Posted on August 15, 2010

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Updated: IF Ron Paul DOES run in 2012, what should new slogan be? 23:32:10
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: Obamacare's Hidden Monstrosities 15:46:44
Fed's Hoenig: Keeping Rates Too Low Is a 'Dangerous Gamble' 10:51:43
Pastor Steven Anderson Acquitted By Jury 11:58:54
Patriots Place Jake Towne in Congress Money Bomb 19:44:36
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Dr. Steve Parent is back, let's get prepared for Ron's run for POTUS 2012! 22:54:01
Arizona Mission Impossible 22:31:31
............... 21:57:17
The Solution's Shaffer Cox, on next: Revolution Broadcasting 21:53:46
Eyewitness to Wikileaks' Collateral Murder carnage 20:09:55
BP oil well not over yet!!! "...stability of the well..." 20:00:55
"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." 19:38:11
Featured on Drudge: Rand Paul to Obama: Keep EPA out of Kentucky affairs 18:47:48
DailyPaul 17:47:19
Tea party activists rally on Arizona-Mexico border 17:39:37
Canceled Swine Flu pandemic raises serious financial, political, and scientific questions 17:25:05
Ha-ha, boo-hoo-hoo. I don't know whether to laugh or cry 17:10:08
Putting Government First By Patrick J. Buchanan 16:31:17
Irvine for Congress: The Kiss of Debt 16:26:27
Reading the back of my Social Security Card. Isn't it my SS#? -FMOL- 16:13:17
I am going to be a father. 16:00:21
Need mod help w/ old posts 15:46:35
Major Event Right Now on R3voJution 15:27:43
Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961 15:15:45
The Big Things That Matter And The Little Things That Annoy-PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS 15:00:11
The Alternative to Naked body Scanners: ScanWoW 14:55:06
Can Ken Buck buck the system? 14:54:38
Peter Schiff: The Fed Is Feeding An Addiction By Continuing Quantitative Easing 14:48:14
Federal Reserve Debt Monetization Explained 14:45:20
America's Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents 14:42:38
Your Card Has Been Declined, Just as You Wanted 14:39:01
Monopoly Money and the International Banking Cartel 14:37:42
Third-party candidate opposes wars in Iraq Afghanistan 13:41:41
Gerald Celente comments on Obama refusing to debate Ahmadinejad 13:35:42
Jobs For 100 Good Daily Paul Patriots!! 12:56:03
Valedictorian speech (Vdeo) 12:53:22
On the lighter side: What would Dr. Seuss do? 12:51:23
ObamaMobile costs $81k to build, GovtMtrs sells it for $41K 12:19:50
Twisted Sister tweaks Al and Tipper 11:25:47
US Media Silent on Pakistan Flooding 11:06:39
Christopher Walken? Says Nullify Now 10:32:11
Tons of fake gold imports found... "some traders got heart attack..." 10:24:26
Unemployment among young people way up; Does the minimum wage play a part? 10:00:41
Some photos from the 2010 Florida Liberty Summit featuring Ron Paul 09:56:39
Is an International Financial Conspiracy Driving World Events? 09:23:24
Here's an idea to get active from your computer. 09:07:24
Total College Debt Now Exceeds Total Credit Card Debt 08:21:29
Larry Pratt on the GOA, the Constitution and Gun Control 08:14:11
Julian Assange (Wikileaks) in Sweden - August 14th. (New Hair Color also) 05:06:38
Congress is Moving to Criminalize Home-Grown Food 02:20:13
Ron Paul polls best among independent voters! 02:16:19
Police State - Video Operators divert cameras from cop crimes 01:13:06
Vote for Rand in new POLL 00:48:17