Posted on July 30, 2010

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* !Announcing: FreedomStock! * 20:33:16
We've Got Ron Paul - New Steve Dore Songvid 15:00:05
The Propaganda War that Took Us Down, and the Bankers Up, Up and Away 09:56:44
Antiwar Radio: Julian Assange interviewed by Scott Horton 00:52:05
Details Mag: The Fall and Rise of Rand Paul (Rumors of the Tea Party Champion's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated) 01:08:48
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Black Granny Arrested and Business Shuttered For Selling Smokes 23:44:55
"Is the government doing us more harm than good? Should we change what it does and the way it does it?" 23:09:20
Awesome anti-War on Drugs animation video - The Flower 23:02:32
IED Attacks from Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs 22:45:32
Deflation Revisited (The Studio Version) 22:11:57
Newt Gingrich Suggests Taking Out The Remaining ‘Axis Of Evil’ Members: ‘We’re One Out Of Three’ 21:05:02
RT- WikiJihad! Taliban vow revenge on leak 'sources' 20:35:31
What do you think about Ron Paul voting NAY on H.R. 847 Healthcare for 9/11 responders? 19:40:43
Ron Paul ranked #17 at gradegov dot org. What a crock of $#@&*(% 19:35:04
Tea Party Caucus Members Bankrolled by Health Professionals, Retirees, Oil Interests 19:34:14
Ron Paul's probably going to run again," Gingrich said... 19:26:39
Mr. Lincoln's War Redux Episode 1: Waiting for the disillusion wagon 19:22:28
Hackers shut down EU carbon-trading website 19:13:23
Club for Growth endorses Rand Paul! 19:09:25
Naomi Wolf: God Crashes the Tea Party 18:49:33
On the bloated intelligence bureaucracy By RON PAUL 18:26:36
Inside Howard Zinn's FBI Files 18:12:22
5 Reasons Not to Pay Your Credit Cards 18:04:59
Ron Paul Introduces Legislation To Force Greater Transparency At The SEC 17:49:55
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James Turk: Hyperinflation Will Collapse the US Dollar 17:04:10
America's Worst Job Market: What 27.6% Unemployment Looks Like 16:47:40
DIY Kit Puts Satellites Into Orbit for $8,000 16:24:38
Giant South Dakota hailstone breaks US records 15:54:05
evil does not deserve the right to exist 15:51:43
Are credit scores a ploy to "psyche" people into borrowing via the myth that all good people must have credit!? 15:50:39
Presentation of Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class Maplewood, Minnesota 15:33:46
Is this how the Marxists (Demorats) plan to maintain control of the House and Senate??? 15:23:04
Florida's HR 1207 Wall of Shame 14:59:06
Ron Paul Endorses Peter Schiff for US Senate 14:41:32
Message From Poker Face Patriot Band 13:56:37
WOW.. "The Daily Paul Newsletter." 13:53:12
Tim Turner is now the interim president of new republic of United States 13:49:31
The Latest on Lawsuit Showing "Barry Soetoro" is Obama's Legal Name 13:34:54
Blumenthal complaining about Peter Schiff's ad! 13:33:58
Diabetes -- Any good sites to share?? 13:32:22
Book says many U.S. universities are waste of money 13:27:34
Va. Politician Wants Tougher Illegal Immigration Laws 13:19:07
Costco Poll on Photo Radar 13:10:35
Going to campaign for Schiff this weekend 12:48:28
Gingrich expects the good Dr. to run in 2012 12:28:42
Recovery loses speed as consumers turn cautious 12:23:31
Rand Paul's Former Campaign Manager Defends Maddow Interview (VIDEO) 12:15:54
Sheriff Joe Arpaio not relenting after court ruling 12:07:12
Thick Oil still causing damage in LA. 11:53:20
a 11:49:49
May take 10 days to cap abandoned, leaking well off Louisiana coast 11:49:31
Candidate attack against Alex Snitker from Citizen and Former chair are without merit 11:00:06
Arizona Lawsuit: Only the Supreme Court has Jurisdiction? 10:41:26
Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed 10:09:46
ACLU Slams Obama's Security Policies 09:34:10
China Overtakes Japan to Become Second Biggest World Economy 09:30:58
Romantic relationships and Ron Paul supporters 09:26:54
California Approaches "Fiscal Meltdown"; Schwarzenegger Declares Fiscal Emergency 09:25:57
Wanna Hear a Real Conspiracy Theory? 09:23:44
Conversations With A Neo-Conservative From A Christian Perspective 09:20:16
Jake Towne Calls on Charlie Dent to Repeal Health Care Tax 09:10:49
Why the Tea Party Movement Must Oppose Illegal Immigration and Amnesty 09:04:30
The Taliban is 'hunting down informants' named on Wikileaks 08:21:19
The President's Job Plan: Expand Weapons Exports by Gutting the Approval Process 07:50:05
Fed Official: Long-Term Deflation Possible 07:11:53
The SEC need NOT respond to FOIA requests, thanks to Dodd/Frank Wall Street Reform Bill 06:51:23
Troops in Afghanistan-Coming Home at Last? Pat Buchanan 06:23:07
Florida Libertarian Party Candidate Alex Snitker: Selling Out Our Children’s Education 03:38:25
FREE eBook Online "Economics in One Lesson" By Henry Hazlitt 02:00:56
Call to "The Black Regiment." 01:26:53
Ron Paul iPhone App update 00:55:39
You can call this song...the United States Blues 00:13:36