Posted on August 2, 2010

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The Southern Avenger - Lindsey Graham's Liberal War 21:30:35
Shadowy Spy Group Building Dossiers On Internet Users For Feds 17:28:26
Bruce Fein "The Federal Reserve Board is the domestic equivalent to the CIA in its secrecy.” 13:19:45
Ron Paul Segments in Floor Debate on Pakistan War Powers Resolution 16:39:48 25,000 Calls for Peter THIS Weekend 22:08:45
Nancy Pelosi’s War 22:14:57
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Ron Paul IS the Axis 22:12:11
Resolution Passed to Ban Lindsey Graham in the Greenville County GOP 21:51:58
Protesters hang Graham in effigy 21:23:26
Secret killing program? 20:51:01
WikiLeaks has 'Insurance' in case of Retaliation, Stunt or safety net? 19:36:03
Andrew Breitbart is a media genius. 18:42:48
Gerald Celente Discusses Failing Real Estate Market and False Recovery 18:37:35
A Robin Hood heist in ST Louis? 18:24:03
Rep. Paul on FBN: Big Legislation Leads to a Lot of Mischief 18:17:50
Chelsea Clinton's husband - Marc Mezvinsky - Ex Goldman Sachs banker and current hedge fund manager, son of convicted fraudster 18:17:25
Polio and removal-of-tonsils related? 18:15:08
Alan Grayson Discusses His Expectations From The Upcoming One-Time Fed Audit 18:12:50
Videos - Farrakhan gets fired up over the international bankers 17:46:04
Federal Reserve Paper I wrote for High School English Read 17:29:30
Afghan Vets Can Correct Military Statements Cited In Wikileaks Reports 17:18:06
30 Sept Dow close 10,788.05 -47.23 -0.44% (+773.33 for Sept) 16:40:32
Our NEXT MOVE: Grass Roots Activism! 16:39:55
Va. health-care suit can go forward, federal judge rules 16:33:21
The new presidential symbol 16:02:24
Semptember 11 2001 15:51:40
Dangerous Hairy Man Kicked Out Of Eatery for Bringing His Own Water 15:48:16
Tonight on C2C Roundtable: Immigration & Overpopulation 15:29:39
Video of the day: The Broken Window Fallacy 15:15:43
Register Third on the 3rd: A Call to Register Third-Party on November 3rd, 2010 – The Day After the General Election 15:12:06
The Judge Gives His Verdict on Arizona Immigration Law 15:00:20
Rockets hit Israel and Jordan resorts 14:51:35
1,000 bank failures before recession is over – FDIC not too far away from tapping into U.S. Treasury $500B taxpayer lifeline 14:50:17
Media not reporting when 'Flight 93 found buried' further proves it didn't 14:39:03
Ron Paul speech from 1984 - The Gold Standard: An Austrian Perspective 14:22:04
The Food Crisis Is Here... 14:21:04
Obama won't accept 50 different states enacting their own immigration legislation 14:15:25
U.S. Holds "Blue light special" on it's ONLY remaining manufactured product! 14:14:56
What Is A Shadow Economy, And Who Benefits? 14:14:20
Man the truth hurts. 13:53:12
End the Bailout (trumps) End the Fed 13:42:50
A Statist Tea Party 13:39:18
Obama admitted he diverted a depression by passing HEALTHCARE . 13:06:41
Volker Pispers history of USA and terrorism (comedy) 12:43:46
IED Attacks in Afghanistan Video 11:56:46
What are the odds? Barry's mom worked for Geithner's dad? 11:41:03
Bachman Slaps Tea Partiers in Face 11:03:45
Frederic Bastiat - Broken Window Fallacy 11:02:11
Bernard von NotHaus (Liberty Dollar) Jailed 10:52:13
"Speak ENGLISH Or Get Out? ¡Vete a La Verga, Buey!" 10:44:34
‘The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in This Country’ Rep. Stark 10:33:53
Top GOP Senator: Repeal the 14th Amendment 10:26:30
Ron Paul Introduces SEC Transparency Act (HR5970) 09:59:23
Freedom Watch: Interview With Wikileaks Founder 09:39:02
The Downfall of Religiosity in Economics 09:07:12
State and Local Debt Bombs Ticking Throughout US Heartland 08:27:50
The Fed Will Ease Monetary Policy on Aug. 10: Economist 07:07:10
Palin: Obama lacks 'the cojones' to tackle immigration 06:58:06
Tea Party Fakers dispel most notions of a Third Party developing 06:55:20
Bill Kristol: Republicans Should 'Just Shut Up' About Charlie Rangel's Ethics Charges 06:52:30
Corporate campaign fundraising picks up speed 06:50:58
How the Threat of Monetary Inflation Keeps a Currency Strong-Bill Bonner 06:43:54
G.D.P. = Grossly Distorted Punditry 06:41:17
Congressman: "The Federal Government can do most anything in this country" 05:23:45
Schiff On WNTH! 04:12:50
Well I'll be, Washington wants another tax payer bailout 02:35:12
Stupid Politico writers had to bring up the race card 01:59:18
Washington Post: Colorado official works to regulate, legitimize medical marijuana industry 00:54:44
A Sad Story for You 00:04:56