Posted on August 12, 2010

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Video: The Flower 20:24:02
A Paul Craig Roberts Lament 12:19:45
The Hill: Ron Paul Could Play Spoiler in 2012 15:16:24
Fed Leads America “To The Brink Of Collapse” 09:22:18
For the DP dog lovers... 11:08:15
An Early Ron Paul Birthday Party 15:15:04
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Did the U.N. send our troops to Vietnam? 23:07:45
The $100,000 Bill with Woodrow Wilson on the Face : PUKE! 22:51:49
2nd amendment and prostitution. 22:46:58
Regionalism--Death Of The American System 22:22:13
Hidden in Wis. national forest: marijuana megafarm 21:49:32
Pentagon cautions WikiLeaks over new document dump 21:37:54
Could bad dancing help save the world? 21:32:50
Need some 0.02 re: Refinance? 21:18:39
Immigration chief: 'We're going to get this right' 21:18:33
Activists Take On Fluoridated Water in Wichita 19:58:41
What They Do in Our Name 19:56:18
Bailouts Went To Foreign Banks: Congressional Report Confirms 19:54:04
The Federal Reserve as an Illegal Alien 19:14:29
Economy teeters on Brink of destruction....Stock Market ready for the big fall..... 19:07:26
New EU ambassador: I'll speak for UK in America 18:29:13
Blago Jury has 120 PAGES OF JURY INSTRUCTIONS!!! 18:19:07
In the eyes of humanity, you tell me which is worse? 18:07:25
My take on yesterday's Fed announcement 18:06:46
Glenn Beck WARNS: of the Weimar Republic! 18:05:12
The conditions in Hoovervilles and poorhouses during the depression 18:02:31
Alan Watt: The True History of The World 18:01:45
Handcuffed Pastor Files Federal Lawsuit against Local Chief of Police. Update #1 c complaint 18:01:34
Wikileaks Soldier Who Found Rocket Launcher at Scene Says No Attack Was Imminent 17:26:55
Flo White - Money Bomb ,The first song from the upcoming album "Pitch Black" by Flo White. 17:13:08
FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful 16:34:11
4409 celebrates 2 years of Political Activism.... 16:28:00
'F--- You... And Yours' - Pat Tillman's Father To Army Investigator 16:12:39
WND's Miami conference dumps Florida Tea Party 15:23:15
Billion dollar money show in a down economy 14:53:30
Fox News TV host says: "The Judge is a RATINGS MAGNET" on her Facebook status 14:27:26
The Illusion of Economic Recovery By Robert Chapman 14:25:04
Libertarians call federal worker pay gap 'appalling' 14:08:14
H1N1 Whistleblower Vindicated/WHO Revokes Plandemic Emergency/WHO H1N1 Committee Found to Be Corrupt 14:02:22
They Say that the Definition of Insanity is 14:00:23
If Only More People Had The Courage Like This Woman 13:38:44
Care2 chimes in on GQ article... 13:36:42
Blagojevich jurors say they agree on 2 counts 13:24:44
Ben Quayle's new ad: Obama worst president ever 13:15:38
The Fed Is Not Your Friend 13:13:30
MinutemanHQ- Amnesty Is A 100% Done Deal Already 12:40:35
Reagan insider: 'GOP destroyed U.S. economy' 12:18:01
Congress panel: Global plan must include mega-bank failure 12:03:54
Is birthright citizenship really in the Constitution? 11:54:44
Barack Obama's BBQ 11:10:26
RT- Al-Qaeda fuelled by US presence in Middle East' 11:08:22
CATO discusses why Rand Paul may not want to be labeld "Libertarian" 10:42:13
Judge orders Wells Fargo to pay back $203M in fees 10:08:53
Can we organize enough to put out a public service announcement? 10:06:25
"Liberty and Justice for all" for those who have the deepest pockets 10:00:40
Israeli Terrorist Attacks America... Let's go get em 09:42:43
Marc Faber: Protect Your Property with High Voltage Fences Barbed Wire Booby Traps Weapons and Dobermans 09:29:47
Bear Market Rally Top In? 09:17:53
Obama Earmarks $3 BILION for Unemployed Homeowners 08:20:59
If your neighbour has two arms, two legs and a head, it may mean nothing... 08:00:13
Jim Rogers: The Federal Reserve Is a Pawn Shop 07:35:35
THIRD WORLD AMERICA WATCH: Tens Of Thousands Fight To Get On Public Housing WAITING LIST 07:23:20
US Bailouts Helped Foreign Firms: Watchdog 07:07:42
Ron Paul vs Sean Hannity on Foreign Policy 06:50:51
Political ads, brought to you by Goldman Sachs? 06:37:34
Harry Reid: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.” 06:22:16
NJ judge OK’s rape of wife by Muslim, citing religious belief; overturned on appeal 06:20:31
Neocon nonsense on "Freedom Watch" 06:13:58
Trailer :) I WANT YOUR MONEY....A controversial look at government Spending 04:22:08
Strawman Theories in the MSM 03:41:20
We have been warned time and time again! 01:43:45
FOX: "Right To Keep & Bear Arms Means YOU Can Shoot At The Government If It's Taken Over By Tyrants!" 01:01:51
Who is worst possible candidate to win the Democratic nomination in 2012? 00:49:36
End of the Internet & New Spy Cams that Detect Sweat on Airplane Passengers 00:35:00
Can a Corporatist Tool reduce the size of Corporatism 00:30:19
Wow...20 DAYS IN JAIL for no papers in Florida!! 00:16:49
Cool Interview with Andrew Bacevich on Democracy Now 00:07:28