra Arnesen, BP Community Liaison 09:08:54
Consumer Bankruptcy Filings at Highest Level Since 2005 08:36:46
Censorship in Canada 08:28:24
Gulf Oil Disaster, Proof of Oil Rain in New Orleans ? 08:05:47
Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed 03:40:24
Had Enough Yet, America? 03:05:24
3 Reason Why Everyone Should Phonebank For Peter NOW! 02:48:38
In Justice Confirmation Hearings, Echoes of the Tea Party 02:41:12
Man pays towing company entirely with pennies 01:40:16
Liberty Candidate MoneyBomb for Independence Day-Florida 00:15:20