Posted on August 11, 2010

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I am Glenn Beck and Bill Maher's Love Child 23:24:26
The Southern Avenger - How Partisanship Hurts Conservatism 20:42:09
Schiff Announces Possibility of 2012 Run Against Lieberman! 14:17:05
Google CEO Says Anonymity Online Is 'Dangerous' 10:08:30
U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know 07:37:33
What Handouts To Cut by Walter E. Williams 07:30:44
Phase 2 of "The Chicken Coop" (the "p" is silent) 10:24:02
Good Night America... a lullaby(e) by Steve Dore 12:38:11
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Humor: For Republicans this guy is very clever 23:46:55
Attention Liberty Bell . Just Liberty Bell 23:33:21
Glenn Beck Goes ‘Bob Barker’ To Explain How The Federal Reserve Works 23:10:29
Statements from the Treasury Dept. and Obama marking Ramadan 22:38:46
Great Idea! Bug Me protects your Identity when doing reasearch... 22:37:55
30,000 line up for housing vouchers, some get rowdy 22:20:58
As Another War Approaches... 22:14:24
O.K. so whats going on? 22:04:55
Col. Archibald Roberts on nullification 21:55:48
Lew Rockwell's Book "The Left, The Right and The State" only $17.76 21:51:57
Who Owns You? 20% of the Genes in Your Body are Patented (Video) 21:29:22
Freedom Watch All Week YouTube links 20:23:49
For Those With Jobs, a Recession With Benefits 19:19:57
Orwell Turning In His Grave... 19:19:55
11 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve Must Go 18:42:15
We fight, China wins 18:22:51
*Prioritized List of Liberty candidates* 18:22:35
New "Superbug" on the Way 18:05:44
H.R.450: Enumerated Powers Act 17:55:58
Ridley Report- NH: Ex-Congressmen back Ron Paul on Fed audit attempt 17:10:34
War Protestor Aressted for Carrying a Sign 16:43:20
Neil Cavuto versus ICE Director John Morton... 16:40:13
Gerald Celente Silences Fox News Talking Head on Freedom Watch 16:14:12
Rasmussen Reports Clearly Manipulating Election Through Polling Practices 15:48:01
Michael Badnarik comments on Restore America Plan 15:35:07
Christian County MO judge: Broke Public defender's office must represent client 15:19:41
Ron Paul Republicans Should Have Focused on Hostettler, Not Schiff 15:06:46
Rand's Accuser: "Rand Paul DID NOT Kidnap Me!" 15:03:28
Cringe-inducing typo outside N.C. school 14:24:21
Alarm over 'unbeatable' enzyme that could make all bacterial diseases resistant to antibiotics 14:08:05
Ron Paul - We Can't Make it Here 14:07:40
Every Bill Should State Its Constitutional Authority Congressman Says 13:55:59
Need help from smart Daily Paulers 13:47:14
Senate Could Pass Border Bill During Recess 13:13:03
In the News: Photo Radar Ends in AZ ? 13:12:09
Jim DeMint on Ken Buck's Win in Colorado 13:05:41
Gerald Celente: US Depression Will Lead to Another Fake War 12:22:23
4409 -- How to get on the Governments Short List ;) 11:59:51
Welcome to Mexico! Excuse the Mess—We’re Remodeling 11:42:45
Tea Party one step closer to ruining GOP's Senate hopes 11:23:07
‘Buy and Bail’ Homeowners Get Past Fannie, Freddie Loan Hurdles 10:34:23
Why all the Rand questioning/bashing? 10:32:59
A Ron Paul monarchy 10:30:04
'We socialists' vs. 'we the people' (Washington Times) 10:25:24
A Prayer for Those Economically Impacted in the Gulf of Mexico 10:24:04
The Fed's New Debt Purchase: Some questions and answers 09:44:30
The Lebanon,MO Tea Party (LTP) overtaken by GOP 09:39:30
Inexhaustible Energy Source 09:35:56
RJ Harris and Peter Schiff should run as independents. 09:35:33
Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling 08:29:06
Top Fed Official Warns Fed Risks Repeating Past Mistakes 08:00:58
How is JAKE TOWNE'S campaign coming along? 07:55:00
Bloomberg: U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It: Laurence Kotlikoff 07:53:08
Constitutional Amendments and Citizenship Rights 07:32:24
Federal Reserve Control Cheats Main Street 07:08:36
States not facing teacher layoffs get federal money from education jobs bill anyway 07:06:24
Memo to Alan Greenspan: Keep Quiet by John Stossel 07:01:13
Cars hacked through wireless tire sensors 03:18:25
Sarah Palin - Fake Teapartier - McCain/RNC Hack - Here's proof 01:02:22
All Time Great UTube Video - Everyone Should Watch Before November - Our 2 Party System 00:19:12
Ken Buck may win primary for CO Senate seat 00:10:40