Posted on July 8, 2010

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Video: Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway, Round One 19:55:21
Ron Paul UNPLUGGED: July 8th, 2010 CBS News Interview! 16:56:05
Appeals from Liberty Candidates 14:40:36
Television Watching Hits Record Low 14:08:57
RJ Harris - The Final Countdown July 8 Money Bomb 09:02:38
Send Amash to Congress Moneybomb - July 8th!! 09:10:38
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Assualt with a deadly...smoke? 23:59:44
Humor - Language - Media Manipulation - Good laugh 23:56:46
Louisianians, I would like to remind you 23:54:08
I believe if Dr. Paul were earnestly (no pun intended) asked, 23:39:53
"American Empire: Before the Fall" Available Now! 23:25:50
Rep. Ron Paul Hints The Re”love”ution May Live Again... 22:43:49
The Charge of the Media Brigade 22:26:14
A Simple Time 21:56:56
∞ How/where is Cindy Sheehan? 21:50:21
Oscar Grant Murder Case [updated] 21:26:02
Controlled Demolitions 21:18:18
Tar ball in Cocoa Beach, FL - Atlantic side central FL 20:59:58
IMF Solution: People get Austerity & Banks get More Stimulus $! 20:54:53
War-time nickels. 50 cents over spot per ounce. 19:07:30
Banksters Target Conservative/Libertarian Liberal Arts College 19:02:15
Just Imagine what President Ron Paul could do with the power of executive order! 18:49:27
Galileo on Radio Friday 18:34:08
The Revolution 2.0 is ready to launch! 18:19:05
Race to Debase - Middle 2010 18:04:30
Too Kooky For Kentucky Congrats to Rand Paul 18:02:34
RON PAUL Ponders 2012 Run? REMEMBER what it took to get HIM to RUN? 17:59:27
What kind of car 17:40:27
Jesse Jackson Jr. Offered $1 Mil For Senate Seat 17:31:03
∞ Gulf oil spill water samples with some initial lab results 17:28:23
Bin Laden Cook Accepts Plea Deal at Guantanamo Trial 17:21:59
APNewsBreak: $500K donated to Ariz. to defend law 16:57:52
Companies brace for end of cheap made-in-China era 16:53:06
Peter Schiff now selling Gold & Silver 16:47:45
Mass Vax? CDC Wants Everyone to Get Swine (Plus 3) Flu Shots This Fall 16:31:44
Another Round of Prohibition Anyone? 16:30:25
NY National Guard Involved In Mass Arrests Of U.S. Citizens 16:15:36
Need a break ? Fun off topic story WOW 16:14:55
IMF offers tough medicine to bring U.S. budget deficit under control 15:55:27
Neocons Should be called Neocons, not Republicans! 15:38:27 Homepage for Liberty 15:36:07
Ron Paul- End this War! After 20 Years of Killing the Fighting and the Lies Continue With No End in Sight! 15:33:12
Fungus-tainted corn a factor in Africa HIV spread? 15:25:30
NSA plan to oversee cybersecurity plan draws cautious support 15:02:06
-TOO WEIRD!- 1970’s BP ‘Offshore Oil Strike’ board game 14:21:36
Do you believe in an Errorless Society? 14:21:23
Ron Paul in SF (2007) 14:19:50
BP Oil spill awareness - music video by Pat Robinson 14:11:50
U.S. should cut deficit to spur recovery, IMF says 13:47:45
Judicial Watch files ethics complaint against Joe Sestak over WH jobs scandal 13:46:14
Supreme Federal Tyranny for Arizona! 12:56:09
21st Century Gold Rush 12:45:26
Race To Debase - Middle 2010 - Gold & Silver #1 12:43:41
NH: Dramatic "arrests" shake PorcFest (New Hampshire) 12:27:47
Did the Fed secretly monetize 678 billion in Treasuries in 2009 on top of its admitted 286 billion? 12:09:39
Is Terror Only Inflicted By Terrorists? 12:02:13
Ann Coulter v. Bill Kristol and "permanent war"? 11:57:30
Threats Leveled at US?? 11:56:08
"We Can't Make It Here" 11:36:07
Hearing the Christian Crickets Chirp from DeMint's Office on "America's War" 11:26:05
Bank of International Settlements knew that there was a credit bubble in 2007, if not earlier. 11:19:07
U.S. Missiles Deployed Near China Send a Message 11:10:04
Campaign donation idea 11:08:49
How Freedom Fares Under Islamic Law 10:57:10
The Subjectivity of Stock Prices 10:51:17
Oil containment effort facing 2 key moments 10:27:18
G20 police ‘yanked’ off prosthetic leg of 57 year old amputee 10:22:58
Making a living off STUPID people... 09:38:46
Is China on the Brink of a Full-Fledged Property Collapse? 09:33:09
Notable conservatives who support legalizing marijuana 09:20:26
Ron Paul's "What if?" on mercola today 09:10:17
DIGG : Ron Paul ponders politics, 2012 run 09:04:16
DIGG: Thomas Jefferson Lives - He's Ron Paul! 09:01:03
New Doco - Generation Zero 08:52:58
Federal Reserve weighs steps to offset slowdown in economic recovery 08:32:00
Ron Paul Reggae - Is there a Doctor in the House? 08:14:43
Max Keiser- Wanna Catch a Wall St. Manipulator? Track down their Kiddy Porn 06:40:28
MUST READ: "Ron Paul ponders politics, 2012 run" - CNN, July 8, 2010 04:26:54
Tucker Carlson--" two years the national debt will be 100% of GDP....and clearly that is not sustainable" 04:14:52
A very quiet Major Hero of the r3VOLution 02:16:43
Rand Paul NYC Webster Hall Rally Invitation [VIDEO] 01:56:27
Congitive Surplus: Lets Tap it for the R3VOLution 01:37:06
Report: NSA creating spy system to monitor domestic infrastructure 01:28:50
CNN - Ron Paul ponders politics, 2012 run 01:10:03
Who Was Jesse James? 01:00:54
Prelude to gold confiscation? 00:59:08
If your contact is off you have no right 00:56:43
Some Interesting Statistics 00:41:19
MUST READ: The Return of the Neocons 00:30:04
The Idaho Republican Party now officially wants to make it so we can no longer vote for our Senators... 00:05:18