Posted on July 5, 2010

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The Southern Avenger- 'Conservative' Lindsey Graham 22:25:56
Ron Paul Video To Convert Our African American Friends 15:44:12
Bill Kristol Must Resign! Immediately, if not sooner… 11:38:03
TSA To Block Websites With “Controversial Opinions” 09:15:12
Weekend Listening #2: Jim Rickards - What's Coming 11:30:39
Most Powerful Army Fighting War Against People Who Have NO Tanks! NO Planes! NO Ships! Ron Paul on war funding 11:33:05
Weekend Listening #1: Something is Coming 11:33:30
Weekend Watching: 'For Liberty' Now OFFICIALLY Online for Free Viewing! 11:32:31
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Increase your employment prospects to 50% 23:47:56
The President WARNED US.....I have never seen this! He was right!! 23:30:17
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Really Starting to Feel Like 1932 22:50:04
MUST READ: Why You should NEVER call Cops for Help. 21:49:51
Notice how the live feed of the oil leak........ 21:43:51
95 YO postal worker retires; no sick leave in 37 years 21:41:03
MUST HEAR: Tom Woods on Janet Mefferd Show, June 29, 2010 dicussing Nullification! 21:30:05
These Small Chances.... 20:52:10
A 2-minute assignment: Fighting Propaganda 20:49:05
Freshman GOP Congressmen Honor Ron Paul for Best Bill of 111th Congress - HR 1207 20:47:11
Greenwald - The BP/Government police state 20:40:02
Brief Biography of Thomas Paine From The Organization He Helped To Found With LaFayette and Ben Franklin 20:39:05
Pete Stark brazenly mocks constituents at town hall meeting -- "Who you gonna kill today? " 19:56:34
MUST SEE: TOO Late to Apologize [ya,Tyrants!!!]: A Declaration 19:37:48
Over Ten Years of Events That Led Up to the The Declaration of Independence and The American Revolution 19:29:46
Tar Balls Wash Up in Ron Paul's Galveston 19:13:54
The Complete Declaration of Independence If It's Been Awhile Since You've Read it or If You've Never Read it ... 19:10:19
MUST READ: Obama WH plans a National ONLINE ID Program! 18:49:01
Peter Schiff Meets the People 18:16:00
Schiff for Senate -- Let's reclaim our Independence 18:12:00
Eminent Domain: We're All Indians Now 18:01:49
Tar balls from Gulf oil disaster turn up in Texas 17:57:45
Need a good laugh? 17:30:09
JFK assassination reseacher jailed 17:07:49
NRA to support Harry Reid this November? 16:59:29
Tar balls reach inland lake in Louisiana 16:54:32
Alleged spy Max Keiser 16:13:24
Newsweek editor asks: ‘Why are we fighting a major war in Afghanistan?’ 15:50:39
EPA has just shut down today 33% of the country’s refining capacity. 15:36:45
"Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world” 15:16:31
Daily Paul suggestion 15:05:29
Gallup Poll: Conservatives Are More Than Twice as Likely as Liberals to Be Strongly Patriotic 14:41:27
Thomas Jefferson Lives: He's Ron Paul 14:15:16
"Republican" Tom Cole Attacks Steele and Defends Obama's War in Afghanistan? 14:07:44
Great Android/iPhone/Web/Windows/Mac/etc app called Visible Vote 14:06:35
Is America Really Free, If A Privately-Owned Central Bank Controls Our Currency And Runs Our Economy? 14:00:44
Graham Says Tea Parties Are DONE. 13:09:56
Business Insider: Is America Really Free, If A Privately-Owned Central Bank Controls Our Currency And Runs Our Economy? 12:35:28
My Tea Party 12:24:50
Could we Pleeeeeeease use "Search" before posting? 12:06:25
Arrogant Whitacre takes Corvette giveaway to Texas. Where's my government issued Vet? 12:04:11
IDF objector sprays 'Free Gaza' graffiti on Warsaw Ghetto wall 11:39:15
Interesting! When was the last time anyone looked at this 11:30:05
NV Democrats floundering. How are their conventions going in YOUR state? 11:16:28
State of Texas Deploys Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System 10:59:46
Food and Depopulation 10:35:10
Nice puff piece on Rand Paul 10:32:42
International Banking Colossus in the Making 09:47:10
Threatened Whale Sharks unable to avoid oil spill (with video) 09:30:46
Foreign flagging of offshore rigs skirts U.S. safety rules 09:18:40
Government Stimulus Programs Not Enough, So Retailers Create Their Own 09:17:25
Daughter of Mossad Chief: I Refuse to Enlist in the Israeli Military 09:11:51
Mexico's drug war heats up near Arizona border 09:06:58
U.S. Banks Admit Financing Mexico Drug Gangs~ $378.4 Billion! 09:04:54
Man faces FELONY charge after 'harrassing e-mail' to Jim Bunning 08:57:22
R Lee Wrights Forms Exploratory Committee to Run for President on LP Ticket 07:27:20
fed audit would be great.. 07:09:24
President Obama says yes to immigration reform 05:09:02
Could Someone Analyze This For Me? 02:41:20
Canadians protesting police treatment in biggest mass arrest 02:13:43
I'm a Conservative and I Support Michael Steele 01:52:45
MUST VIEW: Ron Paul to CNN's Don Lem[ming]- "Well, I think YOU ARE NOT TELLING the TRUTH yourself, right now!" 01:25:12
Gulf Disaster/Psychic Mediums tonight on CoasttoCoast 00:23:54