Posted on August 16, 2010

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The Southern Avenger - Beyond the Mosque 22:28:41
Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican 22:08:12
Video: Rand Paul asks for your support for the two-day money bomb on Aug 19+20th! 20:54:30
Good News: Recession has Generation Y singing a new workplace tune 12:58:41
China Overtakes Japan as No. 2 World Economy 12:12:34
Back to School? Bring Your Own Toilet Paper... 10:35:44
US Senate Hearing on Autism: It's The Environment Not The Gene Pool 09:49:00
Ron Paul WILL Run For President in 2012 - Report from Florida Liberty Summit 14:39:22
Rand Paul: I am asking the Liberty Movement for support during this critical time! 00:08:45
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Robert's Rules, Delegate Info, Caucus & State Conventions (Video Library) 23:39:03
Warren Redlich and the Libertarian Party slate will file petitions Tuesday 23:23:27
Remembering 'The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments' (1994) 22:39:19
Who Needs Your Help Most? 22:26:01
"I Am America" Liber-tea party anthem video 22:24:35
You ever stumble across something delightfully weird 22:17:48
Rand Paul's New Press Secretary Speaks 22:03:41
Ron Paul Republican tied-for-1st 22:02:54
Kathie Glass Waging Aggressive Libertarian Campaign for Texas Governor 21:54:54
Rand Paul Speaks On Kentucky Issues 21:52:13
Russia is Burning 21:49:04
The Glen Greenwald Thread 21:21:33
Yahoo: "What the Double-Dip Recession Will Look Like" 21:18:04
Rand Paul YouTube Video; Speaks About the Money Bomb 21:08:47
UK Guardian: US cops armed & dangerous? 20:52:22
A New Personality in the Race for the White House? 20:32:47
70 avowed socialists in Congress 19:48:50
Welcome to the gay marriage basketball game: 9th Circuit reverses judge ruling 19:41:24
Drug War Collateral Damage: Kids (video) 19:21:42
Help get Max Keiser on Freedom Watch to expose the financial terrorists 19:08:42
WTF's happening in Iowa?! Ron comes in FIFTH in poll with ONLY 5%!!! 18:45:26
Gerald Celente Discusses Latest Trend Forecasts & Neo-Survivalism 18:38:48
Obama pleads to voters: 'Don't give in to fear' 18:34:25
Jake Towne Will Pave The Way For Ron Paul's Victory! 16:38:15
Funding Ron Paul 2012 16:23:12
Got Any Ideas for 2012 Commercials? 16:22:48
Ron Paul's 2012 Cabinet 15:44:13
Tons of gold imports turn to dust on arrival 15:39:54
Can the States borrow from the FED? 15:25:16
Dr. Steve Parent : Delegate information and Roberts Rules Of Order for Ron Paul 2012 starts here 15:20:55
RT- William Engdahl: No pull-out in 2011, US will spread Afghan war 14:58:05
China's military power growing 14:53:47
Current Billionaires Get Together 14:47:33
Obama signs $600M for "Border Security" - Chuck Schumer openly calls for amnesty for illegals 14:38:56
BBC Report On Cloned Meat From Dead Cows 14:37:50
Who is GUILTY? 14:06:07
Karzai booting Blackwater 13:22:17
Supreme Court Upholds 'Birther' Sanction 13:17:31
Virginians who support Ron Paul for 2012 13:14:37
Frustrate the Bankers: Give Credit Unions More Biz-Lending Authority 13:09:28
A Man Who Deserves To Be Viable in 2012 (The Atlantic on Gary Johnson) 11:55:48
Best Political Ad Ever! "The Kiss of Debt" 11:22:13
Used plastic + hemp = lumber 10:40:56
Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back 10:18:19
Very important for future RP money bombs. 10:16:20
Attacks against Mexicans inflame tensions in NYC 09:57:53
Border Patrol sees spike in suicides 09:49:46
What the Double-Dip Recession Will Look Like 09:26:22
4409 -- IRONY 101 Photo Radar Van Driver Caught Speeding 09:11:04
Afghan gov't: 4 months to disband security firms 08:37:26
Monsanto helping save the world! (by accident.... SHHHH! They don't know!) 08:27:01
On Social Security's 75th Anniversary, Obama vows to Keep it from Being Privatized. 08:18:07
Banks to benefit most from White House program to help fight foreclosures 07:39:02
Gen. David Petraeus says Afghanistan war strategy 'fundamentally sound' 07:18:55
Reid's campaign is doing everything to batter image of Sharron Angle 07:17:42
Developer of "Ground Zero Mosque" willing to discuss moving 07:14:05
Lawmakers agree: It's time to reform Fannie and Freddie 07:11:21
It Takes a Tea Party to Start a Tax Revolution 07:07:40
China Overtakes Japan as World's Second-Biggest Economy 07:06:24
Hardcore Denver Police Brutality 05:51:01
Malaria in England - Earth Changes - CDC 04:43:08
Malaysians Rejects Banks, Start Using Gold/Silver 04:22:50
A Liberty Candidate is leading in Arizona 01:53:19
Scathing Congress report slams Obama's 'covert, criminal activity' 01:29:22
Ed Thompson challenges Kathleen Vinehout in Wisconsin Senate District 31 01:10:25
Obama sounded nice 00:50:00