Posted on July 6, 2010

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Homeless man rescues American flag during storm 17:39:24
Watch it happen - Live capture of market manipulation 16:44:40
US taxpayers’ Afghan aid money buys rich Afghans’ Dubai villas 13:03:32
Feds to file lawsuit over Arizona immigration law 12:50:12
HuffPo Exclusive: Paul & Frank Call For Military Spending Cuts 18:39:24
"Republican" Tom Cole Attacks Steele and Defends Obama's War in Afghanistan? 12:39:09
CNN: Ron Paul Supports & Congratulates GOP Chairman Michael Steele 09:23:06
Dr. Ron Paul: The Future of Audit the Fed 09:22:38
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New Schiff Phonebanking Application - Please Help With Easy and Efficient Activism 23:04:53
James Traficant has been disqualified in his bid to return to Congress 22:42:31
Obama: Bumbling Incompetent…or Bumbling Marxist? 21:35:47
Gerald Celente: Currency Crises Will Collapse the Markets 21:27:05
Ted Hayes: "...Amigo, NOT SO!" 20:38:29
45 Communist Goals 20:22:39
Indie Black Actress and Cousin are Ron Paul r3VOLutionaries! 19:08:08
A History of the Laissez-faire Economic Philosophy 18:56:29
Cop bullies little lady from reporting in gulf on sick worker 18:54:05
Warning from President John Kennedy 18:49:40
PPP Poll has Rand Paul tied with CON way 18:03:30
Ron Paul on Alex Jones show 17:53:31
Palestinians build houses from sandbags. Pretty cool. 17:46:56
Need help-Arguing with friend about BP committee being denied subpoena power 17:42:30
Our tax dollars at work - Killing our own soldiers. 17:18:44
Weekend Warriors No More 16:37:40
RT- It's about money, not peace: Norman Finkelstein on Netanyahu visit to US 16:28:30
MSNBC on Assassination of Americans, Impeach Obama Now 16:22:41
It's easy to laugh at the occupation when you're the oppressor 16:03:39
Hays County Texas deputies accused of excessive force against 80 yr-old man and his son 16:01:42
Anyone here tried food from E foods direct? 15:31:23
Liberty Campaign Training in North Carolina! 15:18:42
Over 20 Reasons to donate over $20 to the Justin Amash money bomb, July 8th. 15:03:52
Obama and Supreme Court May be on Collision Course 14:59:53
The endangered senators list 14:32:44
Blame Yourself. 14:31:19
Congressman Ron Paul “Suspicious” Of BP, U.S. Government Response To Spill 13:55:33
Bill Clinton opposed to assault on Iran 13:40:03
Biden claims: "I think we can beat Rand Paul -- absolutely." 13:25:21
Rand & Conway Even at 43% Each, according to Public Policy Polling 13:13:18
Federal Lawsuit over Arizona to be Filed Today 12:52:35
Mexican mafia gives green light to kill sheriff 12:39:43
US Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning is a Patriot 12:39:39
-- No Strings Attached 12:25:40
Bilderberg Breaker Estulin: US builds 13 secret bases for war with Russia 12:19:34
Strawman? Do you guys understand what this is? 12:16:50
DJI + 134.00 ! 12:08:53
Steve Forbes to host fundraiser for Rand Paul 12:08:08
Wall Street Journal: Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse 11:54:25
24 Types of Libertarians: Which One Are You? 11:45:10
CNN: Ron Paul hits government oil spill efforts defends GOP chairman 10:08:53
Did anyone watch the debate between Bill White & Kathie Glass last night? 10:03:06
Rand Paul's Political Rise is Unique 09:11:09
Study: Some voters may make end run around logic 08:28:26
Remarks to the Punta Gorda Tea Party July 3, 2010 08:15:12
Al Gore vs Ross Perot NAFTA 07:46:31
How Wall Street and government sucked working and Middle Class Americans into perpetual Debt Serfdom 06:51:14
Are We Sure States Can’t Declare Bankruptcy? 06:46:53
Fed Gov. Says Bank Lending Dropping, May Lag for Years 06:43:39
Federal Reserve's super easy monetary policy is still called for says Chicago Fed Head 06:42:30
More Debt, Obama Tells the World by Eric Margolis 06:36:50
A 2007 Interview with Judy Woodward 03:14:55
GOP 'hero' Jan Brewer claims that people will die without a one billion dollar tax increase 03:00:36
Exclusive: ‘Drug war insurgent’ Barry Cooper may face prison for ‘false reports’ to police 02:46:49
Many DPers are going to love this... (cop has census worker arrested) 02:43:18
Article of the Day! Depression/ Deflation ... .& Gold! 02:26:48
New blovel about currency collapse in the USA 02:25:07
Schiff for Senate -- Let's reclaim our Independence 01:50:10
Success! - Converted my Roommate 01:33:46