Posted on August 13, 2010

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Wired: The Mystery of Steve Jobs’ Plateless Benz 09:54:53
Pat Tillman's Mom: They Destroyed ALL The Evidence! NO Criminal Investigation! 21:32:22
Congressman Dr. Ron Paul Visits Helen Hall Library 15:07:01
Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live 11:36:26
Shelly Roche: Why I Support Rand Paul 11:20:30
Color Pictures from the Great Depression 10:20:30
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last boarding call for terrorist & Al Qaeda to board plane 23:52:02
For your kids: The Constitution in 4 minutes! 23:50:44
Are there any Freedom-Loving Democrats???? 23:11:31
John Bolton: Aug. 21 Deadline for Israeli Attack 23:02:48
Weekend Watching: The Secret of Oz by Bill Still now FREE on YouTube! 22:40:24
Governments collapse when ineptitude and corruption reach such egregious magnitudes that the citizenry has no choice but revolt 22:19:04
Fan runs on Field gets beat by COPS other fans charge the field (Utube) 22:00:03
Can government be good? 21:35:28
"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design." 21:20:41
"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem 20:44:59
Why the Electoral College is Important 20:23:06
vote Obama? Embarrassed Yet? Billboards poping up across USA 18:12:42
Pathetic Olbermann Attacks Rand Paul With Interview With Aqua Buddha 18:04:00
How About Something Uplifting? 17:35:09
Judge dismisses Geronimo lawsuit 17:19:56
A Letter from Dr. Ron Paul 16:38:53
I Called Rasmussen Reports and sent a follow up Email in Regards to the exclusive of viable third-party candidates from Polls 16:33:53
U.S. Soldiers Ordered to Kill Iraq Civilians 16:25:16
Stomping on the Toes of a Dragon 16:23:32
Dodge answers PETA with 'surreal' ad 16:11:12
All Is Not Peaches & Cream At The Fed 15:31:55
Read if you own i-Phone...Bizarre 15:29:21
Bye-Bye Jobs 15:19:53
Will Rand Paul Join Ron Paul On Capitol Hill ? 14:59:29
Trying to find a Ron Paul Vid. from 08 Campaign Mike Shanklin had posted 14:54:25
What if the Tea Parties and the liberty minded launched regular economic boycotts to show their strength! 14:33:22
Don't you buy, buy that American Pie 14:23:07
I wonder how many people in these photos will survive if we begin bombing Iran? 14:07:32
They Are so Afraid of Rand 13:53:40
My job is being outsourced to Bratislava 13:47:46
Desperate Establishment’s Latest Rand Paul Hoax Backfires 13:31:08
Only Two Senators Present to pass $600-million Border Security Bill by Unanimous Consent 13:18:05
Top Gear present the anti "nanny state" car 13:12:22
Ethics committee Ignores Rangel’s Most Corrupt Act 13:11:30
Whats Up With All Those Sovereigns, Eh? 12:47:32
FREE Men & Women on the Land: What are the positives / negatives of NOT APPLYING for Birth Certificates and SS# for baby? 12:46:47
Are the elite ready to make their move with the next false flag and set up the NWO? 11:35:09
The No-GROWTH European State called AMERICA... 11:26:17
Who from the DP is going to Orlando this weekend for the C4L Summit? 11:08:43
The Curtain is Closed--Obama Shuts Down Transparency Czar 11:06:55
Breaking: Harry Reid introduced bill eliminating birthright citizenship for illegal aliens 10:55:53
Fantastic Keiser Report with William K Black 10:24:58
Voting the Bums Back In 10:23:05
Jefferson no progressive model 10:15:40
Nullification in ACTION: Louisiana Parish FIGHTS COAST GUARD THREAT! 10:11:45
Consumer prices rise 10:00:33
The Stunning Decline of Barack Obama 09:54:53
Anyone here going to this event? 09:34:16
Justin Raimondo: Folly Left and Right 09:31:47
The Hindenburg Omen Has Arrived 09:25:18
A Poll on Barney Frank Opponents 08:20:07
Thank you to everyone 07:43:07
The Court of Public Relations (video) court scam recorded 06:51:46
No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner 04:12:18
FOX: Cindy Sheehan Challenges Robert Gibbs To A "Pee-Off" - - - Gibbs is a Liar and a Jerk Says Sheehan 03:17:44
I pledge to donate to Rand on Aug. 19th. 01:17:20