Posted on August 10, 2010

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FOX: Ron Paul & Lew Rockwell: "We Have A Dictatorship When It Comes To Foreign Policy" 22:20:29
Peter Schiff for US Senate Primary Election Results 14:05:25
Rand Paul on Your World With Neil Cavuto 8/10/10 23:03:02
Can we hit 10,000 Daily Paul Facebook friends? 06:41:25
"Pat Tillman is not with 'God'..." 05:46:56
*Must Hear* New Revolution Hip-Hop Track and Video 22:50:13
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Why are there so many of you that disagree with some of Dr. Paul's stance on issues here on the DP? 23:58:50
Local Tea-Party Helps defeat 100M Boondoggle 22:46:18
RT: Gibbs needs drug test, not "professional left" 22:40:36
Take heart, Ray McKinney won his Georgia House Primary... 21:52:02
US-backed fighters in Iraq defect to Al Qaida 21:34:12
Schiff lost...start buying gold and silver NOW 21:24:48
Another Example of the 1 Minute E Voting Machine Hack !!!! NO FREEDOM TILL THESE ARE GONE!! 21:14:39
Man Sues State for Mandatory Health Insurance (Massachusetts) 20:48:57
A Taxpayer supporting Barak Obama is like a Chicken supporting Colonel Sanders 20:35:19
dp loading - freezing problem? 20:29:00
A man in a uniform murders a young man for not "obeying" his "authority" 19:43:11
The U.S. committed intentional, calculated genocide against Iraq, how do you feel and what do you think about that? 19:31:47
Fancy Farm's winners and dirty tricks 19:21:35
Poll to support Rand: Did the GQ (aqua buddha) story change your opinion of Rand Paul 19:00:02
Will Israel really attack Iran within a year? 18:48:12
The Wilkow Majority 18:43:07
BUSTED! "Racist" Tea Party (infiltrator) NEW VIDEO 18:32:45 is winning the Info War - But they need donations! 18:26:33
Former Obama Campaigner Caught Provocatuering As ‘Racist’ Rand Paul supporter 18:18:40
Bill Kristol says he has friends who are very familiar with the 15,000 Wikileaks documents which have not been released yet. 17:46:14
Mises 25th Anniversary Mystery Speaker, 2010 16:48:23
America's Ruling Class 16:34:48
Root cause of HYPERINFLATION...... 16:31:39
Mr. Lincoln's War Redux Episode 2: CSA or CIS? 16:04:41
Rand on Hannity's radio show! (UPDATE) 15:58:42
Any news on how Schiff is doing in the exit polls? 15:38:58
Bloated State Governments Receive Their Bailout 15:32:55
Monotization Has Begun - Fed to Reinvest Maturing Mortgages in U.S. Bonds and Treasuries! - Schiff Was Right Again! 15:21:15
Fannie-Freddie Bailout: $148B and Counting 14:57:51
What is an appropriate use of federal authority ? 14:50:10
Ex-Mexico President Calls For Legalizing Drugs 14:46:33
update: Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens dies in plane crash 14:18:18
Major Market BROADCAST Ron Paul Patriot Radio Show 13:58:00
Obama Takes Page Directly from Neocon's Book on Prosecuting Whistleblowers 13:48:54
Rangel says he's not quitting despite ethics case 13:43:26
Primaries ending in Colorado, Connecticut; real brawls just starting 13:39:06
Good Luck Peter Schiff 13:29:33
RT- 'Iran's US-built reactor received uranium from abroad for years' 13:29:24
Save H1N1 whistleblower today! Hearing Thursday 12:54:29
Food is "Safe" to eat from the Gulf. They told me soooo....? 12:50:37
Does anyone know how BJ Lawson is doing? 12:49:04
Humor -politicians at work? 12:42:17
This site has some inappropriate ads. 12:06:17
CBS Poll: rate Obama's first year 11:48:39
Ron Paul Rally -- Principles Over Politics 11:45:21
Terri McCormick MoneyBomb WEDNESDAY AUGUST 11 11:36:43
Terri McCormick MoneyBomb 11:35:25
Teachers, nurses and cops 11:30:45
Sen. Ted Stevens (Alaska) has Crashed; Not sure if he survived 11:28:19
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Skewers Senate Partisanship Over Supreme Court Confirmation 11:23:30
Some Firms Struggle to Hire Despite High Unemployment 10:48:28
"Unusual Uncertainty" - Fed Announcement Today, 2:15pm 10:44:34
Another MSM Rand Paul smear attempt 10:41:35
DoD to slash 100 Billion from budget over next 5 years 10:37:22
Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens On Board Plane That Crashed in Alaska 10:28:28
The Insane Control the Asylum 10:25:11
"Rawman & Green-Girl" is now online. 10:10:33
The Southern Avenger- Gay Rights or States' Rights? 10:04:20
Minting Madness 09:59:12
Eco-burial Ceremony in China 09:57:53
Obama thugs beat up black tea party member June 08, 2010 09:44:44
The UK Great Repeal Bill!! aka Freedom Bill 09:16:16
Support *FREEDOM WATCH* all week 08:20:34
Peter Schiff admits he probably won't win today 07:51:34
. 05:57:47
BBC: Ex-President Of Meixco Calls For Legalization Of All Drugs! 05:25:02
Libertarian Elected Mayor of James Island, South Carolina 05:01:34
Today IS Schiff-day! 04:37:25
Green Party Illinois U.S. Senate Candidate LeAlan Jones Strongly Supports 2nd Amendment 02:32:58
The Tao of Earl Grey: Making the Green Tea Party the Black Tea Party 02:24:52