Posted on July 4, 2010

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FREEDOM WATCH: Johnson - Mack - Woods & Barr, Prepare for Fireworks! 17:14:47
G20 prisoner #0106 14:11:11
First Amendment Suspended in GOM as Oil Cover-up Goes Orwellian! 02:19:26
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Peter Schiff: Government Loves Misery 23:28:03
Poll !!! Obama's first year in office..... 22:34:06
Eyeborg: Canadian Rob Spence replaces eye with video camera 22:16:50
TX straight Talk- Big Government and the Fed: A Sinister Alliance 22:01:03
Ron Paul on CNN 07/04/10: RNC Chair Michael Steele War Comments 21:16:06
Promote Fox Business! 21:04:15
July Fourth 2010: The State Versus the Individual 20:52:02
"Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration of INDEPENDENCE !!!" (the best pro liberty song/video ever made by One Republic) 20:47:12
"For Liberty" Netflix Bomb!!! 20:40:47
Did I enter Bizzarro World? 20:38:25
Anyone heard of REACT? 19:00:36
How Supreme is the Supreme Court? [Republicae] 18:53:38
How about a daily Tea Party drum beat against DC Tyranny via daily emails. 18:32:45
DHS Taking Over Oil Response Website: .com Becoming .gov 17:50:21
Special Report: Should BP nuke its leaking well? 17:01:35
Retribalizing and the Remnant 16:21:56
VIDEO: Bad News 16:15:16
Why AZ Should Not Reelect McCain - He Can't Be Trusted to Tell the Truth 15:52:32
Day two of zero chemtrails here 15:27:43
LOL - An Urgent Message from the President about the Air Quality. 15:24:35
One Minute LOL - Breaking the Gulf Stream 15:23:57
Dependence Day Watching - "Spying on the Home Front" (Room 641A) 14:45:06
This is why i hate DHS (short powerful video) 13:48:20
Celebrate Freedom - Chastise Tyranny - The Ethanol Scam 13:42:33
The Erosion of Individual Liberties: When Justice and Politics Become One 13:41:29
Support Ron Paul's Hemp Farming Bill of 2010!!! 13:23:04
Obama: Being American is 'not a matter of blood or birth' 13:22:34
Raping Gaza 13:15:11
Obama Administration Denies 95% of Whitehouse Tour Requests 13:09:45
"The Overton Window" reviewed (sorta) 13:08:21
Happy Independence Day Patriots! 13:02:13
Independence Day with Tom Woods and Nullification Live 1pm Eastern 12:58:13
Dollar-Denominated Debt Deflation 12:34:23
Ron Paul- Fed Has Won Battle But Will Lose the War!! 12:19:24
A Poem about Modern Day Banking 12:13:43
Mary Croft Interview: "How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash confiscatory agency known to man" 11:58:52
The Declaration of Independence from Israel and the Neocon cabal 11:54:14
Pelosi to Aspiring Musicians: Quit Your Job, Taxpayers Will Cover Your Health Care 11:50:17
Israel can't be trusted to probe Gaza flotilla raid, say Rachel Corrie's parents 11:34:10
DeMint: Graham 'wrong' on Tea Party 11:10:49
Petraeus: 'We are in this to win' in Afghanistan 11:06:58
Some disgusting Orwellian news and a Poem for you all! Happy 4th!! 11:04:59
Iran remembers victims of airliner shot down by US 11:00:05
Linda Hunnicuttt - Where she stands. 10:56:41
The 1780s: America's first debt crisis 10:24:14
Understanding the Dec. of Independence video 10:15:17
Taking my stand... I am running for Governor of Maryland 09:58:34
First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico 09:48:38
The age old stuggle - Accept Tyranny or Fight for Freedom! 09:33:33
OFF TOPIC Film: "The Micro Men" 08:28:04
Dave Welch, Bill Hybels and...Sam Adams? 08:20:37
Jefferson Refers to Citizens as Subjects...discovered on the 3rd of July! 05:27:19
1/4 of America Doesn't Know Who We Gained Independance From 05:23:20
Freedom Watch -- they need to change the format... 02:58:53
Permanently banned from the Miami-Dade Metrorail for taking photos 00:43:45
Bill Still: The Secret of OZ / Solutions For a Broken Economy 00:11:46